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Edwin J. Farley 12/2/86 ~~~ Rose L. Farley 4/10/88 ~~~ Richard R. Farley 2/22/91 ~~~~ Michael J. Farley 9/16/94


Our Hosanna Afghan Hounds Juniors have been very busy this past year, so on January 20, 2002 we have just added more pages full of photos for them.  I have been far behind at getting our own photos up and there are a lot of new ones.  In the past year, Edwin became an Open Senior, and won his very first Best Junior in Match, and his first all breed Best In Match (Adult).  Also both Edwin and Rose have won their first Best Junior in Specialty Show, and both have placed over competition in regular classes at Specialty Shows!  And we had tragedy - we lost our beautiful Moses.

Richard, 10 years old now, made his debut in Junior Handling at 'real' AKC shows.  Michael, our youngest, debuted at his first match - see his story and photo below.  They are all showing talent, and we are very proud of these kids.  Click their photos to see their own pages.
Edwin Farley wins AKC Best Junior Handler in Specialty - dog show at Afghan Hound Club of Greater Detroit, with Afghan Hound Hosanna Song of Moses - photo judge Shelley Hennessee judge Rose Farley Edwin Farley wins AKC 1st place Novice Junior Handler at  Afghan Hound Club of Greater Detroit Specialty - AKC dog show - photo judge Shelley Hennessee judge with Hosanna Hell Trembles 'Joshua' Afghan Hound Richard Farley handles Samson Sings Hosanna at Long Beach Kennel Club, AKC dog show, Junior Handling competiton photo

Michael Farley, our youngest Junior Handler - photograph

Mid Kentucky Kennel Club Match
with 4 kids + 5 Afghan Hounds
in a Mini Van : )  Spring, 2001

Arrived at Sportsman's Lake Country Club late Friday afternoon with time to unload 4 crates (two pups shared a large one), 3 tents, and assorted stuff for weekend of dog shows, and camping out.  The kids pitched their tents under shady trees by the van, lakeside, and shortest distance from all activities.  Mid Kentucky KC match had a very good entry!  Our son Richard is 10, and has been in two matches before.  Our 'Kentucky baby' Michael was 6, and it was his first match.  They both handled puppies - Richard with Major & Michael with Ruby.  They were in the youngest Jrs class with about ten other kids. Richard won 1st place, and Michael won 2nd : ).  Edwin (handling Moses) and Rose (handling Honey, another of our puppies) won 1st and 2nd in the 'Sr.' Jrs class.  (Moses is the sire of the puppies)  Then Edwin went on to win his FIRST Best JUNIOR In Match : ).  In the match conformation, Edwin then won the Adult BOB & Group I with Moses.   We are having FUN !


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MOM NEEDS TO UPDATE, but does not have time right now.  Scroll down to find out why.  Quick News Update here:  We have only managed to afford to go to 2 shows in the past 7 months.  Rose and I attended the Afghan Hound Club of America National Specialty in October.  There Rose (with Joshua) won her 3rd Novice Class in Junior Handling, so she is now an Open Senior!  She also participated in the 'Liberty Class' there - CLICK HERE to see photos of her and Joshua at the National Specialty.  Edwin was entered also, but did not come.  He has been so discouraged this past year by events (losing Moses, AND our lack of resources) he did not want to come.   Edwin had been very motivated as he wanted to go to Westminster.  He is discouraged because we were only able to go to a few shows in the past year, so he really had no chance to reach his goal.  At this moment, 1/25/2003, we also are losing Major - Hosanna Man Of War.  He was just diagnosed with Lymphosarcoma on 1/31/03.  (MORE - SCROLL DOWN this page)

