The Toohey family with Davey, a certified Therapy and Service Afghan Hound dog - AKC registered, family has handicapped and autistic children PHOTO
David Sings Hosanna and the Tooheys  - graphic art design by AAAWWW Afghans Afghans Afghans World Wide Web Design

'Davey' is now a Certified Therapy Dog,

and a Service Dog!

Here are some pictures from a day at work.

As a puppy, I was always a 'snuggle bunny', and  a lover.  I was named 'David' because it means 'beloved'.

photo of Davey and handicapped girl at Christmas party for autistic children
Davey snuggles in bed with a young handicapped boy - AKC registered Afghan Hound therapy and service dog - photo
Davey gives comfort to an autistic boy - David Sings Hosanna AKC registered certified therapy dog and service dog photo
Davey - David Sings Hosanna - with autistic children at school, doing therapy dog work - AKC registered Afghan Hound - photo

Sharing a cookie with 'Mom'

after a long day.  : )

Loving & Giving comfort....

Davey at work as Therapy Dog at our favorite class.  He works at other classes, sometimes as a speech helper, where the kids learn to talk by saying different things about him, like 'dog', 'tail','leash',brush','comb', etc. He's a wonderful incentive for them to learn, and we've seen lots of progress with our visits. The severe and profound unit, though, is our very favorite class.  The joy and interest the kids express is unequalled anywhere else!  That's where these pics were taken.  I'm so grateful we've been given the opportunity to be a part of so many incredible kids' lives.  Davey is also a Service Dog.  He shows that an afghan is much more that just another pretty face.  ~~~ Took him to one of my autistic daughters' schools 2day..these are high school kids, some of them VERY violent and loud..he was, as he always is, unshakeable. He jumped up on the sofa with one teen who has an extremely violent nature,and hates to be touched.  I was ready to get him down and AWAY from this kid, because I KNOW this boy, and he's slammed teachers against walls, torn down doors, you name it.  And there is my heart, my David Sings Hosanna, snuggled against him.  What does the kid do?  Yup, breaks out into a 3 mile smile!  A crowd gathered for this never-before-heard- of-event, and I tell you, there wasn't a dry eye among the staff.  The kid never touched David; he just sat there-- but his smile and the true joy in his, it blew us all away!! This Therapy dog stuff is a REAL addictive thing!!

Some snapshots of David  and his very special family:

David Sings Hosanna CGC

Alfadeus Abdul Kamahl X Scharlau Sandcastle II

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beautiful photo of Davey when he was young - AKC registered Afghan Hound dog

Davey at about 18 mos old

David Sings Hosanna shares a cookie with his owner and trainer after a long day at a school for autistic children - photo - AKC registered Afghan Hound, certified therapy and service dog
Davey gives a young autistic girl love - David Sings Hosanna AKC registered and certified therapy and service dog - photo

~~~~. He's 'on call' for Children's Protective Services when they have an abused child in that won't talk to a person about the abuse, the child will talk to "Davey'. Afghans are not like the 'usual' therapy dog...he is friendly and loves the attention, but always maintains a sort of control over the situation.

Email Link for Elise Toohey, owner and trainer of Davey, a Certified Therapy and Service Dog  - graphic art design by AAAWWW Afghans Afghans Afghans World Wide Web Design
photo of Davey with his owner and trainer Elise Toohey - AKC reg Afghan Hound dog



Elise Toohey & Davey

Davey with Shawna Toohey, a sweet young girl with autism, blind, cerebral palsey

All Davey's Littermates

Davey's Brother Samson

Link to AKC Pedigree for Afghan Hound Delilah Sings Hosanna  - graphic art design by AAAWWW Afghans Afghans Afghans World Wide Web Design



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