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Afghan Hound photograph - "Colors"  ~  Ch Jodell's Ahreabic
Ch Willowmoore's Safyre of Jodell - Afghan Hound photo

"Sara" bred by June Matarazzo (Vacarro) and owned by Delberta & Joe Gogulski and June, was the Beginning of Jodel-Aheabic Afghans breeding program.  She was the "family" show dog and shown in Confirmation By Dell, and Jr. Showmanship by Juli.  She went on to produce Ch Jodell's Shariati ( Frank), Jodell's Sacara,(Sacara), Jodell's Beau Khan ( Louie) and Ch Jodell's Ahreabic- Colors.  Bred by Dell & Joe, & Owned by Juli, Dell & Joe, "Colors" was My first owned afghan, but still shown by the entire family!.  She finished very young taking Several group placements before her Retirement, and "motherhood".          COLOR'S PEDIGREE

I stayed actively involved "behind the scene's" with June & Delberta and pretty much on the homefront.  Colors produced Jodell-Willowmoore Infatuation "Sooty" who was bred and owned by all of us.  Sooty went on to produce some Wonderful, Jodell-Willowmoor Afghans...including Ch. Jodell-Wilowmoore Interlude ( Liz), Ch. Wilowmoore-Jodell's Infatuation (Ali) and Ch. Jodell-Wilowmoore Innuendo- ("Squeaky" ).  Squeaky was bred by Jodell, Juli and June, and Owned by Jodell.   

Ch Jodell-Willowmoore Innuendo " "Squeaky" afghan hound

From there is where Ahreabic left off, and after three generations I present to you
Willowmoores Heavenly Hash  ~  "Cody" Afghan Hound photograph

Cody to date (9-15-01) has Completed his Championship with Three Majors, with many BOB wins Over Specials!  He has been recognized by Breeder judges, and all Breed judges alike.  He will be shown on a limited Basis, as he will be shown in Jr Showmanship with my son Sean while he awaits FULL Maturity to be a GREAT Special!  Watch for him at your up coming specialty, you will also see that "stoic" afghan look that you do not see in today's afghan ring, and that so many judges have complimented him on.


Sean Rodriguez... Age 12, is a Third Generation Handler and Second generation Jr.  He began showing in the Jr. ring with his Aunt's Petite Basset Griffon Vendeens (PBGV's) with Many UKC wins... Now he begins his AKC Jr' Debut- with Cody!.. His first time in the ring he was 2nd place at the Detroit Afghan Specialty under Notable Afghan Breeder/ Jr and Confirmation judge Ms. Shelly Hennesy.  Now for Sean's Favorite saying " you don't win if you don't try!, peace" ...Watch for Sean and Cody at a show near you!


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