Hosanna's Scarlet Rose

Samson Sings Hosanna X Tasha's Sand Dollar

Whelped 11/18/98 Breeder Lynda R. Farley

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8 month old puppy photo - Afghan Hound

This is the 'poufy' puppy coat that many (but not all) lines will get. Below, you can see she has lost most of it, and her silky adult coat is getting enough length to drape.  Also, as she matured, she lost most of the cute monkey whiskers.

Some lines in this breed are slower to mature than others.  Some will need 3 to 4 years to get into their most magnificent mature coat.  The short haired saddle on back and sides of neck is natural for most, but sometimes does not come in until they are two years old, or even older

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'Neck is of good length, strong and arched, running in a CURVE to the shoulders which are long and sloping and well laid back' from Afghan Hound Breed Standard
Afghan Hound newborn puppies photo

Newborn Afghan Hound Puppies!

AFGHAN HOUND 6 week old puppy photo

6 weeks old

Afghan Hound 9 week old puppy photo

9 weeks

Afghan Hound 14 week old puppy photo

3 1/2



Scarlet had THE CUTEST monkey whiskers


The Afghan Hound can seem like 'The Ugly Duckling'.  When they are born, it is hard to guess that they will one day look like they do.  They change SO MUCH as they grow, and become like the beautiful swan.  They are born smooth coated, and take two years or more to get all that  long, silky hair.  Here are a few photos of Scarlet so you can see how she developed.  She is one of the BLACK ones in the Newborn photo!  Her color is called 'black masked red', and those are born looking almost all black.

Disclaimer:  I am an amateur photographer.  The differences in the Scarlet's color in these photos (except for her black appearance as a newborn) are mostly due to using different cameras for some of the shots (some are Polaroid, some 35 mm, and one digital) and also differences in the lighting.  She is a red-gold girl.  Her saddle & upper face are very dark chestnut, and her side coat is golden with burnished red highlights.  The lower part of her muzzle is black.  Afghan Hound's colors can change throughout their life.

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PEDIGREE ~ Scarlet's LITTER's Page ~ PHOTOS of  Scarlet's Whole Litter Stacked 9 weeks old

Scarlet's 1/2 Brother is Hosanna Song of Moses (same Sire) ~ PHOTOS of litter of 1/2 siblings (same Dam)

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