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24 Techniques For Closing The Sale

"My sales have increased over $200,000.00 in 3 months ... my manager is quite pleased ... I attribute this to specific concepts I learned from Brian Tracy."
-- Harry Hempel, Tri-Mark

on't you just get hopping mad every time you give a kick-ass sales presentation -- and yet your prospect simply won't buy a thing from you? Do you feel paralyzed by the fear of rejection every time you have to ask that "cruel" prospect for the sale? Does your ego get clobbered out of shape whenever your prospect tells you, "No?"
Well, then it's time to unleash your
delicious revenge on those merciless prospects that have been making your life a living hell. It's time to deploy the most vicious, diabolical tactics you can find -- turn the tables on them, and make them tremble like the squirming wimps that they are ...
Whew ... okay, now that we've gotten your pent-up
angst out of the way, let's talk about the core of your torment -- that thing that strikes the most fear into the hearts of salespeople everywhere -- that is, closing the sale.
No, we're not going to talk about those stale, worn-out closes that every salesman and his dog have used for ages. Those hackneyed closes insult the intelligence of your prospect. What I'm about to show you is
radically different -- so brace yourself for an explosive nitro boost to your sales earnings.

Let me ask you a question: If I could show you a way that you can double or triple your sales closing
rate -- and teach you how to sell
50% to 100% of all prospects that you come in contact with -- are you willing to spend an entertaining 63 minutes to learn it?
If you answered
No, then you're either perfectly satisfied with the amount of money you're making -- or you're just not interested in achieving a 6-figure income through sales. Or perhaps you don't believe it could happen to you. If that's the case, then please stop reading this article right now. This is not for you.
If you answered
Yes, then go ahead and read the rest of this article. Do not simply skim over it, or skip around from section to section -- but read it word for word. You're really going to enjoy this eye-opening information. You won't want to miss a thing.
WANTED: Salespeople Who Want to Be Among the Top 4% Highest-Paid Sales Professionals
I've got good news and bad news for you ...First, the bad news:
FACT: In a typical sales encounter,
80% of prospects will say, "No" to your sales offer. During tough economic times, this can be as high as 90% or even 95%. (I'll bet you already know this from experience, don't you?)
Now the good news:
Have you ever come across those rare salespeople who sell
phenomenally well even during the worst economic times -- even while doing business in highly competitive markets -- and even when the price of their product is well above their competitors' prices?
Those super salespeople
sell like crazy -- rain or shine -- and there's no such thing as a "slow day" -- or a slow week or month for them. And what's more -- they make it look easy. You know why? Because it is easy -- if you know how.
Now listen closely -- selling will become easy for you, too, after I show you a few
tiny adjustments in the way you sell. You'll be able to easily close a high percentage of your prospects without the struggle, frustration and rejection that you used to experience.
Here's a story that will make the concept
crystal clear for you:
How a Corning Glass Salesman Sold Every One of His Prospects
Here's an
awesome strategy developed by a salesman at Corning Glass on the year that Corning Glass came out with safety glass.
This salesman went throughout the country and before long, he became the top-selling salesman of safety glass for Corning Glass in North America. At the national sales convention, he was given a big prize and an award. And they said to him, "Please tell us your
secret. How is it that you sold so much more than everyone else?"
He said it was
"First of all, I got some pieces of safety glass cut into 6" X 6" pieces as samples. Then, I got a ballpeen hammer. And then I walked in on the prospect and say, '
Would you like to see a piece of glass that doesn't shatter?' When the prospect says, 'I don't believe it,' I put the glass on the counter and I go whack it -- watch him protect his eyes -- and afterwards he'd say, 'Holy smoke, that's incredible!'