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A PLEA FOR MERCY (1/25/03):  We have been responsible and respectable Publishers of online information since 1997, and owned the hosanna1.com domain since 1998.  Our Website enterprise is not yet profitable, but has come close a couple of times.  It has usually earned enough to cover a good share of the expenses, and we have a great deal of time and money invested in it.  Our traffic has more than doubled every year, and we have had excellent positioning on the www for several years.  We now have over 120 megabytes of content on our server, and are positioned to soon (we hope) begin making some profit.  The Hosanna Afghan Hounds and Hosanna Junior Handling Team pages are personal, nonetheless I AM a PUBLISHER.  Since our breeding program started nearly 8 years ago, we have produced a total of 6 litters of Afghan Hounds.  We have no other breeds, and no one else is breeding our bloodline. We have owned this breed since 1989. We have (so far except the two discussed below) the only Hosanna Afghan Hounds.  We have placed an average of about 4 puppies per year, which so far has covered an average of about 25% of our expenses per year (NOT counting transportation and LEGAL costs).  Throughout, our (very low income) family has sacrificed by living a frugal lifestyle, and with debt, to continue an activity we consider to be very worthwhile, participating in the AKC Dog Fancy. We have always strived to be an asset there. Though our family has had a very tight budget for the past 10 years, we have managed carefully, and had managed to do quite a lot, and were getting along fine on that budget - until the events told below occured.

Both Edwin and Rose have enjoyed regularly helping and working with many exhibitors and professional handlers at shows we attended over the past few years.  Those have been wonderful experiences for them, and I know our kids were appreciated by these people.  If any have missed seeing them at shows in the past year, or years to come, you will learn why.  I will admit I am a very proud mama!  All of our kids have shown talent in Junior Handling, they enjoy it, and it would be a shame for their careers in it to end.  Over the past several years, one or more of my children has regularly accompanied me to shows all over Kentucky and Tennessee, as well as Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, North Dakota, California, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Florida, and more, as well as to the Afghan Hound Club of America National Specialty for the past three years. We appreciate all the many visitors to these pages who have been following their careers, and the notes of support we have had from some.  We, the Farley Family, Thank You All!

I feel strongly that we owe an explanation to these people for our lack of progress in the past year.  Nothing can serve but to tell the truth, at least enough of it so our visitors will not think our lack of progress is some failing on our part such as lack of commitment, or a lack of talent, or energy.  We have many failings, but not in those areas.  If I say nothing about this, it can only leave to everyone's imagination what our problems are, and leaves us in an unflattering light.  Our only other alternative would be to just give up, quit showing, and remove all our Junior Handler's and Afghan Hound's pages - and we are not about to do that!  We still intend, whenever God blesses us with the resources, to continue as we can with both of those projects - kids AND dogs.  We WILL NOT QUIT, we will not just sink out of sight without a fight.

I apologize for the length and tone of the following essay, but here offer you the 'Socrates Triple Filter Test'.

1. 'Is what I am going to say TRUE?' Yes, this is my OWN personal testimony, about my own real experience, and if you have a need I can show you plenty of documentation.  At this time, I am only sharing that with people who have a need to know.

'Is what I am going to say 'kind'?  I have tried to be as kind as I'm able, but unfortunately, to paraphrase, 'The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do (and say) nothing.' And what was done to our family was not at all kind. Talking about it probably won't be seen as 'kind'. I can't think of how to avoid that without hiding the truth. Also, Jesus himself did quite a lot of rebuking - of the the Pharisees, scribes, lawyers, and others. He regularly called a snake a snake.  When he found the money changers in the temple, stealing from the poor, he threw them out into the street!  He told the truth. Continuing to hide the truth allows the evil to continue to triumph. I stayed quiet as long as I did trying to communicate and solve the problems privately. I still believe some of the parties may not realize all that went on, and may have participated 'innocently'. We have still been totally unable to communicate directly with them. This is yet one more attempt - I pray the ex Junior Handler and or her family will come to visit us (without an attorney - as Christian brothers and sisters) and see the truth. We (the Farley family) do forgive them. This is the only way to heal all that has happened. I have tried many ways for years to get this simple message to them, but failed - or they have simply ignored it.

