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Gesundheit ist Pflicht! {Health is Duty!}- Nazi Party slogan from the 1930s - Hitler was a rabid anti-smoker.
CDC Health Studies - SURPRISING Benefits     WHY do the Nico-Nazis LIE about the Health Studies?
Smoking Bans have Cost 100s of Billion$ so Far - COMING to YOUR TOWN or STATE SOON
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The "Truth," funded by the American Legacy Foundation with money extorted from smokers through the $246 BILLION Master Settlement Agreement between the tobacco industry and state attorneys general in 1998, has spent millions of dollars hoodwinking the public. Their "Body Bags" ads say "Tobacco Kills 1200 Smokers A Day." The implication is clear: Only smokers die in such huge numbers. But let's look at the REAL Truth. In the United States nearly three million people die every year. If 438,000 (1,200X365) of those deaths occur in smokers, nearly two and a half million occur in nonsmokers, making the daily toll look like the chart below.





15% of Total Deaths



85% of Total Deaths


Click here to VISIT - VERIFY for yourself they DO claim 1,200 smokers die each day!
They are trying to SCARE kids, and make them think smoking is more dangerous than heroin, and other
hard drugs. By the way, since the advent of this sort of 'education', youth heroin use is up about 800%, and
inhalant abuse is up 1,800%.
THESE things are KILLING Children WHILE They are STILL Children!

If we believe the 1200 'smoker's deaths'/day from '' (I do believe it will be NO MORE than that,
and may be less! There is a HUGE financial incentive for THEM to INFLATE that number), then
annual deaths of smokers are only ACTUALLY 15% of total deaths!
The percentage of smokers in USA population is still MUCH HIGHER than 15% (about 25%).
IF one believes the propaganda, one would EXPECT the proportion of smoker's deaths
in any year TO BE MUCH HIGHER than the proportion of smokers in the population.
Instead, it appears that a SMALLER percentage of smokers dies each day than non-smokers.
It appears SMOKER's Risk of Dying on any day is Significantly LESS than Non-Smoker's!

Do YOU think '' is HONEST?


WHO is making MORE $ than ALL the Columbian Drug Lords from this
Anti-Smoking SCAM?

Tell me, WHAT in heck is going on here????

HOW in hallelujah, based on THESE numbers, can they* have brain-washed the entire country to believe more smokers die than non-smokers?
(including me - just a short time ago I was feeling 'guilty' because I believed a little of it might be true)

Wouldn't you love to see more studies to find out what else tobacco might protect against, that apparently is MORE THAN enough to offset the higher lung cancer death rate?
***24% smokers in population, but only 15% smokers 'in the body bags' each day!***?
But, you can bet since the tobacco witch has already been tied to the stake, and the fire lit,
nobody in their right mind is going to fund such studies, even if anyone had the temerity to suggest them.  Many studies HAVE been done, but the Nico-Nazis (who apparently now control our country's entire media and education systems!), either don't report them at all - if they show BENEFITS, or report them in a very distorted way, to GROSSLY EXAGGERATE the risks.  Keep in mind this 15% is directly calculated from the # of dead smokers/day at webiste!  If in fact THEY lied, I hope they will let me know : )
In the case of, I'll bet their 1,200 per day is accurate, or maybe inflated.  I would expect them to have inflated it as much as possible, including ALL smokers who died from ANY cause (even the ones who got hit by a bus at 90 yrs. old)  They are trying to SHOCK with that 'HUGE' number of deaths.  Guess they figure the kids who that site is aimed at won't have sense enough to figure out what PERCENTAGE of the TOTAL deaths is represented by that 1,200/day.  Sadly, most kids probably won't, and are being misled by

BENEFITS of Smoking - CDC Health Studies the Nico-Nazis Don't Want You to See:

WHY would they LIE?  The drug companies now rake in the $ for the nicotine pills and patches - MORE with every new smoking ban.  Not to mention all the drugs sold to treat problems it seems smokers ACTUALLY have LESS of than N0N-smokers.  HERE's who's 'STUFFING THEIR COFFERS' and LYING

With THESE LIES, our Kentucky tobacco farmer's livelihoods have been axed, their jobs exported.

I am using the term 'they' very loosely here.  'They' are the ones responsible for initiating & funding all the propaganda in the education, health, government, & other such systems of the US, over about the past 30 years.  Find out about them

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