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Our Hosanna Afghan Hounds website is unusual.  On our pages there are photos of EVERY single puppy we've ever produced.  Not only can you see what our most beautiful show dogs look like, but every puppy from every litter.  You are welcome to browse our pagesOn our home page, you will find links to a page for each  litter, with photos of every puppy on the litter pages, and links to more pages of photos of many of them.  There  are also links on the litter pages to all other information for each litter, including pedigrees, and their relatives.  We hope you enjoy browsing.

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What do people who have our puppies say?

There is not nearly space enough to present all of the wonderful comments we've received over the years.  We have never solicited any comments, but it does make our day when out of the blue one of our 'puppy people' has called or written to tell us of the joy their Hosanna Afghan Hound has brought into their life.  On the litter page for the litter Precious is part of, you can see some notes we received from those who have her brothers and sisters.  CLICK HERE

Here are a few more excerpts from our files:

             From the lady who loves 'Hayley',
        Hosanna Child of Peace ~ 3/'2002 Litter

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well. I just stopped by to see if you have updated your website or had any new pictures of Hayley's brothers or sisters. She is doing super. She does great for a sighthound in agility. It is so much fun with her. I think she thinks it's a great game of chase mom sometimes.She does great with all the equipment and isn't afraid of anything. I hope you all are doing well humans and pets.

   From the sister of the lady who loves 'Scarlet',
       Hosanna's Scarlet Rose 11/1998 Litter

Hi Linda, how is everyone? I just wanted to respond with a note that Scarlet is just wonderful! Noone can believe how perfect her & Jessica are together. She is a real lady, such a priss. Jessica has her spoiled rotten to the core! I am a dog groomer now so I groom Scarlet all the time! She is gorgeous, people freak out over her.

                (Scarlet is Precious's sister)

    From the lady who has 'Spirit' ~ 3/2002 Litter
  Hosanna Spirit of Peace  ~  New Photo of Spirit

Spirit has her own bedroom. A can not believe how affectionate Spirit is turning out to be. The first two weeks she kept biting us all the time but now she is maturing she is very affectionate and quite. Both my husband and I are enjoying spending time with her. She is solo adorable. I took her today to the vet for her vaccination.  Everyone there kept saying how beautiful she is. 

                       (they live on Cyprus)

             From the lady who has 'Tasha'
                       Tasha's Sand Dollar

Just a note to let you know that Tasha is doing great. She is the wonderful addition to our family that we thought she would be. It took her a little while to get used to us, but she is very happy now. She chases the cats around the house. She has never attempted to hurt them, just plays.

(Tasha is Precious' mom, and the grandma of this litter.  She retired to Florida a couple of years ago)
  At this time, we also have an adult available

           From the lady who loves 'Davey',
         David Sings Hosanna ~ 3/1995 Litter

What I DO know is Lynda Farley, because I have one of her dogs.  He's a good dog, too.  I know Lynda loves her dogs. I know Lynda calls to see if David is alright. I know she worries about him and my family as human beings. Her kids sent presents and cards to our Shawna when she was sick....
I just want to say that Lynda is more than the breeder of my dog, she's proven herself a friend to me. 
(Davey is from our first Litter)

                From the lady who has 'Kitty'
               Hosanna Milk and Honey   ~ 10/2000 Litter

Oh Lynda, she's so beautiful and sweet! We love her dearly and you too for everything you've done for us! Charlene says that Kitty is her sister (my blonde girls!) and just is thoroughly enjoying her....
Kitty is such a clown. 
She's such a wonderful girl! We just love her and thank you so much for her!! Even Rob gets tickeled over some of the corny things she does now. She wags her tail more than any afghan I've ever seen. Such a happy go lucky kiddo! Thank you again!!!

               From the lady who has 'Noah'
           Noah Sings Hosanna ~ 3/1995 Litter

I am saddened to hear about Alf.  I want you to know I love Noah so so much.  He looks just like his father.  I hope you can come to Lexington and visit sometime.  My husband refers to Noah as his son. Bill frequently says he did not know he could love Noah as much as he does. Claire is a wonderful dog, but Noah has won our hearts and will always be so much a part of us.Thank you for your note. I am at work crying like a baby just picturing you hand feeding your faithful friend.

(Noah is from our 1st litter, and he was the very first Afghan Hound we ever placed with anyone.  The whole family came to our farm to get their puppy in May, 1995, and I did visit them several times later.  This note from them was part of the reply when I sent them news of Alf's - Noah's sire - passing away in May, 2001.)

                  From the family of 'Zoewie'
       Hosanna Promised Land  ~ 10/2000Litter

........and one of our true loves mr zoewie the afghan of 20 bunker hill road;; thank you so much for the photos ;; they are excellant;; i will hang all of them on my office wall ;;; everyone will see them because i am the directer of the progrom;; hows that for being a little aggressive ;; it is below zero here ;; it is just an awful winter ;; the group photo is priceless ;; we are going to have it enlarged ;; we have often thought of bringing zoewie to see his brothers and sisters;; it could happen ;;thank you for thinking of us and please do know we oftewn think of you and your family ;; the appropriate ending is;;; we think folks like you and your family are to be treasured ;; no more needs to be said ;; except ;; many afghans ;; and the breed itself have a debt to you;; thank you for loving these priceless animals and providing them with the dignity they deserve;; sincerely;; beverly and nickolas moranski.



532 Farley Road
Edmonton, KY, 42129



Email:  jlfarley@scrtc.com

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