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http://www.banderabulletin.com/articles/2006/10/24/news/513.txt (this one is reprinted below)
+ Home Owner's - abuses of eminent domain http://www.freestarmedia.com/index.html
+ unconstitutional bans of smoking (or WHATEVER!) on PRIVATELY OWNED
business properties www.aalf.ws/smokingmad/

 and PROTECTED by our US Constitution.
These guys have it right:  Ranchers prepare for a revolution (see article reprinted below)

We will get NOWHERE against this, so long as individuals and groups only
want to protect THEIR OWN little corner, while sabatoging THEIR NEIGHBOR's
rights.  You will notice that none of these individual constituencies is
large enough to carry a majority, so if we all continue to allow 'divide and
conquer', we are all lost.

I am looking for ANY candidate ANYWHERE, of ANY (OR no) party to put
protection of our private property rights at the top of his/her agenda.

Private Property is the KEY DIFFERENCE (used to be anyway) between the USA
and communist (communal property) countries.

I hope to see legislation at (best) Federal level, or STATES - that
reaffirms the USA is NOT a communist country, therefore private property
rights must be protected from the Federal, State, AND local governments, AND
the voters; and Private Property INCLUDES our HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND ANIMALS
Please let me know if you know of someone like this.  Email jlfarley@scrtc.com

It is a crying SHAME in this country that 'voters' can now vote away the
private property rights of business owners. 'Tin hat' city councils, county
commissions AND state legislatures are also doing this.
In US Supreme Court Decision - Re:Private property rights - Lloyd Corp. v. Tanner, 407 U.S. 551 (1972),
the Supreme Court said a place of business does not become public property
just because the public is invited in.  By that same reasoning,
a restaurant or bar is not public property." 

Five US Supreme Court justices have voted away the private property rights
of home owners (Kelo decision), and there is OUTRAGE from one end of the USA
to the other due to this.  Though many states have made an attempt to 'fix'
this, it is NOT enough!  http://www.freestarmedia.com/index.html
I think she hits the nail RIGHT ON THE HEAD.
>She tossed out a civil liberty, based on the U. S. Bill of Rights,
>like a used piece of Kleenex.
>[My proposal] basically states that having an unaltered animal is
>no longer a right or something you can just do.
>That was her quote.
>Blink. Owning a dog, without submitting it to surgical sterilization,
>is something I "just can't do" any more? Its "no longer a right"?

(my comment on that follows LRF)
This surprises you???  Folks, this is Tacoma, People's Republic of
Washington State, right?  Where the VOTERS recently decided
THEY own all the previously privately owned (at least I'm pretty
sure that's what all those folks who have their names on all those
deeds and property tax bills thought) restaurants and bars in the
whole state???

It seems these days city councils &
county commissions everywhere
- not to mention voters -
are drunk with power.


The Federal government seems to have decided THEY own all of our animals, so
we are to microchip EVERY SINGLE cow, horse, chicken, dog & cat (and more)
that we own, and register our 'premises' so our animals can be tracked via
satellite as part of the 'national herd'?!? Don't believe me, go to
www.nonais.org & check it out yourself. I'm sorry, but MY cow is MY
steenkin' cow. The ONLY place I know of where there is a 'national herd' is
in communist countries. They probably had one in Nazi Germany, as well.


John Adams warned, "The moment the idea is admitted into society that
property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and there is not a force of
law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.
Property must be sacred or liberty cannot exist

Thomas Paine said, "He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard
even his enemy from opposition; for if he violates this duty he establishes
a precedent that will reach himself

For those who may not realize this,------ THIS IS WHAT COMMUNISM IS:
"In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single
sentence: Abolition of private property
." (Karl Marx - from the Communist
Manifesto - link to entire text here - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READING
www.aalf.ws/CommunistManifesto/ )

Communism is NOT only a political system. It's an ECONOMIC system in which
NO PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS.  Country after country has
PROVED it DOES NOT WORK. It is a prescription for national poverty.
People are just NOT motivated enough under a system where they do not own
their homes & businesses. There is also NO way that bureaucrats can know as
much about each individual's business as those individuals themselves.
Private Property Rights are WHY the USA has produced
MORE WEALTH than has ever been seen before in the history of the world.

