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Smoker's Rights

'Animal Rights'

Private Property

Smoker's Rights

'Animal Rights'

'Animal Rights'

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Smoker's Rights

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Dog Showing

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CLICK HERE AKC Chairman Report - I say THREE CHEERS FOR THEM! Posted 4/19/2013

HELP NEEDED NOW - CLICK HERE APHIS rule will ELIMINATE hobby breeders - posted 4/19/2013

CLICK HERE From NAIA - Importing stray animals from overseas into US shelters - posted 4/19/2013

3 NEW pages Liberty Van on the NEWS, Bogus 'Science' of 2nd Hand Smoke, MORE  March 3, 2007

EMERGENCY WORST PET LAW IN USA in Louisville, KY            INFO/ACTION     Jan 4, 2007

ALL Private Property Rights are Under Attack in USA                 INFO/ACTION     Nov. 6, 2006

Smoker's Rights   Smoke Ban/Smoker's BOYCOTT MAP & Free Graphics UPDATES 1/30/07

HSUS using US Postal Service to spread AR Agenda                    ACTION         June 26, 2006

Albuquerque Ordinance = Extreme Animal Rights Ideology          ACTION        June 26, 2006

Puppy Boot Camp -  House Train Your Dog in About 48 hours                Article          June 16, 2006

Purple Finger  -  Show solidarity with FREE Iraqis as they VOTE     You can help     December 10, 2005

New Domain  - www.aalf.ws/ An American who Loves Freedom    Website Launched 11/10/05 UP 1/30/06

Pet Evacuation - Help Allow People to Take Their Pets                   Petition & Phone  September 7, 2005

Gasoline Solutions - What can YOU do?                                             IDEAS          September 1, 2005

Truth or Flim-flam? - The 'truth.com' Smoker's Body Bag Chart             Graph            8/2905 UP 10/3/05

What is the BEST collar and lead for dog showing?                             Q & A             June 10, 2005

Oppose PAWS Legislation NOW to protect home breeding of pets        Legislation      6/9/05 UP 10/2/05

Dog Showing Books, Videos, and Resources                                     Resources      June 7, 2005

Are We Criminalizing Dog Breeders?                                                 Article           January 2004

Crazy About Colors                                                                               Article              1998

- An Introduction to the Genetics of Coat Color in Afghan Hounds