Anti-Smoking is a SCAM! Health LIES $tuff Coffer$ of Lawyers, Drug Cos. & Anti-Smoking INDUSTRY. WHY would they LIE?
SMOKERS & FREEDOM Lovers BOYCOTT ALL Smoking-ban States, Couties, & Cities! Boycott/Ban Map
January 2006 Tour NE UPRA + Washington DC   ~  NEW KOOL Warning Signs FREE GRAPHICS!
The Birth of The Liberty Van
AKA - The Smoker's Rights Van

We are retired, and travel all over the country visiting family,
and showing our Afghan Hound dogs. Since I love the 1st Amendment,
I figured, why waste all that? Time for a little

The following FLASH movie shows the first time I decided to express myself with our dog show van.

The Liberty Van (AKA Smoker's Rights Van) was 'born' in December, 2005, when I was
on my way to dog shows in Wheaton, IL, and the Chicago smoking ban
had just been passed. I was born in CRook County, I'm ashamed to say; and I am STILL #*()#@!
An animated version of my New Year's Resolutions for 2006 is also included.

More Liberty Van NEWS & PHOTO Pages:  LATEST Photos ~ Liberty Van 1 Year Old - 12/06 ~ 2nd NE Ban States - 10/06 ~ 1st Amendment Ticket & CA 7/4/06 ~ 2 Trips to CA 3/06-5/06 ~ KY 3/3/06 ~ Chicago 2/06 ~ NE Ban States Tour 1/06 ~ The Birth of the Liberty Van - 12/05 ~ As of 12/06 the Liberty Van has traveled about 40,000 miles, all over the USA, since 12/05
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ALL Info:
Chicago Ban
Smoking Ban/BOYCOTT States Map - USA
Free Graphics - BOYCOTT Labels
My Letter at posted Jan 2006
FREE Report: CA Smoking Ban Costs 100 Billion $ so far
NEW 2/14/2006: FREE Reports: Drug Cos Fund Smoking Bans & Smoking Allowed PROVEN 152 Times Safer than OSHA Standards
FREE Report: Smoking Bans DO NOT Prevent Heart Attacks
ALL the OLDEST People in the World happen to be SMOKERS.
JOIN: Forces International
Gallery of Famous Smokers
Charts & Graphs
MUST READ BOOK: Dissecting Antismokers' Brains ,

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New Year's Resolutions - ALL original and Highly Educational
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Lynda Farley

Mom of 6 - Grandma of 5 (so far : )
40 Year Smoker - I'd Rather FIGHT than Quit!
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532 Farley Road
Edmonton, KY, 42129
(270)432-7272 CST (I'm a night owl : )

An American who Loves Freedom

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