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We join in mourning the lives lost, and all the pain caused by some evil individuals. 
Never before has such an attack been made on the mainland of the United States of America.  Most of the rest of the world has suffered calamity time and again.  There have been wars and rumors of wars - but the US has been mostly spared.  I have collected here some of my favorite most comforting links to share.

We changed our school program today, September 11, 2001.  We had a big prayer session, and watched a video that has a lot of answers.  It is:

America's Godly Heritage

We think this may be just the beginning of bigger troubles. The Oklahoma City bombing was a warning, and I think it is so important for the kids to understand WHY all this kind of stuff happens, and also to see that the hand of God is there.

It's an 'I hate to be right' thing, but the biggest reason we moved to the boonies going on 9 years ago was to get ourselves into a place where God could 'hide us under his wings'.  We felt called to protect our children from the stuff that was already happening all around us in S. Florida.  We saw that this country's institutions - educational, political, judicial, and on and on - even so many of the

"RELIGIOUS institutions"

  had moved so far from the Biblical God's principles that this country WAS founded on, that we should expect some stormy times.  Even many churches are filled with people who do not act as if they know God is real.  They put on a show of being religious before men, but do not try to live according to Christ's example.  Many leaders in many churches have departed from the straight path in the Holy Scripture, and more often the 'feel good' gospel is heard from the pulpit; humanism & materialism.  Good is called evil, and evil is called good - and too many do 'that which is right in his own eyes'.  Many follow that way which 'seems right to a man, but the end is death'.

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We felt called to 'come out of her' (babylon).  That is the main reason I quit my job originally (almost 14 years ago), to stay home with our children.  Also with the double big income my husband and I used to have, an incredible amount of the fruits of our labors were going to support the abortion industry,

and pornography. (yes TAXes are used and it seemed NO political activism could stop it - we DID try).  Our taxes went to support ungodly schools, and for so many other things that are so far from our Christian heritage - and UNconstitutional too.  We had no other honest way to avoid being forced to support those things except to reduce our income.  God helped us to change our life style in a really big way.

In studying history, no nation has ever continued to stand that did not uphold 'Thou shall not kill.  Thou shall not steal.  Thou shall not bear false witness.  Thou shall not commit adultery.  Thou shall not covet', and especially  'Thou shall have no other gods before me.', and the rest.  NEVER has any nation escaped God's judgment - unless enough of the citizens were willing to humbly repent to God and turn from their wickedness.  Individuals will all stand before God sometime, but nations have always been judged in their 'here and now'.  And YES it DOES matter 'which' God you pray to - only the one who created ALL and sent his son Jesus is all powerful, omnipotent, and wants what is good for us.  It is sad, but true that people have always been stronger in God's spirit when they are under adversity.  We are praying for a huge revival, and waiting on Jesus.   If you will, join us in this prayer:

There are no 'innocents' - ALL have fallen short of the glory of God.  The wages of sin is death, and God has always been a God of Justice. He has often sent calamity to draw his people to himself.  He often used one nation to visit that calamity on another nation.  Once I didn't understand how a God of love could also be a vengeful God.  But he is a god of justice - and justice ALWAYS demands payment.  Calamities do always cause at least a few (and sometimes a lot) of people to turn toward God, and that is better than for ALL to die.  Remember, even the 'good' people are going to die if they do not trust Jesus. 

God LOVES us, and has mercy, does NOT want us to perish.  So he did provide a way that justice could be satisfied AND we could escape from death if we would only turn to him.  He sent his son to pay the price for all the sins of all the people in the world.  All we have to do is accept Jesus and what he did for us.  God forgives - and when he does, he does not remember our sin.  He removes our sin from us 'as far as the east is from the west'.  So many people turn to alcohol, drugs, and psychiatrists because they are BURDENED, frightened, angry - unhappy, and they don't know why.  Or, perhaps they think they know why - there is always something that can make us unhappy.  But it is so simple - just give all of those troubles to God, accept that Jesus has paid your bill in full, and TRUST God to take care of you NO MATTER WHAT happens.  And you will be FREE - right here and NOW. 

Some of those who left this earth in this calamity are at the right hand of the Father NOW.  Even though their loved ones will miss them, those whose hope is in Jesus can also rejoice!  The Bible says God will wipe away all of our tears.  For all the others, IT IS TOO LATE.  Don't let this happen to you.  If you do not have a right relationship with God, please don't wait to get to know him.  None of us knows how much time we have left.  If recent events have left you feeling that there is no safety, no security in the world, there is NOTHING wrong with you - your feelings are perfectly accurate.  There truly is no security in the world apart from Jesus.  And He is The Rock - he can satisfy all of your needs as nothing else in the world can.


We are praying for all our leaders, and all people to put on sack cloth and ashes, and repent - and ask God to heal our land.  We also pray that the authorities of this country, who (even if some of them don't recognize it) HAVE been entrusted with the responsibility of our government by God, will find those who are guilty of this outrage, and bring them to justice.

You are all in our prayers - we are praying without ceasing.

Lynda Farley

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