"Then I'd say, 'How much of it would you like?' And I'd pull out my order pad and
start writing the order."
Corning Glass was so impressed with this tactic that they equipped all of their salespeople with ballpeen hammers and sheets of glass, sent them out -- and they all sold
truckloads of glass.
Okay, so not all of us are lucky enough to have a product that's as
demonstrably superior as the safety glass from Corning.
You're missing the point.
The point is this:
The top salesman at Corning never had to
"close" the sale in the real sense of the word. The presentation was so solid that there was no need to close. The sale was a done deal even before the salesman set foot into the prospect's office.
Now, let me ask you: How would
your life change if you could sell that way everyday -- where closing became just an afterthought that you no longer had to dread?
Here's something that you'll find interesting: The top salesman at Corning Glass did
16 times better than the average salesperson in the company NOT because he was 16 times a better salesperson than the average one. What he had was a tiny advantage -- a winning edge.
Marshall McLuhan, the famous Canadian educator in mass communications, once said:
All you need is an idea that is 10% new to make a million dollars."
That's all an idea has to be -- 10% new. It doesn't have to be a major breakthrough.
You've probably heard of the Pareto Principle -- the 80/20 rule -- which says that
80% of all sales are made by 20% of the salespeople.
you make it to the top 20%, you'll be earning a very comfortable income. But when you make it to the top 20% of the top 20% of sales professionals, you will then be in the top 4% -- and officially be one of the highest paid people in the world.
There are only a few degrees of separation between your present income and one of the highest incomes on the planet. It all boils down to the winning edge.
Your winning edge is nothing more than a
marginal improvement to the way selling is normally done. The key to success is to develop that edge -- because once you develop it there is no reason why you cannot move rapidly into that coveted top 4% slot.
As you continue reading, I will reveal 24 pivotal strategies that
instantly give you that winning edge in 63 minutes flat.
1 Extra Sale You Make = 10 Years' Worth of Extra Income
A study done by an insurance company revealed some very
interesting findings.
Every November, this insurance company held a
contest wherein the winning salespeople got two weeks in the Caribbean as a bonus. The sales quota for the contest was a pre-determined percentage above the sales average for the year.
And so every year in November, the salespeople
sold like crazy -- and as a result, a tremendous number of them qualified for those two weeks in the sun.
Here's the interesting thing they found out: The average salespeople were each selling
3 policies per week -- but during the contest period they increased their sales to 4 policies per week.
So they went back to the sales people and pointed out that if they put just a little bit of extra effort, they could be in that prize-winning category
all year long instead of just in November. This translates to 10 extra years of income over a 40-year career.
Say, you started selling when were 25, and you sold until you were 65 -- you would have amassed 10 years' worth of income just by selling
one more sale a week.
astounding, isn't it?
Now, you do the math for
your particular industry -- how much more money would you be earning if you had an extra sale per day, per week or per month? How would your life change with that kind of income?
Okay, you're probably saying, "Yeah, but I'd have to work like a slave to make that extra sale."
You're missing the point again. I'm going to say this again in a different way so that this concept will be
imprinted into your subconscious:
Selling is
effortless and easy when you have the winning edge -- that tiny difference that separates top performers from mediocre performers. When you apply the techniques I'm about to show you, it will be so easy to make that extra sale -- or as many sales as you can handle, for that matter.
You learn more practical ideas per minute from Brian Tracy than from any other speaker in America."
-- Vic Conant, President, Nightingale Conant Corporation

