CLEMENTINE HAS BEEN FOUND! She is SAFE! - Silver blue domino female 11 years old, Gandeeville, West Virginia
Hello,  Joy is still lost in Gibson County, IN. 
Seen as lately as 12/12/09 in area between Patoka & Wheeling,
and seen all over the County throughout November and into
December (see map below)
Here is a flyer with pics and also a map of the area.  Her hair is a bit shorter than in these pics, and
her coat is now a MESS (as reported by those who have seen her)
Joy was lost from her new owner's yard on the second day, so there was not time for them to bond. 
The area she is in is rural farm land, but the fields are cut this time of year, and many have seen her
in them.  It is cold now, so she may be holing up to stay warm, so sightings are less likely.  We
need all the help we can get to canvas all people living in the area to look out for her. 
The first phone # on the poster is her owner, Tina Faith.  Since she is unlikely to come to her new
owner, the second number is mine. 
I am Joy's breeder, Lynda Farley (270)432-7272.  I live in KY, about 5 hours from Princeton, but I
am ready to come as soon as I can if I know WHERE Joy is, and try to round her up.  I spent a
week up there, and put up about 300 posters all over the county, and around the edges (in case she
gets out of that area).  I could not find anyone who had seen her more recently than two days ago,
though, and I could not FIND her.  If anyone does FIND her, PLEASE don't scare her away.  Try to
encourage her to stay around, and call me immediately.  I will get there as fast as I can.  THANKS
Lynda Farley ~