LARGE photograph


10 month old Afghan Hound puppy red male

'Ming' Hosanna Precious Emperor

LARGE picture


beautiful Candy - Hosanna Precious Memories

10  month old female Afghan Hound puppy

red, she's not for sale

AKC registered

going to Taiwan to be a showdog

collage of pictures of 4 month old Afghan Hound bitch, Zarky, Sarkyvaa Ingallin

photo link to pictures of Zarky, Sarkyvaa Ingallin Hosanna, a light cream brindle female Afghan Hound, AKC registered 6 months old Portal ~ HOSANNA HOUNDS HOME ~ About Us  ~ Puppy Talk

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Afghan Hound


(ONLY AKC Registered)


May 30, 2004

2 boys,

8 girls

Afghan Hound photo Hosanna Precious Gift - dam of this litter whelped May 30, 2003
Afghan Hound photograph picture Mex. CH Hosanna Amazing Justice stud dog AKC registered

Mex. CH Hosanna Amazing Justice  Hosanna Precious Gift (Major CH ptd)   

enchante Jonah Sings Hosanna

       X   Seer's Night Witch

Samson Sings Hosanna (13 CH pts)

      X   Tasha's Sand Dollar

Photos:  Jutice's 1st Am. Ch point    Litter's 8 Weeks Photo and Evaluation Page 

NAMES have been ADDED to the 8 Weeks photos, so you can match photos on this page up with their baby pictures.


NO PUPPIES ARE AVAILABLE FROM THIS LITTER.  To see what Afghan Hounds are available, Click Here

CUTE Monkey Whiskers

Updated January 17, 2005

'And this day shall be unto you for a memorial....  Exodus 12:14 KJV



  -  AM CH


See Misty's NEW PHOTO & SHOW Record PAGE
added June 16, 2006

On Sept. 4, 2005, at N. KY KC,

Misty won her first points,

a 3 Point MAJOR!

The judge was Mr. William Usherwood

At Terre Haute, IN shows April 23 & 24th 2005,

she was Reserve Winner, over major pointed adults, from 9-12 puppy class.

At her first Match, at  4 months old, S. IN KC, she was Group 1!

Zarky has gone to Mexico City  with Mr. Agustin Granados, who co-owns her sire with me. 

Picture loading......

Afghan Hound puppy, akc registered,

Hosanna Supernatural Rainbow, MISTY

6 month photos

show dog stacked, and front very pretty head

photo of light cream brindle Afghan Hound puppy, 6 months old AKC registered show dog stacked, and front link to afghan hound puppy photos
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    MISTY                    CANDY                     SARGE                    ZARKY

Sarge lives in Montana with the Leichliter family. Watch for him in show rings there. : ).

          Named in Honor of Memorial Day


picture of 'Sarge'

Hosanna The Unknown Soldier

gorgeous boy, stacked in show dog pose, also beautiful head shots

pictures of AKC registered Afghan Hound puppy cream male 6 months old, show or pet Sarge - Hosanna The Unknown Soldier
link to afghan hound puppy pictures



Photo of 'Zarky' - Sarkyvaa Ingallin Hosanna

6 months old, in dog show stack, and beautiful head studies


pictures of afghan hound puppy photographs, 6 month old cream brindle female, Zarky - Sarkyvaa Ingallin Hosanna, AKC registered show stacked photos, head studies, more
link to Afghan Hound puppy photos

Afghan Hound male puppy for sale, photograph thumbnail  of 4 month old photos ack registered

picture link to photographs of Sarge, Hosanna The Unknown Soldier, a 6 month old AKC registered Afghan Hound male link to afghan hound puppy for sale photo

thumbnail collage photo of 4 month old Afghan Hound puppy, Misty.  or enlarged

photograph link to pictured of Misty, Hosanna Supernatural Rainbowl, 4 month old afgahn hound puppy
link to 4 month afghan hound puppy photos


Cypress - Hosanna My Heart's Ablaze is a must unusual colored, deep dark red Afghan Hound puppy.

4 months old, we think the cutest monkey whiskers in the whole lot.  Lots of photos of her

be patient while they load.

She lives in St. Charles, IL, and she's spoiled rotten : )

pictures of unusual deep dark red colored female Afghan Hound puppy, 5 months old, Cypress - Hosanna My Heart's Ablaze
afghan hound puppy photo and link to enlargement and additional photos red male 8 weeks old head studies

NO PUPPIES are AVAILABLE from this litter.

If you'd like to discuss our future breeding plans, please call (270)432-7272 CST.