Let me give you another concrete example:
A horse that consistently came in
first in several races won $750,000 in prize money over a period of one year. Another horse, which ran the same races as the first horse, won about $75,000. That's a difference of 10 to 1. Does that mean that the first horse was 10 times better than the second horse?
When they compared both horses' records, they found that the winning horse was only about
3% to 4% faster in time -- but the difference translated into income that was ten times as much.
Oftentimes, a winning horse comes in first only
by a nose.
In human life, the same
amazing principle holds true -- that you could be only 3% to 4% better than the next guy, and yet earn 10 times as much. What would happen if you were 10% or 20% better?
No one in the world is better qualified to show you how to
master that winning edge, achieve a double-digit advantage over other sales professionals, and reap immeasurable financial rewards...than Brian Tracy. He can literally turn you into an unstoppable sales machine in 63 minutes flat.

Brian Tracy is a million-dollar master of peak sales performance and personal success strategies. As the world-renowned creator of 300 video and audio learning programs, and the best-selling author of 16 books, his ideas and approaches are used by most of the big money makers, the superstars of selling.

As a salesman, Brian began setting sales records at
age 11. He has rehearsed sales presentations in parking lots, eaten on the run, done his share of cold-calling and sitting in unfriendly waiting rooms -- and closed those once-in-a-lifetime sales most of us just dream about.
As a result, he not only had a successful career in sales, but also went on to become the Chief Operating Officer of a development company with
$265 million in assets and $75 million in annual sales.
One of Brian's unique distinctions is that he enjoys the
coveted #1 best-selling slot in the Nightingale Conant lineup of blockbuster products. To cover all the highlights of Brian's illustrious list of other accomplishments would require volumes. Here's what people are saying about Brian:
Brian Tracy is a master of self management skills development. He gives us an encyclopedia of inner wealth that is more knowledge-based, action-oriented and relevant to today's global achiever than any other source you can tap."
-- Dennis Waitley, author of,
The Psychology of Winning
Brian Tracy lives the strategies for maximum achievement and he can show you how to use them too. I guarantee the strategies and skills he presents will unlock your hidden powers to succeed."
-- Ken Blanchard, author of,
The One Minute Manager
We put forty of our sales people through the programme and not only was the response overwhelmingly positive, but our organisation has seen quantitative results attributable to the Brian Tracy course."
-- John Lefterts, Agency Manager, The Equitable
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In his course titled, 24 Techniques for Closing the Sale (presented in RealVideo), Brian packs into 63 minutes all the powerful, proven closing ideas and strategies that have taken him 25 years to research, develop and perfect. Every single one of them is positively explosive. Here's what you'll discover:

  • Learn this outrageous closing technique that was developed by a team of psychologists at a cost of $250,000. You can bet your last dollar that your prospect won't be able to resist this!
    Here's a
    clever stunt that will take you only a few minutes to set up beforehand -- but it'll get your customer to close the sale for himself before you even finish your sales presentation. This is so powerful, it ought to be illegal!
    easy-to-implement strategy pulverizes the defenses of even the most unconquerable of prospects. Studies show that this one technique closes a whopping 50% or more of those who might not have bought otherwise.
    How to identify the
    exact moment your prospect reaches his highest buying temperature -- when he's most likely to buy -- so that you can snatch that moment and then easily stroll down to home base with a sale in your pocket.
    Here's a
    sneaky way of uncovering the real reason your prospect isn't buying -- and the exact words you can use to demolish the objection -- and consequently make a sale. This has a psychological mechanism that can make you irresistibly powerful in business, as well as in your personal life.
    How to create a riveting sales presentation that
    makes closing practically irrelevant. Your prospect will think he's shortchanging himself if he doesn't buy what you're selling. This strategy will allow you to walk in to see your prospect, and walk out with a sale in as little as 5 minutes.
    The ingenious way of obtaining a
    verbal commitment from your prospect to buy your product -- even before you've made your presentation. This defies all logic -- but it works like magic.
    What to say upon meeting your prospect that is guaranteed to have him
    cling to your every word -- all the way to the sale. Don't be surprised if your customer becomes extremely grateful to you for selling him your product.
    Supersize your earnings with this devilishly simple closing tactic that will bring you a stampede of new customers. Master this skill and you'll have a guaranteed income for life.
    The easiest way to master this seemingly innocent -- but
    lethal -- technique that will zero in on your prospect's defense mechanism and demolish it instantly. This works like a heat-seeking missile destroying enemy bombers.
    How a
    self-made millionaire invented this irresistible tactic -- this virtually eliminates the need to close the sale because the sale will close itself for you -- like a ripe apple dropping out of a tree into your hand.
The Equivalent of an Expensive, 3-Day Sales Training Seminar
The information you'll find in
24 Techniques for Closing the Sale is the same material taught in one of Brian Tracy's seminars, for which people pay $3000 apiece, and which takes 3 days to attend. Now, you can have the same high-octane closing techniques condensed into 63 minutes of fast-moving stories, examples, humor and concrete, practical ideas that get results fast! And you can conveniently view it online via RealVideo.
$3000 versus $27 -- Go Figure!
Given that seminar participants have paid $3000 for this information, and the videotape of the same title retails for $80.00, then why on earth is Brian Tracy making 24 Techniques for Closing the Sale available to you for only $27?
Here's why: Through the wonders of the Internet and RealVideo technology, the cost to produce the online video is
minimal compared to that of a physical videotape - and there are no handling and shipping costs involved in delivering the online video to you. Brian wanted to pass the savings on to you -- so now you can own 24 Techniques for Closing the Sale for a very modest investment of $27.
When you act
quickly, you can just try it out with no obligation:
Take advantage of this
zero-risk trial offer by 25 November, and you will also receive this free bonus:
  • The online RealAudio version of Brian's phenomenal Psychology of Selling -- the best-selling audio program on selling in the world. Quite simply -- this stuff works! Psychology of Selling normally retails for $70.00, but but you'll get all 6 CDs in the series, converted into a downloadable RealAudio version which you can access instantly online -- and it's free with your purchase of 24 Techniques for Closing the Sale.
  • The Workbook of 24 Techniques for Closing the Sale -- This transcript of the 63-minute video can be read online or printed out for easy reference. Viewing the video and reading the workbook reinforces effective learning and maximum retention. This will enable you to easily master the closing techniques in minimum time.
Here's my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If this course does not double -- or even triple -- your sales closing rate, or if you are not satisfied with it for any reason, simply request a refund within 30 days, and your request will be honored immediately -- no questions asked. This is a zero-risk trial offer and you are under absolutely no obligation.