'Is what I am going to say useful to you?' I hope so, as that is another reason I am saying it. There are several issues here that I was not aware of, and I am pretty sure many others also aren't aware of. If I can save just one person from going through what our family has, it is worthwhile. Also, the cost to our whole society of abuse of our legal system is appalling. I am going to research this, and look for ways to do something about it. Just about everyone is at risk from it. YOU could be next, or perhaps you have already been a victim.  These days, anyone at all can pick up an attorney as if it were a gun, no matter how small the actual value of any property under dispute. I still believe most attorneys refrain from participating in this role, but there are a few who will not - and they are doing a lot of damage. And not only the disputed property is at stake, but your family's home, your livelihood, and all your life's savings. They might even come after your children - 'name withheld' did that to us also. Watch the hosanna1.com Portal page and sign up for our 'WoeUntoYouLawyers' mailing list which will bring information about this topic, when we get this project underway.

The people who were responsible for these things may object, however, if they are so ashamed their activities might be discovered by others, they really should have thought that through
before they proceeded as they did.  In the U.S.A., while we still live under the sun of Freedom of the Press, and Freedom of Speech, you are all entitled to TRUTH.  We have been (and may be in the future) victims of Lawsuit Abuse, and are currently (again) experiencing Lawsuit Blackmail.  It has ALWAYS been my standard procedure to have a photo of every puppy we have ever produced on our WebPages, along with the name(s) of the people who own them, and where they live.  We have decided (because we have been 'asked'...that is 'harassed with swarms of attorney's certified mail' bearing threats - again - all this past couple of weeks), to leave out certain people's names.  So, as our hearts break while I am trying to care for Major, who is desperately ill, and get him to the vet 10 miles away, through 0 degrees and snow in our 20 year old Datsun, and our water pipes are freezing up and breaking every other day, and just yesterday our hot water heater sprang a leak, and my husband struggles valiantly to fix everything and keep our water working and enough wood cut to keep us warm in below 0 temperatures, after he has done hard physical labor all day to pay our DOG LEGAL bills - 'name withheld' has consistently had superb timing with her demands on us - I have been up till 4 AM all week doing forced emergency updates on about a dozen web pages, after my own 16 hour days. 'Name withheld 1' and 'name withheld 2' have both objected to a couple of small, inconspicuous, truthful notes I had on a few peripheral pages in my own *personal* part of my website. But I don't feel 'right' about leaving others entirely guessing who was responsible for these troubles, and perhaps suspecting other innocent people.  I also feel an honest duty to warn people of the full extent of their peril.  This will also answer any who may wonder why I didn't keep a bitch from our SamsonXHannah foundation litter.  The answer is, I did - this is what happened to her.

