8 week old AKC registered AFGHAN HOUND PUPPIES

pictures / photos 

litter whelped December 12, 2004

Sire Mexican Champion Hosanna Amazing Justice

Dam AM. CH. Hosanna Price Above Rubies

Breeder Lynda R. Farley photos made 02/15/2005 puppies 8 weeks old

show stacked, head studies, fronts and rears afghan hound puppy photographs -

Hosanna Afghan Hound puppies

1 black masked red brindle female

1 black masked red  female

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photo of 10 Afghan Hound puppies, AKC registered, 8 weeks old, in show stacking poses, also links to enlargements of each photograph

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Afghan Hound


(ONLY AKC Registered)


Dec. 21, 2004

2 girls

Afghan Hound photo Hosanna Precious Gift - dam of this litter whelped October 12, 2003
Afghan Hound photograph picture Mahadi's Tuxedo domino dog AKC registered

Mex. CH Hosanna Amazing Justice      Hosanna Price Above Rubies

enchante Jonah Sings Hosanna

       X   Seer's Night Witch

Hosanna Song of Moses (9 CH pts)

      X   Tasha's Sand Dollar

8 Weeks Old

Posted February 19, 2005


Major AM CH


afghan hound puppy photo and link to enlargement photo cream brindle female, 8 weeks old show dog stacked
afghan hound puppy photo and link to enlargement cream brindle female 8 weeks old show dog stacked
afghan hound puppy photo and link to enlargement and additional photos red male 8 weeks old show dog stacked
afghan hound puppy icture and link to enlarged photo red female 8 weeks old show dog stacked
afghan hound puppy photo and link to enlarged photo red female 8 weeks old show dog stacked


  5 pt &

3 pt



17 pts

CLICK INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS FOR ENLARGEMENTS.  They will open in new windows.  Here is their PEDIGREE

afghan hound puppy photo and link to enlarged photo red female 8 weeks old show dog stacked
afghan hound puppy photo and link to enlarged photo red female 8 weeks old show dog stacked
afghan hound puppy photo and link to enlarged photo red female 8 weeks old show dog stacked
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Hosanna Afghan Hounds Puppies AVAILABLE NOW

It's not the pretty time of year here, it's mud season in

Kentucky.  These girls are enjoying themselves anyway.  : )

The sisters already enjoy their cookies!


I believe that God has given each person unique gifts, and those gifts should be used for His glory.  To some he has given talents for singing and playing instruments, and some of them give praise to God with songs.  He has given EVERYONE something.  I was not blessed with much musical talent, but I was given an interest in, and perhaps some talent in, genetics.  Breeding is applied genetics.  Our first Afghan Hound was a gift  from God, and I've been blessed with some computer skills as well.

Our entire first litter was named ____ Sings Hosanna.  One of those puppies, Samson Sings Hosanna, was my very first show dog and he is a great grandpa of these 2 new babies.  We've traveled all over the USA with Samson and his relatives for the past 9 years.  So many times, people would stop to admire Samson's (or any of the other's) beauty, and ask his name, and the next thing you know, we were talking about the Lord.

Whenever we've shared these dogs by participating at a show or other activity, the one I've wanted to please the most is the Creator of ALL.

All of our Afghan Hounds that we have bred have Hosanna in their names.  Our puppies have gone all over the USA, and some around the world.  Because of these dogs, we've met many people in person, on the phone, and online who we never would have met otherwise.  We pray for all these people regularly.  They are like our extended family.  A few people haven't been nice, but we've forgiven them, and pray for them most of all.

We've had many adventures, and put hundreds of thousands of miles on our vans (we're on our third one now).  Some of our children have participated as well, and my (now 16 year old) daughter Rose is co-breeder of our recent litters.

I don't know why God gives people the gifts he does.  I don't know why he's given us what he has.  But I do know I am forever grateful for everything, and especially for His LOVE that has constantly watched over us.  It's still all about Him.

The names for these new babies come from two of our favorite contemporary Christian music CDs by The Newsboys; Adoration and Devotion.  It is this Real Audio music that plays on opening this page.  If you are using a pop-up killer, you may not have heard it, as it plays in a background window.  If you would like to hear more of this music, or if you didn't hear it when you came to this page, here is a rotator link that plays some random songs from these two CDs.  There are also links to the CD information.

Adoration & Devotion Random Playlist

OR find them at

I pray every day that YOU know how much GOD LOVES YOU.  Turn off MUSIC, then CLICK link:

Beautiful MOVIE - The Father's Love Letter

We've REPEATED this breeding: Click HERE to see 6/1/06 litter!

Hosanna Afghan Hounds


Lynda R. Farley & Rose L. Farley

532 Farley Road

Edmonton, KY, 42129

(270)432-7272 CST


Sarkyvaa Hosanna's Devotion will be going to Mexico City, with Justice's Co-owner, Mr. Agustin Granados.

Hosanna's Adoration will stay here with us.

We're calling them Dori (Adoration)

and Diva (Devotion)