I was going to eat at Outback Restaurant, in GA just the other night (July, 2005), on my way back from a quick trip I made down to Fla.  But, it was 'no smoking' there.  So, before walking out the door (as I almost always do), I asked the usual questions I ask of the manager, and we talked a bit.  When I encounter a no-smoking restaurant on my travels, before I walk out, I always try to find out if their policy is for only that restaurant, or a local (city or county) ordinance, or just their chain?  Then I know where to find the kind of restaurant I'll be comfortable in - one with a smoking area.  When I find a city or county has banned smoking in restaurants, I put them on my *list*.  Not only will I not eat there, I will ALSO avoid buying gas, coffee, ice, groceries, ALL shopping, and ANYTHING else at all that I normally need as I travel - now and in the future.  I NOW BLANKET boycott the entire area that has banned smoking. (by the way, I put 40,000 miles on this year - from Vermont to Florida, MN, Mexico, CA, Washington state, and all points in between)

Turns out, the STATE of GA has recently passed a state wide ban on smoking in ALL restaurants - including BARS! geesh... When I did drink, I don't think for a new york minute I'd have sat in a bar without my cigs!!!!! 

The manager was very apologetic, but I explained POLITELY that I just will not drop $20-$40 for a relaxing meal when I am forced to be uncomfortable.  It's more relaxing for me to just eat some great deli food in my own van, and saves me a bunch of $ anyway.  Almost always, Outback restaurants are packed, and have a long waiting time to get in.  This place was almost empty!  I hadn't noticed on the way in, but I should have.  There were only about 6 cars in the parking lot.  The bar was completely empty, and only about 5-6 tables being used.  The waitresses obviously weren't making much, either. Manager told me they have been losing a ton of business.  He gave me a large soda 'on the house', too.  I enjoyed that as I drove a few miles down the road to eat at Waffle House in TN.

And as I enjoyed that waffle, I thought about how we used to laugh about all those junk science studies, that obviously didn't prove a thing.  Oh, chance of getting lung cancer was something like 1.5 in 100 if I kept smoking, and .1 if I didn't.  Worried me a little from time to time, but happened to have a LOT of bigger risks in my life, TOO BUSY LIVING, and just don't care to worry.  Also I don't have any lung cancer history in MY family, so chances are pretty good I don't have the gene.  Haven't had time in years to worry about all the anti-smoking nonsense, either.  NEVER did it dawn on me that SO MANY sheeple in this FREE Country could become SO brainwashed, that things could get to this state.

I've been VERY patient with people for MANY years.  I've put up with being called a 'buthead', and worse, and nagging of EVERY variety, from practically everyone imaginable.

I FINALLY realized that I've HAD ENOUGH!  GA is MY  last straw!

                               I am MAD AS HEL.......O,

      and I'm not going to take it

             QUIETLY Anymore!

          Enough of being persecuted, and hated

              based on LIES and FAKE 'science'

                        The entire BUTHOLE state of Georgia

                                                               (see right side bar)

                                  is on our BLANKET BOYCOTT List

    We will do whatever it takes to make sure Georgia, along with California (the 1st 'buthole state '*see right sidebar*), and all the other butholes - don't get a NICKEL of our money.

IF forced to drive across ANY of those states again, I will be sure to gas up and get provisions before I cross the state line. If I can't make it all the way across, I'll get just a gallon or two of gas - no more than I need to get OUT of that state.

The thing about this STATEWIDE ban that bugs me the MOST, is we live in a country where they still PRETEND that we have property rights.  In Russia, where for all I know, they still aren't allowed to own a restaurant, I'll bet I could walk in a restaurant and light up.  IF I owned my own restaurant (or store, or whatever) in Georgia (also CA, and who knows how many more states now), and had paid for it, paying taxes on it etc., STILL, I would not be ALLOWED to have a smoking section there if I wanted to.  It does not matter that in no way could I force anyone who did not want to be exposed to that to come in.  Of course, those who own their own restaurant have always had the right to not allow smoking (or just about anything else).  And, those of us who are not comfortable are not forced to go there.  But now, smokers will have no choices left, but to pay to be uncomfortable, or give up restaurant dining.