"How I Trained My Entire Sales Staff in 63 Minutes"
Mark Joyner, CEO, Aesop.com

IBM spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year in training their sales people because they know that even if they have the best products in the world, if their sales people cannot sell them, they're not going to be successful.
Several national apparel retailers with hundreds of stores each spend over $1,000,000 on sales training programs in an effort to improve sales.
I spent next to nothing to train my own sales staff in literally 1 hour. And I didn't have to spend a single dime in travel expenses to get them to a sales seminar. I trained them by using Brian Tracy's 24 Techniques for Closing the Sale, which packs as much octane power as any expensive 3-day seminar.
If you have a team of salespeople, use Brian's course to
reinvigorate your sales team. I am convinced that 24 Techniques for Closing the Sale will increase your company's sales tremendously. That's right! I'm so sure of it that I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is -- and refund your money if I'm wrong.
While you're sitting there reading this, you begin to
understand why you can't afford to waste any more time getting less than everything that your sales career has to offer. You are on the brink of learning the most incredible amount of information at mega-speed -- and the easy-to-implement techniques you will learn will spell the difference between mediocre earnings and mega-earnings.
Earlier on, I asked you the question: If I could show you a way that you can
double or triple your sales closing rate -- and teach you how to sell 50% to 100% of all prospects that you come in contact with -- are you prepared to spend 63 minutes to learn it?
Since you're still reading this, I'm going to assume you answered, "Yes." Well, now that I've shown you
unequivocally how Brian Tracy's 24 Techniques for Closing the Sale can deliver on that promise -- and have also shown you Brian's first-rate credentials and the rave reviews he's received -- now it's time for you to act on this.
This is
the most useful crash course ever created -- a course that can dramatically improve the number of prospects that you can convert into customers -- and consequently explode your income sky-high.
"Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these...
what might have been?"
-- William Shakespeare
Mark my word. Months -- or even years -- from now, you could be asking yourself: "What if I had listened to Mark Joyner's advice and gotten my hands on Brian Tracy's course? What
might have happened to my sales career by now? How much more money would I have earned since then?"
Don't wonder where your sales career might have been if you "would-a" -- "could-a" or "should-a" listened to Brian Tracy's
24 Techniques for Closing the Sale. Find out for certain right now.
Go ahead.
Give it a try. In the time it takes you to munch down a bag of popcorn, Brian Tracy would have turned you into an unstoppable sales machine. There's absolutely no risk to you.
Within 15 minutes, you can view
24 Techniques for Closing the Sale instantly online. You will get Brian Tracy's world class tactics and start becoming one of the highest paid salespeople you can be right now!
Just imagine, in just 63 minutes, you can apply the strategies you will learn from Brian's
mega-speed learning course -- and be doubling or tripling your closing rate immediately -- and consequently multiplying your earnings exponentially. Unleash the 24 ruthless sales tactics now.
All the best,
Mark Joyner
P.S. Last year, approximately 400,000 people paid thousands of dollars apiece to learn the same high-powered closing techniques that are contained in
24 Techniques for Closing the Sale. How could you possibly go wrong investing $27 on something that can dramatically change the course of your sales career? Give it a try now.