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12-11-2001 Edition

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Here is a reprint (with permission) of an email

that got someone thrown off a dog email list recently.

This is a small excerpt from the comments the email writer was responding to during a discussion of various religious beliefs, and where it was mentioned that Muslims do not believe in jihad.

">according to their beliefs they are just as right as we think we are."

If anything is real, God is.  And since the garden, when the snake told Eve 'you shall be as God', there have been many men who worshiped lots of things besides God.  But whether one believes IN God or not, if he is real, there will be real consequences for every single person. Guess we will all have to wait till we die to find out 'for sure' - but of course, then it will be too late to change our minds.  And all have always been free to choose for themselves - God made us that way.  He did not want puppet slaves, but companions who would choose to love him. And we have been told how to tell the difference (among the false prophets) - 'Ye shall know them by their fruits'. 

Christ did say that not all who cry 'Lord, Lord' will come into his kingdom, but only those who DO his will.  And millions of 'christians' who did not (and do not) follow him notwithstanding, we are called to follow him.  And HE did not do 'jihad' - he meekly allowed himself to be put to death.  He asked God to forgive those who crucified him.  Christ gave us the only perfect example the world has ever seen of how to 'love your enemy'.   I have never found 'jihad' in the Bible - and not anything remotely like that in the New Testament.  I have read about jihad in the Koran, though.  And if 'God is Love' - I do not think that jihad is a 'fruit' of Love.  Though he very well could have, Jesus did not kill even one of his enemies.  He healed them, ministered to them, fed them, even washed the feet of the one who betrayed him. 

And yes, he did talk to them with strong words at times, trying to turn their hearts, trying to WARN them.  Yes, there IS 'up' and there IS 'down' - and they are NOT the same.  None of us created things that way - they ARE that way, and we especially will not change a thing in the world, nor make anything better just by all reciting together (like school kids whistling in the dark) 'up=down' - just cause 'we' want it that way.

There are many warnings in the Bible. Warnings of wars & rumors of wars, warning of Armageddon - where the forces of God will battle the forces of Satan, warnings of plagues & earthquakes 'in diverse places', warnings of God's terrible judgment falling on various peoples, many other things written there.  It warns about the time that is coming when men will cry 'peace, peace' and there will be no peace.  We can all believe anything we want - BUT IF God is real, and the Bible is true - all of that WILL happen whether we like it or not.  We can all (if we are here long enough) simply watch to see what happens.  We each one make our OWN choice - the ultimate choice.  And there is no 'fence' to sit on either. Either we have (or will) choose to follow Jesus, or we have chosen against him.

Here is the response received by this poster from the list's administrator:

"You have been removed from XXXXXX for the next month.


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This is just one more of many examples of how far from our beginning as a Christian nation we have come.  In spite of all the 'God Bless America' on the TV lately, this is how many 'regular' American people act.  It is not even acceptable to discuss God in public - not the Christian God, anyway.  We are still praying without ceasing for our enemies, including Osama. 

"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."