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Computer Buying Tips


Computer buying tips - How to Find Your Dream Computer in 3 Days or Less - And Buy it at the Lowest Price Possible"by Mark Joyner, CEO, Aesop.com
Let me tell you a
true story.
A computer professional from Chicago, Illinois ordered what he thought was a 667 MHz computer,
paid for what he thought was a 667 MHz computer, got what he thought was a 667 MHz computer…but in reality, it only had a speed of 500 MHz. He had been swindled - and he didn't even know it.
How could someone who was already knowledgeable about computers fall for one of the most common "con jobs" in the computer industry?
Because there's almost no way one can tell the difference between processors of dissimilar speeds just by looking at the processor. The processor itself may have been "professionally" re-marked or "over-clocked" in order to push the sale of the lower speed machine. Some computer vendors use this trick on unsuspecting customers whenever possible!

Here's the scary part: That's just
one of the many minor tricks they play. Don't even get me started on the really deceptive ones.
And it's not just the small, fly-by-night operators who commit these underhanded tricks either. Some of the biggest names in the computer industry (who shall remain unnamed) have been known to resort to some seriously devious tricks. The only difference is that they have an army of lawyers behind them to ensure that they've worded their advertisements, and their conditions of sale, so that they can't get sued for it.
You're probably thinking, "If computer professionals get ripped off on their computer purchases, what chance do I have at getting an honest deal on a computer?"
There's justifiable reason for your concern because whether you're a veteran computer user or a "newbie," you can easily become the victim of unscrupulous computer sales practices.
If you've ever been overwhelmed by the bewildering array of computer systems, incomprehensible terminology, vendor tricks, and relentless technological developments - I'm going to show you simple strategies that will let you pinpoint with deadly accuracy incredible computer deals faster than 95% of all computer shoppers.

In the next 5 minutes, I will reveal secrets to you that are going to save you a lot of money, find the
perfect computer for you, and get you more computer for your buck...information that will save you hundreds of dollars.
Before we get started, I want to ask you a few questions that will allow me to deliver customized solutions to your computer-buying needs.
Your First Name  Do you own a computer?  Yes - What year did you buy it?  Do you plan to buy a computer?
If you plan to buy a computer, for whom are you buying it?  Myself - this will be my first computer  What is the most important thing you're looking for in a computer?  price looks reliability durability compatibility with software
technical support, ease of use, ease of learning
Thanks for answering the questions on the previous page. The importance of the information you gave will be apparent as you read through the rest of this article.

For many families, purchasing a personal computer is the third-largest single expenditure, next only to a home and a car - so you have every right to demand the best possible computer you can find.

Here is one important thing you need to get straight: Getting "great deals" on computers does
not always mean the cheapest deals.

FACT: Most people won't know a "great deal" on a computer if it hit them right between the eyes.

No matter how much you investigate, how many dealers you visit, and how much bargaining you've done on the price, you still may not be really certain that you've gotten a good deal, because there are just
too many factors involved.

For instance, there is no guarantee that you'll get the best deal from IBM, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Gateway, or even from huge vendors like PC World, no matter how reputable they seem. Neither are you assured that you'll get a good deal from computer resellers or mail order vendors who display ads touting the best computers and the lowest prices.

Here's the question most frequently asked of computer vendors:
"What type of computer should I buy?"

Perhaps a better question you need to be asking is
how do you go about finding the perfect computer for you? I'll tell you exactly how on the next page - after you answer the following question:
What do you plan to do with your computer? [Mark as many as apply.]
word processing, accounting, banking online, play games, perform research, desktop publishing, data base management, other
Believe it or not, the question you just answered is one of the most important steps in finding the perfect computer for you. You've just determined what you want your dream computer to do for you.
Oftentimes, people skip this step when they go shopping for a computer - and this can have disastrous results. When you don't have a clear-cut list of things you expect from your computer, you easily fall prey to whatever bells, whistles and fancy doodads that computer vendors can dangle in front of you - and you're likely to end up buying more computer than you need. Big mistake!
In doing the research for this article, I spoke to Helen Cho - computer expert extraordinaire - and she gave me some inside information that I wish I had read before I bought my own PC - and before my Purchasing Manager bought all the computers for my company.

