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Eight Weeks Litter Evaluation
This is one page of a 4 page evaluation I've been doing on all our litters since the second one.  I haven't posted the other 3 pages, as they are all subjective.  We also did a Puppy Aptitude Test this time.
This page has quantitative information - measurements, and some calculations of proportions.  The raw measurements are in the grey area at the bottom of the table.  It's not really useful to compare the raw measurements to each other, or to other puppies, as the puppies aren't all quite the same size.  They were used to calculate the proportions in the upper part of the table.   When converted to proportions, the information can be compared from one puppy to the next, or between litters.  Things like which has the longest neck, narrowest head, widest chest, shortest hocks, etc. are apparent from this.  Also, standard deviations tell how consistent the puppies are, and the litter averages can be compared from one litter to another.  It was interesting, for instance, to see which of two brothers, when bred to the same bitch, produced the longest shoulder blades.  Though my eye is pretty good, I've used measurements to check what my eyes are seeing (or think they're seeing : ).  It has helped my eye become more discerning, also.
I also do this same evaluation for as many of them as I'm able after they are mature.  Though I didn't do the 8 weeks evaluation on our first litter, I did do the adult evaluation on all of our foundation dogs, and also on all of our first litter.  This evaluation is evolving, and I've added a few new proportions this year.  Those are highlighted in lavender.  Since they are all based on measurements I have for the other litters, I can go back and add the new calculations when I have time, and see how those litters compare with this one.  These are in MS Excel files.

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