My failings in this whole affair were legion.  Five years ago, I had never before attempted to place a show puppy on a co-ownership, and I (at that time - I KNOW better now)
failed to disbelieve the person ('Name Withheld') who told me 'We don't need a contract' ' and 'your ownership rights will be protected by being a co-owner on the AKC registration' (they were not), and all the other promises she made.  When just a few months later, I then co-owned this puppy with a Jr. Handler for about a year and a half.('name withheld' had given it to her), I failed to realize a minor child could GIVE AWAY my property to another without my prior knowledge or permission, and even though she had agreed never to do such a thing.  Then, when I was forced to rescue my puppy from hideous conditions, I failed to bring a CAMERA AND WITNESSES with me. There WAS someone else there, but she has never come forward, and I failed to get her name, and failed to find her later.  Further, I failed to disbelieve the churchgoing sweet young girl and her father when they BOTH promised she would take care of the paperwork, and I would have 'no problems'.  If I had not believed them, and not believed in their integrity, I would not have proceeded as I did.  She told me her father made her give up the puppy, and he as much as told me 'good riddance'. Neither of them ever asked me to have the dog back with them (to this day), so I did what was best for the PUPPY, on the strength of their assurances to me.  Then when I finally resorted to filing in small claims court for relief (withOUT an attorney, as that is how it is supposed to be there, and I was never out to try to bankrupt anyone - all I wanted was our case settled), and she responded with a gun...er...attorney, I failed to find a single attorney in our 3 surrounding counties who would even take a case concerning a '$200' dog - though I tried.  It appears the attorneys in our neck of the woods have some scruples. And when she then came after us with her attorney, I failed to find an attorney to defend me who was not her ex-student.  I called about 20, and couldn't find any others in Indiana who would take a case about a '$200' dog either. Especially, I failed to realize the lengths an evil person would go to in both corrupting others and attempting to entirely ruin the whole life of a family of 6.....over a DOG! (folks, IMO this IS Lawsuit Abuse!). And she hasn't quit yet - she is still not satisfied.  It seems she is out to utterly destroy our family.  There is much more, this is just a brief outline.  In the future, I will publish a much more detailed article or a 'tell all' e-book about this so others will have information to help them avoid what has happened to us. Identities will be disguised.  If you have been a victim of Lawsuit Abuse or Lawsuit Blackmail (gave up your interest in your rightful property to others because you were threatened with very expensive legal action - this has also happened to us - see Promises), and you are interested in finding solutions, please email me. Also please email if you have any information about this case that would be useful to us. By coincidence, the final judgment in this case was made just three weeks before the 9/11/2001 World Trade Center and Pentagon destruction. I dedicated the 1 Year Anniversary Edition of 9/11 Meditations to these people.

Actually, I have now learned that a name (any - whether it's one name or a dozen) on the Owner's blank on an AKC registration is not a proof of ownership in a court of law.  I saw a bit of discussion awhile ago on email lists about AKC co-ownership.  I have been busy beyond all weariness lately, so did not follow much of it, but I gathered AKC has been discussing doing away with co-ownerships because of the many problems people have with them.. But after my experience, I believe the real problem is not co-ownerships, but the fact that legally the AKC registration is NOT a 'proof of ownership - period.  Apparently, ANYONE at all who has custody of your dog for even a few days could just decide to claim it is THEIR dog.  They can say you GAVE it to them.  They can get some friends to lie and corroborate their story, and it can be almost impossible for you to disprove their claim.  In any court proceeding, it will turn into 'he said - she said', and if they have a good attorney, and a witness who is willing to 'misrepresent the truth', they might very well be able to end up actually 'owning' your dog.  'Name withheld' did that.  My puppy, for instance, is now 'owned' by someone who is not named at all on her AKC registration.  And the two people whose names ARE on the registration 'DO NOT' own her.  I think if AKC is considering changing something, they should not worry about how many names are on the registrations, but whatever it takes, make whatever name(s) are on there MEAN OWNERSHIP - and give somebody documentation of their LEGAL right to own their own property. If this HAD been the case, the matter of Hosanna Song of Mercy would never have gone as it did.

Also, there is a person who came to testify for the plaintiff. I have a whole box full of records but am unable at this time to find the name of this witness. She knows who she is. I would like to find out who she is. This was a Federal case, and may be used to set precedent. This 'show person' (she mentioned participating in AKC obedience anyway) testified in court that breeders NEVER get back the dogs they've bred - under any circumstances. This is all in the transcript, which I can not afford to get.

Moses' (photo above with Edwin) sister Hosanna Song of Mercy (click link, scroll down to see photo & MOVIE) AKA 'Sheba', the 'pick' girl of that litter, is now 'owned' by (name withheld by request) (a Samoyed breeder, also getting into whippets), of Mt. Vernon, IN.  Originally, In 1997 'name withheld' promised to finish Mercy's Championship.  Thanks to her, and her friend - a (now ex) Junior handler (who I then co-owned Mercy with) and her parents (that 'name withheld' is connected with), our family has suffered extreme financial losses (in an amount equal to our total annual AVERAGE family income over the previous 5 years), and as a direct result our children almost lost their home last summer.  We managed to avoid bankrupcy by borrowing all the way to the end of our maximum credit limit.  This link is to a scan of the check I wrote for the final $5,000+ payment we made to 'name withheld', for just 1/2 of (only her) attorneys fees.  That additional finance company loan (at 24%!) brought our total monthly loan payments to an amount equal to our family's total monthly income. 