All of our puppies are house, leash, and crate trained, and socialized and kid tested, at minimum.  We also take them all to show classes (for socialization) whether or not they will be a 'show dog'.  They are in condition so that any of them could be taken into the show ring.  These have also had all their shots.  They come with a written 3 year genetic health guarantee, and lifetime breeder support.

If you might be interested in these puppies, and we haven't spoken on the phone before, please give me a call first (270)432-7272 noon-midnight CST. If I receive a deposit from someone I don't know, I'll return it.  For best selection, please reserve early.  If a deposit is received, and a puppy is NOT available, the deposit will be returned immediately. 

Lynda Farley ~ Hosanna Afghan Hounds

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We named her Precious Memories as she reminds us so much of her mom.  We call her 'Candy' because she's so sweet : ).  She's a very lightly marked red (cream) brindle. 

      Click Here to see her 6 month photos

Candy lives in Taiwan. We hope she'll be a show girl!

We are very appreciative of those who have shared puppy photos with us.  When we get some pictures of the others, I'll try to get them up on a webpage.  Lately I've been perpetually behind with getting updates done.  Very busy here!

The OTHER PUPPIES in This Litter Are:

'Faith' ~ Hosanna Precious Faith

in Shawnee, KS

'Dutchess' ~ Hosanna Dutchess of Westwind

in Alderson, WV

The most recent photos I have of them

are on the 8 Weeks Page


PHOTOS of red female afghan hound puppy, 4 months old, AKC registered

Rory - Hosanna's Aurora,

and she lives in Phoenix, AZ

photographs of 6 month old AKC registered Afghan Hound puppy, Rory - Hosanna Aurora link to afghan hound puppy photographs

cutest photographs loading......

3 month cream afghan hound female puppy,

with baby, and other small dogs.

she's akc registered, and lives in N. Amboy, NJ

her name is Hosanna's Lexis

pictures of Afghan Hound puppy cream female, AKC registered 6 month old, Hosanna's Lexie afghan hound puppy photos link

*had to share...She is SUCH a good puppy, just an UNBELIEVABLE personality.  Definitely spoiled. =)


Our little girl is just awesome! After a week of having her we all decided that 'Cypress' was going to be her name. (her color is exactly that of fresh cut cypress wood) 

She has learned sit, stay, laydown, crate, (she gets in) paw, (shaking hands) and of course NO! <grin> 

She LOVES being outside! All she does is lay under a butterfly bush and chew her toys for HOURS! She really is turning out to be one of the best dogs I have EVER had, in fact Tony and I are seriously considering getting another one.

We are so proud of her, everyone who meets her just falls in love.

Peace to you and yours Lynda.   Holly & Family.

From Christine,

Hi Lynda how are you? Just sending a picture of Lexie and letting you know how good she's doing. Shes getting so big. She's learned lots of tricks too. She knows how to play fetch, sit, stay, and lay down. I hope all her brothers and sitters are doing just as good!! Take care.


Just writing to tell u that Lexie is doing great. She went swimming in the pool today and LOVED it.

Hi, Linda.

Day two is going just great. No accidents inside, not too much problem getting Rory to do her business in a reasonable amount of time in her area.  She slept through the night without a sound. We probably got her up earlier than she would have - doting new parents anxious to take her out as soon as she shifted in her crate.

Tomorrow we take her to see our new vet, along with the health record that you sent. By the way, thank you so much for the lovely package that you put together for us about Rory.


Hi, Lynda. Rory is doing fine, coming out of her shell a little more each day: grabbing the hose as I wash down the aviary, running around with her toys. She is very good about going potty when we take her to her area, and she has learned my favorite command: "kisses."


Hi, Lynda. Thought you might like to see some recent photos of Rory.  She's doing just fine - still never an accident. She comes with me to my shop and one would hardly know that she is there.  We love her,  Richard

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Hosanna Afghan Hounds use only J-B Almond Concentrate Shampoo, and we HIGHLY recommend it!
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afghan hound puppy collage of photos 4 months old, click here to link to afghan hound puppy photos
link to 4 month afghan hound puppy photos link to photos of female afghan hound puppy for sale
photographs of female afghan hound puppy for sale, red AKC registered, Candy - Hosanna Precious Memories too cute! link to photos of female afghan hound puppy for sale

Ming is a gorgeous boy, who WAS owned by a professional handler, Cheryl Snyder, in Versailles, Kentucky.  He was going to be a show boy, but just a few weeks after he went to Cheryl, he suffered an accident that destroyed one eye.  He was returned to us about a year later, matted solid. He now lives nearby in Columbia, Kentucky, and he comes to visit often.