Alfadeus Abdul Kamahl

Jamalai Kushal Khan X Jamalai Lakshimi Moti

8/4/1988-5/14/2001 ~ Breeder Mikel D. McInturf

Alfadeus Abdul Kamahl - photo of Alf at 10 years old - Afghan Hound

the day

Along with all the other things in our busy lives, I have been helping my old one, Alf, as he gets more and more feeble.

He has still been enjoying getting up several times a day and taking walks outside, but I have been hand feeding him whatever tempting things I can cook for him as he won't eat his regular food any more.  I often have to help him get up, and have to follow along with him to keep him from falling. I know one day soon, either he will be gone when I go to check on him, or he won't be able to get up at all and will be asking me with his eyes for that last ride to the vet, so I've been tenderly telling him goodbye every time I go in the other room.  When I've been gone a few days with the kids and other dogs, John has been caring for him the same way I have.

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Alf's Life Story In Photos

Alf's KIDS ~ Hosanna Afghan Hounds HOME


Hosanna Afghan Hounds

Lynda & John Farley

532 Farley Road

Edmonton, Kentucky, 42129

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I've been enjoying every morning and evening (so bittersweet : ( that we walk up the hill where he greets his beautiful grand daughter Happy, and then goes to look at his son, Samson.  He and Samson used to fence fight - they have both been 'the king' here for years.  But now Alf just stands head and tail up, and stares at Samson.  And Samson stares back, just as proud.  It is as if Alf has passed the torch, and Samson is acknowledging that.  Then he walks over to the creek and takes a big drink, and looks toward the barns where he always loved to chase the cats.  Even though he totters when he walks, he still has his beautiful coat, and he still acts like the King.  He still loves me, and wants his ears mooshed.  Alf would be 13 the first of August, but I don't see how he will make it that long.  Every day I think today might be the day.  And this morning, he would hardly eat, and fell twice on our walk.  It might be today.  I never asked for an Afghan Hound,  Alf was my first one.

gif animation of white Afghan Hound angel - Hosanna Amazing Peace

Alf's Granddaughter 'Happy'

Hosanna Amazing Peace

Enchante Jonah Sings Hosanna X Seer's Night Witch

Breeder Lynda R. Farley

Alf, his grandson Justice and I went to our first AHCA National Specialty at Tucson in 1988 when he was 10 years old and he was in the Veteran's Parade.  Earlier Alf and I had also gone to Veteran's parades at the Austin Specialty, and Potomac Specialty.

He didn't want to take his walk this afternoon.  I helped him up, but he couldn't stay up without me. He still wouldn't eat either (not even his favorites), and he was giving me 'that look'.  Today was the day.  John carried him to the van and laid him on blankets, and we took our last ride together, his head in my lap.  John has made him a place beyond the garden, overlooking these beautiful Kentucky hills.

His life in photos

Alfadeus Abdul Kamahl


Alf was sire, or grandsire, or great grandsire

of almost all our Afghan Hounds. 

Sire of Samson Sings Hosanna (13 pts all from BBE so far and Sire of Moses, Mercy, Scarlet, Joshua, and more)

Delilah Sings Hosanna (6 pts & a herding girl too)

Samson & Delilah are my very first ever 'show dogs'

David Sings Hosanna CGC (aka Davey the Wonderdog - certified Therapy Dog and licensed Service Dog)

Jonah Sings Hosanna (sire of Happy & Mex. CH Justice)

Noah Sings Hosanna (aka 'Mister Perfect')

Salome Sings Hosanna - 'Ophilia'

Angel Sings Hosanna - 'Sophie'

Litter Page


Grandsire of Hosanna Song of Moses

(9 pts, our son Edwin's Jrs dog, and sire of one litter)

Hosanna Song of Mercy JC CGC TDI(2 pts)

Hosanna Song of Glory (pointed)

Litter Page


'Happy' - Hosanna Amazing Peace (our animated Afangel), Hosanna Amazing Justice (Mystery Dog)

'Halee' - Hosanna Amazing Love

Grace - Hosanna Amazing Grace

Litter Page


'Joshua' - Hosanna Hell Trembles

(pointed & our daughter Rose's Jrs dog)

Scarlet, Precious - Hosanna Precious Gift & others

Litter Page


Great Grandsire of just started

'Ruby', 'Major' - Hosanna Man Of War,

'Honey' -Hosanna Milk and Honey (pointed)

'Alf', 'Macy' - Hosanna's Ariel, and 'Zowie' - Hosanna Promised Land who are just a little more than 6 months old. Litter Page

And we have NO dogs here at all now - only Afghan Hounds.  He is the one who caused me to fall in love with this breed - he is my heart dog.  I am almost 50 years old, and have owned MANY wonderful dogs in my life - but NEVER one like this one. I didn't know it was possible to feel about any animal the way I do about him.

Except for our first weeks with him (he was 18 months old when he came to us) - when he didn't know where he was or who we were (and we didn't know who he was either) - and except that he has always been such a good food thief <g> he has ALWAYS been such a GOOD boy.  My youngest kids learned to toddle by hanging onto his beautiful long coat to keep from falling.  He's traveled with me all over, and always acted like the perfect gentleman.  Many people have said that was the best behaved dog they'd ever seen.

Photo Afghan Hound - Samson Sings Hosanna gaiting at Afghan Hound Club of America National Specialty show at Purina Farms, Missouri 1999

Alf's Son 'Samson'

Samson Sings Hosanna

Alfadeus Abdul Kamahl X Scharlau Sandcastle II

Breeder Lynda R. Farley & John E. Farley

Hosanna Song of Moses - Afghan Hound photograph

Alf's Grandson 'Justice'

Mexican CH Hosanna Amazing Justice

Jonah Sings Hosanna X See'rs Night Witch

Breeder Lynda R. Farley

Afghan Hound photo - Hosanna Perfect Peace'Bliss'

From our FIRST Line Breeding on Alf: 'Bliss'

Hosanna Perfect Peace

Samson Sings Hosanna X Hosanna Amazing Peace

Breeder Lynda R. Farley