Though AAAWWW is able publish to most of the free sites, we have decided not to do it for others anymore.  Our hosting charge is almost free, and it is easier to use our own server.  We can do web design MUCH MORE ECONOMICALLY if we do it all on one server.  The beautiful designs we do for our clients won't be blighted by pop up junk advertising, either.  The PERFORMANCE of our server is BETTER than average, too.  Since we create sites with lots of graphics and photos, the PERFORMANCE of our Server is of primary importance.  Should the day come when we are not happy with the perfomance of our server, we will go shopping for a better one, and move our domain. 

The BIGGEST REASON to be on our DOMAIN, www.hosanna1.com,  is that we can PROMOTE YOUR SITE much more effectively.  For more than two years we have been promoting our domain in all the ways listed here, and then some.  We promote our domain every day, run print ads, and have top  positions in some Search Engines on some relavant key words.  We are constantly working to improve on it all, too.

We have already built up a good traffic on our server, so we can be sure you will have some traffic immediately.  When we first started out with our brand new domain, it was like getting a telephone, but not yet being listed in the phone book.  No one knew we were there.  Only a few friends came to visit.  It has taken a lot of effort and promotion to get that traffic coming.  Unless you can afford TV advertising to promote your NEW web address, you will not get very many visitors - at least not for awhile.  It takes TIME and WORK (and sometimes MONEY - maybe LOTS of $ - for ADVERTISING the new domain/web address) to build traffic.  It usually takes weeks to get into the search engines.  And most customers do not buy the first time they see something.  REPEAT traffic is what gets results.  The Website design has a great impact on these things.  But unless you get new visitors every day, you won't build a clientele of repeat visitors - no matter what your Website looks like.  We have already built up a clientele on www.hosanna1.com.

If you have decided to go with an established domain that already has a clientele, your choices are still limited.  Most of that type of site are trying to grow as large as possible.  A very few are succeeding, and are so large, your new site may just be lost in the crowd.  But the majority are either struggling or dying on the vine.  People have paid for their space, but the site's traffic has not grown - for whatever reason.  Every day, for every web domain that thrives, many more are going under.  Many of the ones that remain are merging together into ever bigger organizations - always with 'Terms of Service' and image changes that can disrupt your business.  The Net is in constant tremendous flux.

AAAWWW is literally a 'mom & pop' business.  We are committed to offering an alternative to those who don't have million dollar budgets, who don't need 'high-powered e-commerce' - but who do want their treasures (whatever they may be) beautifully and reliably presented to the world.  Our business will remain small and we will always strive to keep an upscale image.  www.hosanna1.com is a select online boutique, a showcase for our clients' loves.

            Lynda and John Farley
            AAA World Wide Web Design
            since 1997



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