dog show photograph loading beautiful white afghan hound show photo  white male AKC registered  Mexican Champion Hosanna Amazing Jusice

Mexico City, December, 2002

picture loading beautiful Afghan Hound show photo  white male AKC registered  Agustin and Justice at the show, grooming area

Mr. Agustin Granados Lujano, co-owner of Mexican Champion Hosanna Amazing Jusice, who finished his Mexican Championship

Picture loading, clipped,

afghan hound bitch - Halee

Hosanna Amazing Love

LOADING photo stacked black AKC registered clipped Afghan Hound bitch, Grace - Hosanna Amazing Grace

LOADING Photograph of two AKC registered Afghan Hound bitches playing - Grace/black and Halee red

LOADING photo AKC registered Afghan Hound red gold bitch female dog

Halee - Hosanna Amazing :Love

LOADING picture

afghan hound black bitch female AKC registered Grace - Hosanna Amazing Grace

loading....beautiful Afghan Hound photo white  bitch female AKC registered Happy - Hosanna Amazing Peace

afghan hound photo white bitch Happy - Hosanna Amazing Peace AKC registered

Sire:  "Jonah" - Enchante Jonah Sings Hosanna - PICTUREs

Dam: "Hannah" - Seer's Night Witch - PICTUREs


Justice lived in Mexico City since 13 mos old with Co-owner, Mr Agustin Granados Lujano.  He's come back to Kentucky to visit us. We hope finish his Am. CH! He has 11 points now. : ) 5/29/05 WD & BOS, Oak Ridge KC. He won a major at Clarksville, TN 4/30/05, Judge Pat Trotter. 7/04 FIRST Am CH point: SHOW PHOTO HERE He's won points at Muncie & Terre Haute, IN & Marietta, GA 10/05 & BOB at Paintsville, KY 3/06.

Announcing the birth on March 3, 1998 of:

       Hosanna Amazing Love    -  cream female (gold)

      Hosanna Amazing Peace   -  white female         

      Hosanna Amazing Grace   -  black female  and

      Hosanna Amazing Justice - white male

Agustin finished Justice's Mexican Championship in October, 2002.

We are proud of both Justice AND Agustin.  Justice is both our first Champion

Justice is a sire:
1st Litter
Memorial Puppies
Christmas Pups
June 1, 2006


Happy's Page!

In August '99, Halee & Grace's owner Roger Hildebrand was in a terrible auto accident.  Halee and Grace enjoyed a long visit with us while Roger recovered.  We had FUN with them. Halee & Grace enjoyed new summer hairdos, too.  Roger was finally back on his feet again, so in Nov 2000, when we attended the National Specialty in Jacksonville, FL, we were able to return Roger's girls to him!  We are pleased to be able to help out our puppy's owners like this.  They placed 3rd & 4th in Am Bred class there !

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