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Samson Sings Hosanna X Tasha's Sand Dollar
5 BOYS/4 GIRLS BORN 11/18/98
UPDATED 11/26/2006

Joshua and Precious still live here at Hosanna
Afghan Hounds.  We 'co-own' Hosanna Song of Songs.


Precious is LOST since 7/6/06

Hosanna's Scarlet Rose - 2 year old Afghan Hound - head study photo
Photo of 2 year old male AKC registered AFGHAN HOUND Champion Hosanna Hell Trembles
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Hosanna's Scarlet Rose

Hosanna Precious Gift

CH Hosanna Hell Trembles

My 10 year old son Richard, and Samson & Major & I were able to stop and visit with Cheryl, Dwayne & Phyllis this summer, June 2001.  They cooked me a wonderful supper, and we had a lovely visit.  Phyllis has grown into a most beautiful lady, and Cheryl and Dwayne are still very taken with her.

Photo of Hosanna Song of Phyllis - cream Afghan Hound bitch

Email we received: "You did a wonderful job on her training. I have never had such an easy time with a new puppy. Dwayne and I are totally taken with her. You are right about her being a clown. But, she is so very sweet and very intelligent. Our Vet and his assistant think she is wonderful. We took her in on Friday to be checked over and was in great health. Anyone who wants a quality puppy should go directly to you. This has been a wonderful experience for us.   Cheryl".......And this:  'Phyllis is wonderful. She is absolutely the sweetest dog. Dwayne and I are so happy we decided to get an afghan. We have put in a much more secure fence around the house for her and she is never out of our sight.  She has just about lost her puppy coat and is learning commands now. ... She is beautiful.'

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Hosanna Song of Seth

In the spring of 2000, I took all my 'home' children to visit my daughter in Vermont, and see my newborn grandson.  We were able to stop in NJ and enjoyed a visit with Romeo -  and his people, Janet & Diego.  We did his adult evaluation, and took this pic of him with my daughter, Rose.  We all also enjoyed a walk in the park.

This is from email I'd received from Janet in the past:
Lynda: I'm writing this email to let you know how delighted we are with Romeo (Seth's new name). He is an absolute love. Believe it or not he is already housebroken.Not one person can walk by him without admiring him. He definitely has his own personality and a mind of his own. That's one of the things we love about him. Thank you for making us so happy. Janet     
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Hosanna Song of Jesse - AKC registered Afgan hound dog

Hosanna Song of Jessie was placed with Mr. Gustavo Hands on a show contract.  At 8 weeks old he was '2nd' pick boy of this beautiful litter of 9.  We enjoyed visiting with Jesse for nearly a year when his owner had business outside the country, and he came home to us (clipped). He grew up to be every bit as nice (maybe better in some ways) as his brother Joshua, and he's one of the SWEETEST boys we've ever known.

Jamie now lives in Hollywood, Florida with Ben and Holly Triviz.  They love him VERY MUCH.

Dear Brothers and sisters,  wishing you all a very happy 8th birthday... and Precious, I'm thinking of you.
I had my slaves singing to me, had steak tartar, decided to behave very unlike myself, and didn't run off in the other direction on my beautiful walk in the woods and meadows. Well, one has to keep surprising one's people!! Many happy returns.  Marco, Hosanna Song of Matthew             11/18/2006

Half Siblings to this litter:  SamsonXHannah , MosesXTasha , and SamsonXHappy

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