Many other countries have dumped communism, or are moving away from it. At
the same time, in the USA, it seems that while distracting us with the
'republicRAT' games, (PLEASE SEE)
http://www.devvy.com/devvyindex.html (the Bull, Cape, & Matador)
and what's going on overseas, they are shoving
communism into this country one piece at a time.

I am retired, and travel the country a lot visiting family, and showing our
Afghan Hound dogs. I was a computer programmer, so have several website
domains. I am looking for the FIRST politician or candidate for office to
come up with model legislation to accomplish the goal of protecting our
individual private property rights to our HOMES, BUSINESSES AND ANIMALS. I
will support this goal in any way I can. It is past time to reject communism
(communal property) in this country, and again unleash the practically
unlimited energy of the American people toward productive goals.
Please let me know if you know of a candidate for ANY office ANYWHERE who
may take on this issue as a top priority.  Email jlfarley@scrtc.com
"In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary
movement against the existing social and political order of
things." (Karl Marx)

"In all these movements they bring to the front, as the leading
question in each, the property question, no matter what its
degree of development at the time."  (Karl Marx)


If you have not read this http://www.aalf.ws/CommunistManifesto/,
& this:
Warning to the West
Warning to the West

& http://www.devvy.com/devvyindex.html (the Bull, Cape, & Matador)


Lynda Farley - AALF - An American who Loves Freedom
'The Most Beautiful Pages and Dogs On The WWW'

'The debate is over'... our EX-Surgeon General is a LIAR

The Bandera Bulletin
The Cowboy Capital of the World

Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2006

Ranchers prepare for a revolution
(reprinted from: http://www.banderabulletin.com/articles/2006/10/24/news/513.txt

By Jessica Hawley-Jerome - Managing Editor

Over 100 ranchers, farmers, horse lovers and property owners gathered last
week at the Pipe Creek Community Center, each seeking translation for a
wafting murmur that reeks of the ultimate big brother intrusion. Most left
the Thursday-night town hall meeting prepared for what some may consider a

The issue at hand that had the crowd up in arms is a government plan labeled
the National Animal Identification System (NAIS - pronounced [nase]).
Reportedly buried in 2004 farm bill HB1361 after being lobbied by
industrial-agricultural companies, NAIS was allegedly conceived for the
purpose of safeguarding the country's meat supply by controlling the
outbreak of communicable, deadly disease. What the public fears, however, is
the apparent grander scheme.

"The time has come to pay closer attention to how the government is ruling
our lives," Rancher Karen Brown said. "The USDA continues to misrepresent
this as a volunteer program. In Texas, the penalty is up to $1,000 a day and
may include jail time for failure to comply. A system that carries penalties
is not a voluntary system."

According to Brown, the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) has launched a
mail campaign which urges land and animal owners to register their
properties with the government. At this point, Brown said, it is not
mandatory to fill out the surveys, nor are those who receive the mailings
required to send them back.

The plan purportedly calls for creating a premises identification number for
all registered properties where livestock is located; radio tagging or
microchipping all agricultural animals, including cattle, poultry, pig,
deer, bison, equine and exotics; and 24-hour animal tracking, which will
require extensive reporting to detail when a registered animal is relocated,
whether permanently for market sale or temporarily for a show or trail ride.

"That is probably the most offensive part of the system," Brown said. "The
cost of this program is going to be borne by people who own animals. People
like us, people with small farms are going to disappear from the market. We
just won't be able to absorb the cost."

Debbie Davis, a longhorn rancher in Tarpley, said that she signed up with
the program two years ago. Regretting the action and now better informed,
Davis helped found The Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA), a lobbying
organization built to protect small farmers against systems like NAIS and
corporate interference.