I have always refrained as much as possible from spending any $ to be in any place where I'm not comfortable.  That especially includes non smoking places.  I never made noise about it, just changed my habits.  I choose not to give up my smokes, and it's a BIG world, and I am NOT addicted to any particular place.  Where I hang out, how I entertain myself, and how I travel is EASY to change.  There is NO WAY that I can think of, to force people to buy, if they choose not to.  See side bar for info about HOW MUCH $$$$ the economy has LOST due to smoking bans over the past 20 years or so.  NOTE:  *I* have never 'personally' PAID the extortion level CIGARETTE TAXES.  I have passed them ALL on to the businesses that have LOST my BUSINE$$ since smoking bans.  This includes AIRLINES, MOVIES, RETAIL STORES,  RESTAURANTS - more.  See SIDE BARS for details.

I wonder how many other smokers quit (or limited) flying, etc. in these past years? I would love to see a study of that. My  recent experience with Outback has gotten me thinking, though.  Sure wish some others would think about this too.  It looks to me as it we are moving toward total PROHIBITIONAnti-Smokers I mention this to seem to LOVE the idea!  After about 30 years of brainwashing the entire population from infancy on, via government schools, and every available media - and all kinds of public and private ABUSE of smokers (Hey, we're the new 'niggers', you know), one thing is clear to me.

                                                    HELLO -

     the twenty-five percent of our USA population (and the 40% in my state, KY)

                                      who have NOT yet quit

                              - after 30 years of extreme pressure to do so -


Are YOU ready for FULL PROHIBITION of tobacco,


Even if you don't smoke, and don't like it yourself,

Do we REALLY want to go THERE???

Did it WORK with ALCOHOL?

I think this is the direction we are moving, unless SOMEthing

SOMEHOW changes this direction.  I want to help CHANGE IT.

As a start, I have a proposal.

     Remember "The Great American Smokeout"?  I propose we institute

       'The Great American Smoke IN'.

Once a year, everyone who still enjoys smoking should

go to their favorite 'No Smoking' restaurant, store, etc.


There are currently about 265 million (my est.) people in this country.  If about 1/4 of them smoke, and IF about 1/2 of those participate, this means that there would be about 33,000,000 people lighting up,

all across this great 'free' country, in 'no smoking' areas. 

If only 10% participate, that would still be 6.5 MILLION SMOKERS. 

That should be MORE THAN enough!  There might be some small price to pay by a few of us who do this.  The ordinances are  mostly misdemeanor, and fines.  But I'll bet that if almost 33 million people do this all at once, there aren't nearly enough police anywhere to get more than a few of us. ALSO, make sure the restaurant or business is owned by a buthole, as sometimes there are HUGE fines on businesses for smoking violations, and we'll kill 2 birds with one stone!

I further propose we do this annually on

Independence Day, - July 4th.

I hope this would serve as a reminder that a whole lot of folks died to give us a FREE Country.

Or, perhaps, to speed things up - let's

ALSO have a SMOKE-IN on the 4th day of EVERY MONTH?

If you think this is a good idea, FORWARD & POST this PAGE EVERYWHERE.

The purpose of the Smoke-Ins will be to raise awareness for all that

smokers are NOT going away.

Our country's freedoms are being torpedoed at a really scary rate,


I HOPE NO-ONE really wants

the whole '1920s alcohol style' prohibition, bootlegging, & mafia.

If YOU'VE had ENOUGH too, HELP get people THINKING about this!

I personally would uphold the right of anyone who owns a business to prohibit smoking therein - so long as I am not FORCED to patronize it.  BUT, those who own businesses who WANT to allow smoking SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO DO SO, so long as NO ONE is FORCED to patronize that business.  This would let all have choices.  Those who don't want smoke in their work environment would (of course) choose to work where there is no smoking.  Those who want to smoke would also have choices, and could choose to patronize, and work at, businesses where smoking is allowed.

THIS would be FREEDOM.

What we HAVE NOW is NOT.

