Inbreeding calculations for Eli X Angel, from .
It is medium high, but not too high.  Should be some lovely puppies.  I have fingers crossed, HOPING Eli is not a closet black and tan.  No way to tell, till we see the babies.

Ancestor calculations 10 Generations:

These calculations are very complex, so the page might take longer to load than other pages.
The pedigree analysis is based on the information in the database and is only accurate to that extent.
Incomplete generations (where there are unknown ancestors) are shown in red. The only way to get a more exact COI is to add the missing dogs. If there are too many dogs missing, the COI can show 0.000%. .

Inbreeding coefficient
The Inbreeding Coefficient (IC) or Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) or Coefficient of Kinship of an individual is defined as the probability that the two genes this individual has in a locus are identical by descent, i.e. they are both inherited from a common ancestor.
The calculation of the inbreeding coefficient is done to a given pedigree depth (number of generations): the greater the depth of the pedigree, the greater the chance of finding new common ancestors, and the higher the inbreeding coefficient.
It only makes sense to compare the inbreeding coefficients of different pedigrees if the number of generations used for the calculation are the same and the pedigrees are complete for the generations!

Partial inbreeding coefficient
The partial inbreeding coefficients, Fij , measure the probability that the alleles at an arbitrary locus in individual i are identical by descent and that the alleles were derived from an allele in founder j.
The partial inbreeding coefficients of the ancestors of an individual can be seen as their "contribution" to this individual's COI, i.e. in a full pedigree the sum of all partial COIs of all ancestors of the individual must equal the individual's COI!
Ancestors contributing the most to an individual's COI do not automatically have the highest inbred percentage. By being a closer relative (grandparent, great-grandparent) a dog with a low inbred percentage might have a larger contributing factor than other dogs with a higher inbred percentage. The dog you selected for pedigree analysis will have most in common with the ancestors having the highest partial inbreeding coefficient.

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Calculations for: future litter
Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI): 20.105%

Sire: Hosanna Perfect Will COI: 15.383%

Dam: Hosanna Wings Of Angels COI: 18.257%

Ancestors count Gen 1 Gen 2 Gen 3 Gen 4 Gen 5 Gen 6 Gen 7 Gen 8 Gen 9 Gen 10
Count of distinct known Ancestors (over 10 generations) 348 2 4 6 12 16 28 48 91 168 277
Total count of possible Ancestors (over 10 generations) 2046 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024

Top contributing Ancestors Partial COI
Hosanna Amazing Peace 5.86%
Hosanna's Garnet 4.69%
Sampson Sings Hosanna 1.95%
Hosanna Price Above Rubies 1.56%
See'rs Night Witch 1.56%
Scharlau Sandcastle II 1.12%
Alfadeus Abdul Kamahl 1.12%
Toasha's Sand Dollar 0.78%
Enchante Jonah Sing Hosanna 0.59%
Bombey's Desert Wanderer 0.16%
Scharlau Azad Ra-Quish 0.14%
Sanallahs Spindrift 0.13%
Arabi's Power House 0.06%
Mahadi's Baluchi De Khayam 0.05%
Eljac's Dragon Lady Of Dureigh 0.04%
Mahadi's Isis 0.03%
Mahadi's Que Sera Of Briarhill 0.03%
Mahadi's Mumba Malik 0.02%
Mecca's Falstaff 0.02%
Chataqua Cosmicflash Mahadi 0.02%
Mahadi's Gabrielle 0.02%
Coastwind Gazebo 0.02%
Coastwind Abraxas 0.02%
Chataqua's Fancy Pants 0.01%
Mecca's Blue Silks Karu 0.01%
Dureigh's Dragon Shadow 0.01%
Dureigh's Swan Song 0.01%
Ben Ghazi's Mandingo 0.01%
Dureigh's How 'Bowt Dat 0.01%
Ben Ghazi's Maracaibo 0.01%
Ben Ghazi's The Silver Shadow 0.01%