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Our Server's Policies

We rent our HIGH PERFORMANCE server space from WebAxxs.  They have their own policies and rules.  AAAWWW is in agreement with all of the WebAxxs policies.  We will not publish ANYTHING to our server space, nor do any action that violates the WebAxxs policies.  If you are thinking of having AAAWWW publish your Website, please use this link and READ WebAxxs Policies .

Where We Will Publish

Though we can publish to almost any FTP server, at this time we are only offering Design and Publishing services to those we will Host on our WebAxxs server, or to your own rented WebAxxs space.  We may consider publishing to your own domain on another server on an individual basis.


Our Image

Everything on our domain, hosanna1.com, will be rated 'G'.  We want to maintain an 'Upscale' image and want nothing on our server that we wouldn't want our children to see.  We hope we will attract more artists, and show and performance dog people, among others for our future clients.  We will continue to promote our domain and build traffic from among people who would be interested in seeing the types of things our clients display on their Webpages; and buying art, crafts, or other items that fit our image.  We are not going to sell a lot of advertising space to others but maintain our focus on serving our Publishing clients.  We will have no unwanted ad banners popping up on their pages.

Our Tools

We have made some 'command decisions' here with regard to the tools we are using.  They allow us to produce the kinds of pages we want at extremely reasonable costs.  We are able to do real CUSTOM design with them FAST.  They do produce pages that can be viewed on ALL of the major Browsers.  The Vendors of our tools have done extensive testing in this area.  However, there are some small differences in how some of the Browsers, and platforms will display them.  We are using MS Internet Explorer to do all our development and testing because that is what the vast majority are using.  It is not cost effective for us to attempt to test every single page on every possible browser (and all their versions) and every possible hardware configuration (with all the possible different settings).  I want to spend most of my time designing - not testing all possible permutations of semi -compatible hardware and software that exists in the whole world.  In general, we will stick to the tools that have the broadest compatibility, and the broadest use, including the IE browser.  Be advised that if our screens don't quite 'fit' on your display, and you don't like to scroll a bit to see it all, our advise is to try using IE.  There are other designers who do promise to test every combination of platform.  Be very wary, as in our opinion it isn't humanly possible to test EVERY possible combination - and know that the attempt will C-O-S-T.

In general, we are avoiding Java, Applets, and similar things that can cause an error when a visitor loads our pages.  We want our pages to be as broadly compatible as possible, while minimizing development costs.

We are developing with a standard monitor, with settings at 800X600 pixels, and 32 bit True Color.  If our screens 'look funny', please check your display settings.

If You Are A Dog Breeder

AAAWWW will remove from our Server without notice anyone who we find breeds puppies for resale through any commercial outlet, including Brokers.  Any commercial resellers of puppies will also be removed from Our Server.  We will give no warnings or refunds in this case.

If you are a hobby breeder, committed to improving the quality of your breed, and taking responsibility for the dogs you breed, we would be happy to showcase your dogs and breeding program, and your successes in any of the show and performance venues.  If conscientious breeders of quality puppies will get on the WWW, the public will be able to find them and get that quality puppy directly from a responsible breeder.

If you are shopping for a Purebred puppy:  Buying direct from a conscientious breeder, who will provide lifetime support, is better than buying a puppy bred by a wholesale breeder on contract for resale and who has no interest in the puppies after they are loaded on to the truck.  The puppy bred for resale is sold at a bulk price just like any commercial commodity to the distributor, who in turn marks up the price when resold to the wholesaler, who in turn marks it up for the retailer, who in turn marks it up for the retail customer.  Which is why a $100 puppy of any large breed is now $1000 in the pet store. So, for a thousand bucks you get a hundred dollar dog.  Thanks to the WWW, you should now be able to FIND responsible breeders of the breed of your choice.
For all sorts of information about purebred dogs, and information about how to find a responsible breeder, Visit the AKC Website .

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