Whether or not you are a 'smoke hater',

this is a PROPERTY RIGHTS issue!

Please join me, and others in helping to PRESERVE


If you have opinions or information to contribute to this subject, I will try to add it to this Weblog.  I am on the road a lot with our show dogs Hosanna Afghan Hounds, so please be patient if my reply is slow at times. 

Use the email links below to send information, or ask to receive it.  Information I'd especially like to add here are studies and links to the economic impacts of smoking bans (if any studies have been done), and personal stories of effects on you and your family.  Especially, tell me what have you cut out of your budget to pay the extortionist cigarette taxes?   WHO has really been paying YOUR cig. taxes?

Dissecting Antismokers' Brains



ab: BH


1: ANY


that has




rights, and



or made

rules to ban


from private


2: Any person who







should be




due to their

own dislike

of smoke,

smoking, or



from old









Example 1:

'No, that


(state, city,

etc.) is a


Can't eat

(shop, live,

pay taxes,

etc.) there.

Example 2:

Don't hire

(tip, etc)


he/she's a



always tip

well, as I

used to be

a waitress

when I was

in college.

But I do



for an



waiter or


                       www.hosanna1.com Weblog Index  ~  9/31/05 My Last Straw

                SMOKER's RIGHTS - This is MY Last Straw

       I've had ENOUGH of the Nico Nazis!         Have YOU?

               It's Time for The Great American Smoke IN!

                           www.hosanna1.com Weblog, Posted July 24, 2005  -  Updated August 31, 2005

The following is originally from an email I sent to a friend, so the first version was done 'quick and dirty'.  This is an internet friend, who lives in a far away state.  Since I was getting ready to travel across the country, I tried to arrange to visit and meet her and her family.  She seemed reluctant, and finally told me why.  It seems, she and her husband both smoke, and she (not knowing we are also smokers) assumed we would give her a hard time about their habit.  She told me they have practically become recluses in the past few years, due to all the anti-smoking activity.  The following is from the email I sent her in reply to her expressed concerns.  I've cleaned it up a bit, and also added some links to further information I found on this subject.

                                GO HERE FIRST, and SEE HOW WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO

I will NEVER AGAIN feel 'guilty' for smoking!  We have ALL been lied to by anti-smoking fascists.  The EXCUSE of those who want to be our nannys has been our health, but


I really want to discuss the smoking issue with you.  Sad to hear sounds like you guys have also been so intimidated by all that.  It's as if 'they' have brainwashed an entire generation. Did you know, I read  in Science 80 magazine (25 yrs. ago?), they discovered a GENE that is associated with oat cell lung cancer (the most common form).  BUT you never heard about that on the 6 o'clock news, did you?  WHY?  Maybe because it's not a reason to bully a huge group of people (smokers) into paying 10 times more taxes than other people?

My husband and I are also die hards. We do not WANT to quit.  I do not want to buy pills and  patches from rich drug companies, that cost twice what I'm paying for cigs.  (We still have fairly cheap cigs here in KY - else we probably couldn't afford to smoke <G>)  Personally, I'd bet the drug companies (along with those who are forever trying to 'enhance' tax revenues) are some of the major forces behind the national witch hunt of smokers/cigarettes.  I'll bet most of those so called 'studies' were financed by one or the other. 

The witch was anointed LONG before the first single smoking study was ever published. I personally remember, when I was only about 12 years old, and my mom (who was getting an Education degree) interned in 3rd grade elementary school. I went with her on some days, and I remember seeing her education materials about how smoking is 'bad', and 'unhealthy'.  This was... hmmm I'm 54 now, so about 38 years ago, or about 1967. Yes, ALL the way back in 1967, they had already started the propaganda campaign in grade schools. When the studies were finally done many years later, they found what they wanted to find.  And they LIE!  Here is JUST ONE example:

                              The Truth?  Or an Expensive Flim-Flam?

