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"Who's Your Nanny?" For your next trip to Canada.
This would be even funnier if it wasn't so close to reality.

Smoke Kills. Great cartoon from www.antimult.ru
ALL the things that can go wrong because of a work place ban.
This one may take awhile to load, but DON'T give up - it's WORTH IT!

Star Wars -. On a far away planet, long, long ago...
Enoch Ludlow, treasurer of Forces, Inc. was treated for a smoking related,
ingrown toenail by Dr. (name withheld pending investigation), a...

The Balcony ... Do you want to be responsible?

Who's Your Nanny, Star Wars, and The Balcony are all in Windows Media format.
Smoke Kills is in FLASH format.

We hope you enjoyed these funny movies.
NOT so funny: WHY would they LIE about BENEFITS of smoking?
'Big Pharma' Seeks Monopoly of Nicotine


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