My husband had been retired (30 yrs IBM Corp. Sr. Engineer) for more than 10 years, and we worked together here on all our projects for the past 10 years, but because of all this, he had to find a job.  There are few jobs at all here (and no good paying ones - my husband's new job only pays about 60% as much as his retirement pension, so we are STILL at this moment in the 'at or below poverty level for our family size - 0 income tax' bracket) so now he is slinging 300 lb. doors off an assembly line all day, and I have been trying to keep my head above water doing all that BOTH of us were doing before.  He is 60 years old, and has lost 13 lbs in the three months since he started that job.  He only weighed 130 lbs to start with (yes, he weighed 117 lbs last week).  I pray daily that my children won't lose their father because of this! We pray every day for forgiveness for the people who did this to our family, and the others who have taken from us and given us nothing in return (as they also have contributed to our family's lack of resources), and for the Lord's help.  The ex Junior and her family are very prominent in their huge church, and I am pretty sure - I HOPE - they do not yet realize what they have assisted in doing to our family.  I can still hardly imagine that people like this would have intentionally participated in doing this kind of damage to a low income Christian family with four blameless children, over ANY dog. I suspect that 'name withheld's current Lawsuit Blackmail is for the purpose of continuing to dissuade and prevent them from finding out what they don't yet know of her activities, and the consequences. God knows all about our troubles, and with his help we are surviving, but unless there is some more divine intervention, we will be paying these bills until my husband is 90 and I am 80 years old.  We have no savings or investments, and no real assets except our mortgaged farm. 
We are in grave need.  If anyone can help us (legal, information, advice, or other), please call (270)432-7272, and speak to me.  We did not have legal protection, and never dreamed that allowing a Jr. Handler from a wonderful family to co-own our show dog could end up costing our family more than $18,000.  Our family may never recover financially, and now we are unable to provide our own children with the advantages we had hoped to, and are struggling daily just to survive.  We have legal insurance now, but it is too late for us.  We have been very blessed to have these very talented and worthy children (and gorgeous dogs), and now can hardly afford to get them into the show ring, where they really do belong.  Please don't make the mistakes we made.  Please keep us in your prayers.     Sincerely, Lynda Farley      January 27, 2003
Access Top Legal Advice Whenever You Need Could you use a lawyer a phone call away for 26.00 per month or less? Woe unto you lawyers, ye have taken away the key of knowledgs: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.  Luke 11:52 KJV The (ex) Junior and her family need to talk to us. This is the only solution. Our family cannot, and never could, afford to talk to lawyers. I still have NO resources whatsoever of my own. If our family sold every single thing in our home, it probably would not bring enough to pay for a single hour of anyone's attorney fees. My 60 year old husband has to work for two weeks at hard labor to earn an amount equal to a single hour of attorney's fees. About $7,000 of my familie's resources that has gone to lawyers (nearly $12,000 total so far re: this one '$200' dog) has come from the mouths of my children, and from their future. That is NOT acceptable. I am sure all those who have contributed to this injustice happening will have to answer to God for it.

The plaintiff in this case did truly dastardly things to our family that the Junior's family is still (I think) not aware of. I am sure she (the plaintiff) would do just about anything to continue to prevent them from becoming aware. I am sure this is why we have again been harrassed by lawyer letters and threats. I believe this plaintiff is still out to hurt our family. She stalked our setup just a couple of weeks ago (January 2003) when Rose and I managed to go to a match at Louisville. I was afraid to leave our setup to go watch Rose in Juniors, because 'name withheld' was lurking around.