I have watched them export most of our Kentucky tobacco farmer's jobs overseas in the past few years.  Many of my neighbors used to grow tobacco.  Looks weird around here, without all the tobacco fields. My cigs now come  from Brazil, as we can't afford to think about buying the American brands anymore. : (

I have a CS degree, and graduated with a very high gpa.  I missed honors by 3 hundredths of a grade point, and was a computer programmer at IBM for almost 10 years. (My ResumeI studied a LOT of logic.  If your logic isn't correct, your computer program will not run correctly.  After I retired (early - I am now 54), I did an informal study of my own.  We had a rooster.  It crowed EVERY single morning. AND the sun came up EVERY single morning.  There was a 100 percent correlation.  Therefore, that proved my rooster's crowing caused the sun to come up.  If you believe that, I still have a REALLY nice bridge for sale in Brooklyn. <VBG>

I know, it sounds ridiculous - but if you study it a bit, most of the 'junk science' that's reported on these days is similarly flawed.  They take something that has thousands, or perhaps even millions of variables, and compare JUST ONE variable.  Then they tell us this sort of nonsense 'proves' cause and effect - and use it to suck (or terrorize) people into buying, or supporting, whatever stoopid thing they want.  Here's an excellent and funny article about How to Read a Study  This is a MUST READ if you believe smoking &/or 2nd hand smoking is hurting anyone.

I have wondered if I would have been Miss America if my mom hadn't smoked when she was pregnant with me?  The 'anti smoking' studies have gotten more and more ridiculous, to the point where I don't believe anything anymore.  Among things smoking is supposed to cause - gum disease, back trouble, acne.... good grief, I have a pimple on my rear - it must be because I smoke???

In past 20 years, the numbers of people who smoke have never been lower.  At the same time, smoking is not allowed in more places than ever - cutting WAY down on 2nd hand smoke) - yet cancer rates are STILL going UP.  Rates of asthma are WAY up, and rates of low birth weight and premature babies are also still going up.  Reminds me, the most illogical study of all, the one that said that 2nd hand smoke is even worse than those who smoke themselves???  My husband and I both smoke, and also both have each other's 2nd hand smoke.  It's a wonder we're still alive. 

Did you see the commercial George Burns made when he was about 99 years old?  He was asked, "What does your doctor think of your smoking and drinking?"  George replied, "My doctor's dead".  I feel so sorry for all those who have been brainwashed to believe that someone's smoke is 'killing them'.  They seem to me like Monk, on TV, who is continually under stress from his belief that he's going to catch a germ. It is very sad.

I have seasonal allergies.  This means that a lot of the perfumes, body washes, and other 'stinky' stuff a lot of people are in the habit of wearing MAKES ME SICK.  My eyes tear and burn, my sinuses go crazy, and I have to take medicine because of it.  And, those horrible smelly things they put in some public restrooms are the worst!  Why aren't we outlawing ALL of that stuff?  Maybe because THIS IS AMERICA?  I am SURE the same sort of 'scientific studies' that 'proved' cigs are so bad would find similar results for a lot of that stuff as well.  And I guess, I must have allergies because I smoke - probably has nothing to do with the fact that both of my parents had them???  And, even if we do EVERYTHING 'right', we could still get hit by a bus tomorrow.  Life is way too short, folks, - whether or not you smoke.  And, I EMPHATICALLY uphold the PERSONAL RIGHTS OF OTHERS.  I may stay away from them, but I WILL NOT try to tell them how to live.

People don't like the way smoke smells?  Well, it hasn't been that many generations since all were heating and cooking with wood.  Some innocuous environmental smoke used to be the norm.  It's amazing that any human beings managed to survive that.  And, I personally don't care for some of the stuff I'm forced to smell either - the above mentioned products, as well as people's farts, etc.  AND, before 'no smoking', smoke used to cover up a lot of that other STINKY stuff <G>

Life is way too short, folks, - whether or not you smoke.