I could go on and on about the things you should know and the things you should avoid when buying a computer, but it's my policy to provide not just a compilation of "tips," but deliver a cohesive system that produces results, and is easy to implement. So I'm going to
demystify the entire computer-buying process for you. This is where I'm going to make good on the promise I made in the title of this article, How to Find Your Dream Computer in 3 Days or Less - And How to Buy it at the Lowest Price Possible.

I can almost hear what you're saying: "Hey, Mark, how would
you know how to teach me about computer-buying? I thought you were an internet marketing expert - not a computer professional."

Well, I'm not a computer expert by a long shot. But I've had the good fortune of meeting and working with some of the best computer experts anywhere.
Helen Cho is one such expert I've had the pleasure of encountering.

Three months ago, Helen sent me the manuscript of her book,
Computer Buying Secrets Revealed. She said that her book could teach anyone how to save $500 on their next computer purchase - and my natural reaction was, "That's a load of bull****." I didn't even bother reading her manuscript for several weeks.
On Wednesday last week, James Niehaus, my Business Development Director here at Aesop.com, came to me and said, "Mark…You've got to read Helen's manuscript. I'm not sure you realize just how many people need this book."
I lost no time. I literally devoured the contents of Helen's manuscript that night. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had previously run across countless tips, articles and books about how to buy a computer, but this was in a class all by itself.
James was right. With 133 million PCs expected to be sold this year (and even more in the coming years), this is a much-needed book. I felt compelled to publish it. So I called Helen the very next morning and offered to publish the digital edition of her book. She graciously agreed.
What Helen has created here is something that every computer buyer must have - a no holds barred, no-nonsense, "paint-by-numbers" step-by-step program that squeezes every secret, tip, strategy, method, tactic, and technique that Helen has learned after spending thousands of dollars buying computers over the years of trial and error.

Helen's new book,
Computer Buying Secrets, contains information you simply can't find anywhere else. Here's what you'll find:

10 simple steps on how to find the dream computer you always wanted but couldn't afford - at prices so
low you'd th13 little-known websites that offer the best computer bargains on the Net at prices that'll knock your socks off!

ink you were dreaming
Expert online searching tips that will
drastically cut down on the time spent looking for your computer

7 proven ways to recognize a suspicious seller instantly
How to keep yourself from becoming a victim of a computer scam,
9 magic sentences to use at the actual time you buy your computer that will save you cash immediately

4 crucial questions you
must ask before buying a computer through mail order

Where to find little-known
rebates that will save you up to $100 or more in cash
What to watch out for when buying a
used computer

17 essential questions you must ask the
computer salesperson before you buy at a retail store
12 places that have the best computer reviews - so you can get the best opinion from the experts - not your brother-in-law

How to choose the perfect computer that meets your needs - even though you've never touched a keyboard in your life
A compilation of the best shopping engines that will actually do the dirty work of searching through the entire web and hunting down the absolute rockbottom computer prices for you
10 important tips to avoid disaster if you plan to travel overseas with your notebook computer - as seen from the eyes of a veteran traveler
"Helen Cho's book,
Computer Buying Secrets Revealed, takes the
confusion out of a highly complex buying process and converts it
into a no-brainer. What with all the different brands, speeds, and components available, as well as the computer terminology and rapid developments, it's no wonder most people are overwhelmed!

"Everyone needs to know about buying the perfect computer for
their particular needs, and they
CAN get it at the absolute rock-bottom price now! I've never met Helen, but I want to congratulate her on creating the definitive guide on the subject at a time when we need it the most. Why, even a trained chimpanzee could buy a computer using Helen's fool-proof secrets!"

Rick Beneteau, Author of Branding YOU and Breaking the Bank!

