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You've put up your beautiful new WebPages, and now you wait for it to be seen.  You must have gotten a few visits from friends when you first announced it, but now that page counter just seems to lag.  The WWW is a BIG place.  Having a Website without being in the Search Engines is almost like having an unlisted phone.  There are some uses for that, but most people WANT others to see their pages.

And you must get those email ads all the time, advertising search engine submission for your pages - GUARANTEED top placements, too.  But they are SO EXPENSIVE.  Also, you want your pages to come up in a search on the RIGHT KEY WORDS.  You want TARGETED traffic to your site.  You want the people who will be INTERESTED in what you have to visit your site.  You may have done some submissions on your own - but what a drag it is typing that information in over and over again.  It takes so much time, and who has much of that?  It is a lot of work.  Also, after waiting weeks, you were disappointed to find yourself listed on page 37 of the results, or perhaps not at all.  What is the answer to this problem?  I will share with you here how WE got and maintain our TARGETED Search Engine placements, and how we learned most of what we know about this challenging environment.

First, if you don't believe me, Click the link below and search on
Afghan Hounds.

"Alta Vista Search Engine"

Look who's on (or very near) the top!  Guess what?  Our site has been there for several years now.  Check out some of the other search engines.  Can you find us?  We are at or near the TOP of many of them if you search on Afghan Hound related key words.  Every month targeted traffic comes to from HUNDREDS of sources.

How did this happen?

Do we subscribe to one of the high priced search engine submission services? 

Do we spend hours every week entering our url into hundreds of different places? 

Here is how we got and keep into the TOP positions of a lot of Search Engines.  Several years ago we found a wonderful economical online service.  We joined


AND USED THEIR AUTOMATIC Search Engine Submitter.  And since some of the search engines will drop their listings from time to time, we reenter our pages every three or four months.  It only takes a few minutes with the Online Classified Club's submitter program.  Our kids could do it.  We can use the Online Classified Club's many services as many times as we want all year long for the ONE low annual subscription fee.  It is SO EASY!

And you want to know about TARGETING - getting your pages to come up near the TOP on the RIGHT KEY WORDS.  How did we learn how to generate META TAGS and use our page's content to get great positions?  How did we avoid making the mistakes in submitting that cause some search engines to reject a submission?  We learned everything we know about key words and search engine positioning in the
FREE MANUALS that are provided at the


It even has an automatic Meta Tag Generator.

The Online Classified Club has so many useful tools, and so much information that we have used over and over again, I can not list it all here.

Do you have a lot of repetitive typing to do?  You can download
free tools at Online Classified Club that will do that for you.

Online Classified Club has the LARGEST lists of FREE Classified AD sites on the WWW.  And you can use their automatic
AD Blaster that automatically sends YOUR classified AD to thousands of them - and you only had to type the ad ONCE.

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