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No matter how many wonderful Champion Afghan Hounds I will see and appreciate in the magazines, and show rings in years to come

Alf was our first Afghan Hound.  He was born on August 4, 1988, and came to us in 1989 with his name.   Abdul Kamahl means "servant of perfection" in Persian.  He was with us for more than 11 years.  Alf was our loyal, loving friend; and protector and playmate of our 6 children.  He defended our calves from coyotes and our chickens from wild dogs.  He ran and played in the pasture with our two half Arabian mares, and took our breath away with his gracefulness, speed, and beauty.  Here is his story in pictures....

Alf came to live with us when he was about a year and a half old.  We thought he was 'just a big, goofy looking, hairy dog'.  We were CLUELESS!

Hairball 3 - Afghan Hound photo
Hairball 2 - Afghan Hound photo
Hairball 1 - Afghan Hound photo
'hairball 4' Afghan Hound photo photo of clipped Afghan Hound

He was very matted, so we had him clipped (NEVER again).  We have since learned that 'puppy coat drop' was probably responsible. 

clipped Afghan Hound shares bowl with cat - photo

His wonderful temperament was obvious immediately, and his hair soon began to grow out.  He made himself right at home.

With Rose & Edwin Farley - 1990

Afghan Hound on back on couch, feet in ridiculous positions - photo
Afghan Hound being hugged by two babies - photo
goofy photo - Afghan Hound lounging on back on couch, feet in air

In January, 1993, we moved from S. Florida (the city) to a 300 acre farm in the Cumberland Mountains in Kentucky.  Since then, Alf has been a farm Afghan Hound.  Visitors who saw him here in our very rural area sometimes asked us, 'What is that?'  And sometimes even, 'Is that a dog???'  My usual answer was, 'No, it's an Afghan Hound'.

Afghan Hound stretched out taking up whole couch - photo
'I'm SO elegant' - portrait of an Afghan Hound - photo Afghan Hound sitting on couch like people - photo
Afghan Hound puppy running from his dad - photo

<= Alf and his son, Samson.  On March 28, 1995, Alf's only puppies were born.  Visit them at:

WHAT JOY to have had him to watch and love for these years, though!  He truly fits the part of the Afghan Hound breed standard that says the Afghan Hound is 'a king of dogs'.

Ice Storm - Feb. 1994 - A Boy (Edwin Farley) And His Dog.

Huge Kentucky ice storm of 1994 - a boy and his Afghan Hound - photo
A King of Dogs - the Afghan Hound - photo
Portrait of a King - an Afghan Hound head study - photo

In 1998, when he was 9, Alf sometimes went with me to visit his grandkids.  This set was taken in Fondulac, Wisconsin, when we visited there in May, 1998.  'Felicity' is giving 'grandpa' a run for his $$$!

Afghan Hounds dancing - photo
Regal Afghan Hound relaxing - photo
2 Afghan Hounds playing - 'play bow' - photo
Alf running - afghan hound photo I have much too much to learn about grooming, handling, the politics, and all for him to have had anything like a 'fair' chance in the show ring.
profile - Alf the afghan hound sitting - photo
2 Afghan Hounds chasing each other - photo

These Polaroids were taken on August 3, 1998, the day before Alf's 10th birthday.

Afghan Hound photo - Alf at 10 years old
Alf running - 10 year old Afghan Hound photos

All the years he lived here, Alf ran loose on our 300 acres.  Every day he was sure to tell his son, Samson, that HE was still 'The Boss'.  He patrolled the fields, kept the coyotes away from our calves, and protected our home.  He put all the barn cats up the trees every day 'just for fun' - but almost never hurt one.

Alf with children - afghan hound  and two boys photo

Richard Farley was Alf's special buddy.  Both Richard and Michael learned to
toddle by hanging onto Alf's coat.  All the kids loved to play 'tug-of-war' with him, and chase him when he ran around and around with their  baseball bat in his mouth, romp in piles of autumn leaves with him, and other silly games.
Afghan Hound with boy - photo
Alf is an Afghan Hound Alf has been a farm Afghan Hound.A Boy (Edwin Farley) And His Dog Alf's only puppies were born.  I knew nothing of dog shows until after the birth of Alf's one litter.  Though I did take Alf to a few matches and shows

photo - Alf at the Veteran's Parade at the Afghan Hound Club of America National Specialty Show, Tuscon, Arizona 1999

At the right, Alf is 'naked' in the bath' at 11.5 years old.  The photo below was made later the same day when we finished grooming him.  Till the day he passed over the bridge at going on 13 years old, he still had one of the most awesome toplines I've ever yet seen on a living Afghan Hound.  I have now studied books & photos for almost 10 years, have been to a lot of shows in the past 6 years, and have attended the past 3 National Specialties.  The Afghan Hound Breed Standard (American Version) says, 'Back line appearing practically level from the shoulders to the loin.'  I still have yet to see a better one.  Even in old age, he still had good muscling along his back, so his topline was  very smooth, not with a big notch at the anticline.  He did not have an apparent 'withers'.  in these photos, He didn't have quite the muscle here that he had

Alf the afghan hound naked in the bath - what an awesome top line! photo
photo - Alf the Afghan Hound at 11 years old

in his younger days.  Then, the 'slight arch over the loin' the Breed standard calls for was also apparent as well as more muscle and arch of neck.  Note the 'shoulders which are long and sloping and VERY well laid back.'; and the angle of croup to match.  Note the long and well set under upper arm, good length of rear, and good bend of stifle.

Alf was a 'square' dog, measuring 28" at the top of the shoulder, and 28" from chest to buttocks.  He weighed about 62 lbs, with long, strong, neither too fine nor too coarse bone, and hard muscling.  He had a good length of rib cage, and comparatively short loin, with good spring of rib, and medium width.  His depth of brisket was good, and tuck up of loin excellent. 
He had very short, strong hocks.  His feet were huge and strong with thick pads - he never had a single problem with his feet running on our acreage  all those years.  He used to get out in the hill pastures and race our two 1/2 Arabian mares, and outrun them going uphill.  He was a sight to die for, hair flying, leaping and dodging gullies, rocks, and thickets.  He was groomed about once a month, whether he needed it or not, and rarely had mats - so his coat texture was really excellentHe had a tight scissors bite, and complete dentition too.

Many of his excellent qualities have been carried on in his kids, grandkids, and now the first litter of great grandkids - especially that awesome topline!

none will ever take his place in my heart.  He is the one responsible for my feeling...'there is no other breed'.
3 portraits of Alf - afghan hound head studies photo
Alf Stalking - Afghan Hound photograph

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As of October, 2023, 31 of the 32 Champions we've produced and/or owned are descended from 2 sons from the SINGLE litter Alf ever sired. BOTH sons produced Champions and Champion Producers. This includes the current youngest CH ih the history of this breed, CH Hosanna Call Down The Thunder On Shining Mountain, who has 10 crosses to Alf. It also includes all four of our Grand Champions, and the 2020 all breeds whole USA #1 ASFA Coursing and LGRA Racing hound. And to date, after line breeding on him for 20 years, none of our puppies has yet suffered from lung or stomach (bloat) torsion, chylothorax, HD, nor any other serious genetic health defect. Our Hosanna Afghan Hounds also have overall the sweetest temperaments, and they love children. I have 6 children & 21 (so far) grandchildren, and we NEVER had a nasty dog here.