I have read the commentaries that I sent each of you and another similar to Dave Wilkerson's by Gwen S. of the Weigh Down Workshop, and I found myself searching my soul as to how I interpret all of this in relation to my understanding of God's Word.  Obviously we all see things a little differently from different angles, but maybe we are still all saying the same thing in a different tone AND with different callings.  Let each of us.. God help each of us.. to speak only His word and in the way He calls each of us to do it.  If we begin to waste time and energy and precious words condemning each others' approach instead of moving forward in the direction that God is leading us, and reaching out to the lost, Satan will rejoice at his ability to distract us from the job that God is calling each of us to do.  I love the Lord and want to do His will and pray that He will continue to give all of us, his children, wisdom and discernment in all we do, and especially in proclaiming His kingdom.  God bless and guide each of you to speak out with the voice and words that God gives you each and every day in whatever opportunity and circumstance he directs you toward.  If you are called to comfort, then comfort...If you are called to convict, then convict...If you are called to speak out, then speak out...if you are called to be silent, then be silent...whatever you do, do it in obedience to God and for His glory....God bless. Love, Jo : ) (Mom) Oh, and remember too, like I had to do today, sometimes, we are called to BE STILL AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD!

Jo Mulroy

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Observed by Historians

     The principles of God's Word guided the decisions on which this nation built its foundation.  This was the discovery of Alex DeTocqueville, the noted French political philosopher of the nineteenth century.  He visited America in her infancy to find the secret of her greatness.  As he traveled from town to town, he talked with people and asked questions.  he examined our young national government, our schools and centers of business, but could not find in them the reason for our strength.  Not until he visited the churches of America and witnessed the pulpits of this land "aflame with righteousness" did he find the secret of our greatness.

Quoted from The Rebirth Of America

© 1986 Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation

"America's Godly Heritage"


Four thousand gathered for mid-day prayer in a downtown cathedral.

A New York City church, filled and emptied six times last Tuesday.

The owner of a Manhattan tennis shoe store threw open his doors  and gave running shoes to those fleeing the towers.

People stood in lines to give blood, in hospitals to treat the sick, in  sanctuaries to pray for the wounded.

America was different this week. We wept for people we did not know. 

We sent money to families we've never seen.

Talk show hosts read Scriptures, journalists printed prayers.

Our focus shifted from fashion hemlines and box scores to orphans and  widows and the future of the world.

We were different this week.

Republicans stood next to Democrats.  Catholics prayed with Jews.

Skin color was covered by the ash of burning towers.

This is a different country than it was a week ago.

We're not as self-centered as we were. We're not as self-reliant as we were.

Hands are out. Knees are bent. This is not normal.

And I have to ask the question, "Do we want to go back to normal?"

Are we being given a glimpse of a new way of life?

Are we, as a nation, being reminded that the enemy is not each other and  the power is not in ourselves and the future is not in our bank accounts?

Could this unselfish prayerfulness be the way God intended for us to live  all along?  Maybe this, in his eyes, is the way we are called to live.

And perhaps the best response to this tragedy is to refuse to go back to  normal.

Perhaps the best response is to follow the example of Tom Burnet.  He was a  passenger of flight 93.  Minutes before the plane crashed in the fields of  Pennsylvania he reached is wife by cell phone. "We're all going to die," he  told her, "but there are three of us who are going to do something about it."

We can do something about it as well. We can resolve to care more.  We can resolve to pray more. And we can resolve that, God being our helper,  we'll never go back to normal again.   

Max Lucado

We will post more Meditations here occasionally.

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