"Hey Helen, it's Harmony. I just wanted to let you know that I think your book is excellent. I've read over some of the chapters, and I'm very impressed!... I KNOW it'll be a wonderful resource when I am ready to buy. Great job! :) ...

...I bought a new computer about a week and a half ago, and had my nose in it all the way! I just bought a new computer for HUNDREDS less than I would have... Thanks for an excellent book.

Harmony Major, HomebasedHeaven.com

Thanks so much for creating such a valuable program. It's really quite thorough and provides a wealth of great info. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is in the market for buying a computer and who wants to get the most bang for the buck.

Nick Nichols, NicholsOnline.com

I had a look at your book - WOW! If only I'd had this information last year when I bought a new system. I really like the layout, the book is very informative, well presented and really has a lot to offer. It really is a very useful book. It's not just useful from the point of view of buying a computer on-line, but it's got a tremendous volume of resources.

Earl B., South Africa
I know you want to get your hands on this priceless book now, but I'm not ready to let you have it just yet because I have to tell you how Helen has just made this deal even sweeter.
If you order her book by 12 November, you'll get four hot bonuses worth almost $200 for free:

  • FREE BONUS #1 (a $99 value) - FREE lifetime updates at no extra cost to you! (Helen is planning on extending this package to offer even more great benefits, so the price will go up, no doubt about it. But you won't have to pay an extra cent when you take advantage of this offer right now.)

  • FREE BONUS #2 (a $29.95 value) - A special report titled, From the Eyes of a Computer Vendor: A Behind the Scenes Look, written by a noted software engineer in the computer vendor industry. This eye-opener reveals:

    How to make sure you get the best warranty treatment!
    · 10 most common tricks vendors use to rip off customers!
    · How to instantly tell which vendors offer the best support, and which ones leave you out in the cold!

  • FREE BONUS #3 (a $59.95 value) - FREE email consultation if you need personal one-on-one help. Helen will go over each step from choosing the right type of computer to finding the best price. She'll even do a customized search for the top bargains that are right for you, if that's what you want.
With Computer Buying Secrets Revealed, you get the equivalent of 9 solid hours of a computer consultant's time worth several hundred dollars - and yet I can show you how you can get it virtually for ... free.

No, you aren't imagining things. I did say that you can have Helen Cho's book, "Computer Buying Secrets Revealed" virtually free.
Let me explain.
Simply get your hands on Helen's book at the special introductory price of only $27.00.
"Hey, wait a minute, Mark - I thought you said it was free!" Just hold on a minute and hear me out.
I'm sure you'll agree that at $27 (which is far less than you would pay for a measly 15 minutes of a computer consultant's time), the book is a bargain - especially considering the valuable bonuses worth $200 that you get with the book. Now, here's how you get it for free.

I am absolutely certain that you will benefit tremendously from the information in Helen's book that I am making this unprecedented guarantee
I guarantee that you will save at least $500 on your next computer purchase by using Helen's computer buying secrets -- or I will refund your $27 immediately. You have one full year - yes, that's a full 365 days - to soak in all this inside information, and test the techniques to see if they really work for you.
When you save $500 or more on your computer purchase, your savings easily absorb your $27 investment. Do you see how you then own the book entirely free? Therefore, your $27 investment today is simply a good-faith deposit against your future savings. It's completely refundable within one year if you don't save at least $500 on your next computer purchase.
Now tell me, how could I possibly give you a better deal than that?

This means that you can have a full 365 days - and if you're not absolutely thrilled with the money that you've saved as a result of this book, then I expect you to demand a full refund

I think you'll agree with me that this may be the most priceless resource you've ever run across -- especially since this is one rare program from which you'll reap the benefits over and over again, even as your computer needs change. You'll never have to pay any more than wholesale cost for a computer again.

Well, there's no decision for you to make. "Computer Buying Secrets Revealed" can be yours instantly. Within 10 minutes of receiving your good-faith deposit, your secret password will be sent to you by e-mail and you can access the book online immediately.
P.S. Don't forget that you are
fully protected by my ironclad one-year guarantee on your refundable deposit - all the risk is on me!