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Recent experiences & NEW Thoughts


In the past 20

years or so,

my husband

and I have

only been to

about 4

movies (only


coerced : ),


smoking bans in theatres, we

used to go a

couple of

times a

month.  This

means that

our 6 kids

were also not

going to any

movies in all

those years

either -  until they were old enough to




bans are






Theatres have already lost a LOT of market share due to the proliferation of video & DVD.  But some people

still enjoy

going out to

see the BIG

screen IF

they were


An average

of 1/4 of all



some states,




For the past

20 years, I

have saved

lots of $, as I

no longer go

into a store at

all unless

necessary.  I

get what I

need as

quickly as

possible, and

no longer

spend time

browsing and

buying on


Also, I have

increased my

ordering from

catalogs and

online.  All

the stores in

my locality

have lost out

for many

years now.

In addition, I

avoid ALL

shopping in



Wonder how

much $avings

that adds up

to?  Also,


smoking is not allowed, we

quit going

bowling, and

to those game rooms, and

other places.

A note, about health and insurance costs.


costly and scary

precedents have

been set by

courts that have

ruled the

tobacco industry

should pay for

health costs



by the flawed

type of studies

similar to my

Rooster Study)



tobacco.  This

has simply been

a witch hunt,

and intended

to increase the

profit margins of


companies, and


some attorneys

rich.  Why?  We

are ALL paying

all the health

costs of

those who are

overweight due

to their addiction

to SUGAR.  We

are ALL paying

the increased

health costs

and for all the

deaths caused


AND illegal

drugs.  We are all already paying our unfair

share of diseases caused


Soon, all can be genetically

tested, and jobs/rights/insurance

denied due to

the identifiable increased

risks associated

with that.  One

day, perhaps,

'they' will even

prohibit marriages based

on genetic types, or rule that insurance won't have to cover the costs of (or companies can charge enormously higher rates for)

known genetic

health risks. 



here - that (so

far) ONLY the


companies have

to bear this

burden -

PROVES this is

a witch hunt.

If not, LOOK

OUT - greedy

attorneys will

next begin to go

after any and all

other conditions

and products that

can be shown

through junk

science to

'cause' risks or

health issues.

I quit drinking in 1978. Maybe I should be rude and obnoxious to all those who drink alcohol, because *I* am righteous, and *I* am 'better' than others, because I don't drink alcohol??? We also love CAFFEINE. Caffeine and nicotine are chemically similar, have similar effects, and BOTH are VERY habit forming - and it's apparently FINE for 'Ronald McDonald' to push caffeine on my kids and grandkids. Go figure....uhoh - is CAFFEINE the next target for the 'life style nazis'?.  Watch out, I heard on the news just the other day, the Surgeon General's Office is now talking about putting warning labels on SODA cans - due to the SUGAR (another thing a huge percentage of our population IS ADDICTED TO).  Thanks to the precedents set when so much liberty was removed from smokers, the FOOD POLICE may be after YOU next.  See the links in the side bar above on that subject. 

LOTS of things are HABIT FORMING.  I don't think I've yet met anyone at all who didn't have SOME habit that could be criticized..  You aught to read up on the history of sugar and tea.  These are BOTH things that people do not need, and also are VERY reluctant to give upCheck out the Food Police links above.  It WILL be their turn NEXT. 


      DO COST



My daughter and I were recently on the road for almost 3 weeks.  In that time, we ate in restaurants a total of 5 times, counting two breakfasts.  This was due to the proliferation of city, county, state, and individual restaurant smoking bans on our route with this trip.  I will leave it to you to figure out how much we saved on that trip alone.  Since we are usually traveling with our show dogs, we do always have our cooler with us, and often must stay in the van to eat so we can keep the air conditioning going for the dogs.  So, though we do enjoy splurging on a nice restaurant, it isn't really necessary for us.

Smoking bans DO cost restaurants

busine$$.  If anti-smoking forces are saying different, they LIE.