Davis said the first step in the fight is to vote for people who are against

She said the Talent Emerson Bill, which is scheduled to be entered into
Congress in December, will be the first statute to make NAIS a strictly
voluntary program if approved. NAIS was unanimously passed two years ago
because representatives neither knew about the program nor that it was
hidden in the Christmas Tree house bill. Only one house representative,
Suzanna Hupp, insisted that her vote be changed after the bill passed.

Davis also said that those who have signed and returned the mailed NAIS
forms still have an opportunity, and the legal right, to withdraw now.

NAIS was originally destined to become a mandatory program by July of 2005.
Due to mass protest, however, Brown said that the TAHC stalled the target
date to 2007.

According to Davis, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan have already implemented
mandatory participation, under the leadership of extension agencies touting
disease control as the number one priority. Texas may be next on the list.

"The USDA does not know how to ID disease," Brown said. "They have one
policy for disease control - wholesale slaughter."

Brown said that if a diseased animal is discovered, all species susceptible
to the disease will be immediately killed within a six-and-one-quarter mile
radius, regardless of the animals' health status.

"I don't find that acceptable," Brown said. "My horses will be going
somewhere else."

Dan Cox of the Barrel House in Pipe Creek said that he has a USDA license
for selling feed, as well as a limited species of exotics.

Brown said that a backdoor compliance measure may prohibit feed stores and
veterinarians from providing services to customers without a premises ID.
Furthermore, feed store owners and vets may be enforced to report
non-complying customers to the USDA or TAHC.

"They'll just have to close me down," Cox said. "I'll be danged if I become
an informant on my neighbors."

Brown said that enforcement of NAIS will sabotage the system by creating a
black market for agricultural needs. If an animal is diseased, for example,
owners will be unlikely to seek legitimate veterinarian care, which could
cause a serious, if not deadly, outbreak.

Ron Hickerson, who spearheaded the campaign against NASE in Bandera County,
spoke briefly from a veteran's point of view in opposition to the slippery
slope of large-scale surveillance.

"This is the first time in the history of our country that citizens have had
to report their movements to the government," Hickerson said. "As a veteran,
I look at this as a violation of my constitutional rights."

County commissioners will be called to the plate on Thursday, Oct. 26, when
they will be asked to review and consider for action a resolution opposing
NAIS and the proposed Texas Regulations for Mandatory Premises Registration.

"We need a resolution signed countywide opposing NAIS until the system is
abolished," Brown said. "There is strength in numbers."

For a list of representatives and organizations in support of and opposed to
NAIS, visit www.farmandranchfreedom.org.



The Hijacking of the Humane Movement
0944875289:Product Link on Barnes & Noble.com.

Animal Scam: The Beastly Abuse of Human Rights
Animal Scam: The Beastly Abuse of Human Rights

Kathleen Marquardt, Herbert M. Levine, Mark LaRochelle

People Promoting and People Opposing Animal Rights: In Their Own Words

by John M. Kistler


Highly Recommended by
Lynda Farley
Godless: The Church of Liberalism
Godless: The Church of Liberalism

By Former BMJ Editor, Dr. Richard Smith. Medical journals have become "creatures of the drug industry" rife with fraudulent research and packed with articles ghost written by pharmaceutical companies." The Trouble With Medical Journals

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The New Know-Nothings: The Political Foes of the Scientific Study of Human Nature

Guns, Freedom, and Terrorism
Guns, Freedom, and Terrorism

Wayne Lapierre

The Future of Terrorism
0714680907:Product Link on Barnes & Noble.com.

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Conflict and Crisis in Rural America

Green Politics: Dictatorship or Democracy?
Green Politics: Dictatorship or Democracy?

Can Ethics Provide Answers?; And Other Essays in Moral Philosophy
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Liberation Debate: Rights at Issue

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Loony Laws: ...That You Never Knew You Were Breaking

Child Abuse Industry

The Global War on Guns: Inside the UN Plan To Destroy the Bill of Rights
The Global War on Guns: Inside the UN Plan To Destroy the Bill of Rights

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