And this (ex) junior handler's parents are in a high position of authority in a huge Catholic church, that rakes in far more than our family's annual income (nearly double) every week. It is NOT meet that people such as these should hide behind someone else's attorney, and avoid even knowing what they have done to another Christian family (and all because of a DOG!!!). Since I have no other way to communicate directly with them - they have refused all ways I have tried, I am trying to communicate in the only way I am able. I am sorry it is public. I will take it private with them just as soon as they contact me directly and are willing to sit down in Christian love and talk.

To clarify, we NEVER 'sold' Mercy. Neither this Christian family, NOR the plaintiff, NOR anyone else ever 'bought' Mercy. Our family never received a single penny from ANYONE for her. And there was never any reason whatsoever for me to have 'given' an unconditional 'gift' to any of these people, especially 'name withheld'. Originally, I wanted to give Mercy more opportunities to be a show girl, AND do something nice for this child. I took time away from my own children to drive 200 miles one way just to help her GROOM. I bought her a fancy leash, and a SECOND copy of Miller and Gilbert's book, 'The New Complete Afghan Hound'(because 'name withheld' had 'lost' the copy I had given with Mercy, as she also 'lost' the $49 Afghan Hound Club of America video I lent her - which to this day I still can not afford to replace) with money that came from the mortgage on my children's HOME - and with my husband's blessings. He thought it was a good thing to do too.

And the place the child took Mercy without my permission, and from where I had managed to rescue her was not a suitable place to leave a RAT, let alone a show dog with a long, silky coat. Any breeder would have removed their dog from this place. I did what was good for this puppy. And if this girl and her father had not promised me they would make it right, I probably would not have done as I did after that (continued to do what was right for Mercy). And a big reason I believed them when they told me what they would do, is because I knew them to be leaders in their huge church. And the 'court' (eventually) ordered Mercy returned to this awful place/person ('name withheld'). I can not find words to express the incredible faith in my Lord and Savior that it took for me to be obedient to this unjust court, and return Mercy to where I had found her in such horrible conditions.

Last summer, before I went up to Indiana to make the final $5,000+ payment (CLICK HERE to see copy of the actual check) I wrote down all the facts, and my feelings to the (ex) Junior handler and her family. The link below is to that 27 page essay, including photos, and an additional dozen or so pages of scans of actual supporting documents. It is password protected and private. If this situation does not get resolved, eventually I will rewrite it and release it as a FREE e-book.

The Case of Hosanna Song of Mercy JC CGC

How 'Giving' a '$200' Dog to a Junior Handler to Co-own
Ended Up Costing Our Family More Than $18,000

Our Experience With the
American Legal and Justice System - Year 1999-2002

An Example of Abuse of the Legal System

I offer this missive as my true confession and true testimony before our Heavenly Father.  All material herein except Bible quotes is personal, and the identities of others have been left out.  The purpose is not to besmirch anyone's name, but to give warning to others so they might avoid becoming victims of similar machinations.  Also, though I believe the plaintiff in this case did very great evil, the other involved parties possibly may not have been aware of all the facts, and may have participated 'innocently'.  Since I was prevented from communicating directly with them throughout all these proceedings, it is my hope that someday they may come across this information, recognize themselves, and learn the truth.  If they truly are 'upright in heart', I have every faith they will try to make amends to our family.  We (the Farley family) do forgive them.

Here also is a blatant example of the 'lottery mentality' that has become so prevalent, and abuse of our justice system by a few who enrich themselves 'practicing' law.  There also may be precedents set in this case that will be unwanted by other breeders of dogs.

If by chance some of the parties involved are recognized in spite of my efforts to 'protect the guilty', and if any of them object to what I say, well... they should have thought of that before they did the things they did.  Everything said herein is True.

Lynda Farley                August 4, 2002

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