Our whole family quit flying about 20 years ago.  I used to pack up several kids and fly from S. FL to Los Angeles every year to go see my folks.  When they stopped smoking on airplanes, we started driving to CA every year. Delta Airlines lost our $2,000/year, and it cost us only about 1/2 as much to drive.  Perhaps my family is a bit unusual.  They've managed to scatter themselves to all four farthest corners of the USA.  Son in S. FL, Daughter & Grandkids in VT, Dad in Los Angeles, sister in WA.  I KNOW the airlines have lost a fortune from us in 20 years (or however long it's been)  I KNOW a lot of other smokers either limited, or quit, flying as well. Didn't hear talk about it, smokers just quietly quit flying.  My husband and I chuckled a couple of years later, when it happened almost all the airlines were going bankrupt. But, they got the government to bail them out. (Hey, chumps, I mean YOU - TAXPAYERS - governments generally do NOT produce ANYTHING of value - they can ONLY hand out what they've first confiscated FROM YOU)



are PAYING for




WHO are 'they'?


EMAIL - Here is MY Opinion
EMAIL - to CONTRIBUTE more information about this subject
NEW - Get info about Smoker's Rights issues


Lynda Farley

(Copyright July 23, 2005-August 31, 2005

See these links for LOTS of charts and graphs

TRUTH or Flim Flam?

Asthma Vs Smoking

LOTs of Charts and Info Here http://www.geocities.com/madmaxmcgarrity/

P.S..... for Christians. I personally believe every word in the King James Bible. 'Thou shalt not smoke' is NOT in there. And, the verses usually quoted about holiness, and the body being God's temple nowhere refer to smoking or not smoking. They are often referring to sexual immorality. Nowhere does it say that if you smoke you're going to he... (well, never mind).  Nowhere does it say you get to heaven by not smoking. And, the last chapter of Revelation says what will happen to those who either add to, or take away from the Bible. I think the anti smoking witch hunt is just another Devil's plot to separate good Christians from each other.  Yes, we are supposed to take good care of our bodies.  But not everyone believes the anti-smoker's junk science.  And there's GOOD EVIDENCE that they LIE about the 'risks', or at the very least, exaggerate greatly.

If you are Christian, consider these things.  Whether or not YOU believe tobacco is 'bad' for us, God, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, forgives ALL of our sins.  We are called upon to remove the log from our own eye before trying to remove the sty from our brother's eye.  I can nowhere find reference in the Bible to smoking as sin. But let's just take the short list - 'the seven deadly sins', recorded in Mathew, Chapters 5-7.  These are pride (are you self righteous because you don't smoke?), greed, envy, wrath (anger), lust, gluttony, and sloth.  Also, for those familiar with the 10 Commandments, consider them.  Nope, 'no smoking's' not on those lists either.  Also remember what Jesus said to those who wanted to stone the whore taken in adultery; "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone."

Due to continually being treated as 'niggers' once were, due to my smoking, I have more and more often had to seek the Lord to forestall my anger (which I know is a sin).  We have been very richly blessed in our lives, and we pray for blessings for you (whoever you are).



Think smoke is killing anyone?

Think again!

How to Read Studies

Gallery of Famous Smokers

Smokers & their $ NOT WANTED HERE - Ban MAP


Truth or Flim-Flam?

Smoking Causes Asthma





The Case Against Bans

Fight Smoking Bans



Infringement on Person Rights

Essay at congress.org

The FOOD Police

are coming...

They want to close your Restaurant!

Here's PROOF

Oreos are Addictive! 8/21/05

Chicago Tribune

July 23 was my mom's birthday. She quit smoking right after I was born. She passed away about 12 years ago, due to breast cancer, at only 60 years old. My dad, after a whole lifetime, finally quit smoking just a few years ago. He's now 78.  No, his 2nd hand smoking did not kill my mom.  Dad was not allowed to smoke in the house after mom quit.)  Besides, 2nd hand smoking DOES NOT hurt anyone anyway - we have been LIED to.  IN FACT, about TWICE as many of the actual Second Hand Smoke studies showed NEGATIVE correlation of 2nd hand smoke with health problems(possibly a PROTECTIVE effect!!!!) as showed a very marginal positive correlation.  The vast majority of these studies showed NO statistically significant results AT ALL.  I know many hate smoke, and claim it 'hurts' them, or makes them uncomfortable.  But how much of that is purely psychological, and a result of possibly the most incredibly successful

P/B & Js......... (propaganda, brainwashing & junk science) campaign in HISTORY?