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LOTS of GOOD action at both GETTR and GAB. You can join me here:
Here I am,
And wow, this one is very new & AWESOME:
Mewe is a lot of fun, lots of groups.
My youtube channel
Fake Book took down my original 15 year old account in July 21, just a week or so before my husband of 35 years passed away.
I was not even able to respond to the condolence messages from my more than 1,000 FB friends.  And, they never even showed me
WHAT it was they objected to. I am confident almost no one sees anything I post on FB. FB has NO HEART.
This was my back up account, and I must warn you, it could disappear at ANY time, as I have been doing NOTHING
different than I was with my original account.
I dumped Twitter, deleted my account AND the ap off my phone the day after
they dumped my President, the best president in my lifetime.
If he wasn't good enough for twitter, twitter is sure not good enough for me.
I will NEVER TOUCH TIK TOK WITH A 10 FOOT POLE. It is OWNED BY the Chinese Communist Party.
I also dumped Amazon, and avoid google as much as possible, I use duckduckgo.
I am Lynda Farley
532 Farely Road, Edmonton, KY 42129
(270)432-7272 CST (LANDLINE)
Hosanna Afghan Hounds
Liberty Van and Freedom Van (and coming soon, Victory Van!)
Also &
God's child,
Mom of 6, grandma of 21 (so far)
and a Charter Member of the "vast right wing conspiracy".