Scarlet has a tight SCISSORS bite,

COMPLETE  dentition, &  a lovely UNDER JAW.

Scarlet is loved by

Jessica Harris, in Winston-Salem, NC!

Hosanna's Scarlet Rose

Samson Sings Hosanna X Tasha's Sand Dollar

Whelped 11/18/98 Breeder Lynda R. Farley

'Moving with head and tail high, the whole appearance of the Afghan Hound is one of great style and beauty.' from Afghan Hound Breed Standard
"EYES gazing into the distance as if in memory of ages past.....falling away in front of the eyes so there is an absolutely clear outlook with no interference....The eyes are almond shaped (almost triangular)..." from Afghan Hound Breed Standard
'The striking characteristics of this breed - exotic, or "Eastern" expression, long silky topknot...the head is surmounted (in the full sense of the word) with a topknot of long, silky hair - that is also an outstanding characteristic of the Afghan Hound
'back line appearing PRACTICALLY LEVEL from the shoulders to the loin. ... Shoulders .. plenty of angulation ... the legs are well set underneath...Strong and powerful loin and slightly arched,.. hipbones very pronounced; ' Afghan Hound Breed Standard
 well ribbed and tucked up in flanks. The height at the shoulders equals the distance from the chest to the buttocks' from the Afghan Hound Breed Standard

August 17, 2002 we received this from Jessica's sister: "I just wanted to respond with a note that Scarlet is just wonderful! Noone can believe how perfect her & Jessica are together. She is a real lady, such a priss. Jessica has her spoiled rotten to the core! I am a dog groomer now so I groom Scarlet all the time! She is gorgeous, people freak out over her. ...........Just wanted to let ya know Jessica & Scarlet are doing so wonderful. "

Scarlet was 27 Months Old

in the photos on this page,

and she was maturing into a BEAUTIFUL, correct (& only 26" tall) girl !

Most of the photos on this page can be clicked to show HUGE enlargements.

If you would like to see how an Afghan Hound develops from newborn to adult, Click Here

'The head is of good length, showing much refinement, the skull evenly balanced with the foreface.  There is a slight prominence of the nasal bone structure causing a slightly Roman appearance,  ... the foreface with little or no stop' Breed Standard

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NEXT ~ See Scarlet's Puppy Photos

PEDIGREE ~ Scarlet's LITTER's Pages

PHOTOS of  Scarlet's Whole Litter Stacked 9 weeks old

Scarlet's 1/2 Brother is Hosanna Song of Moses (same Sire)

PHOTOS of litter of 1/2 siblings (same Dam)


'the underjaw showing great strength, the jaws long and punishing;.....a scissors bite is even more punishing' from the Afghan Hound Breed Standard
'Forelegs are straight and strong with great length between elbow and pastern; elbows well held in;...hindquarters powerful and well muscled, with great length between hip and hock; hocks are well let down; good angulation of both stifle and hock...'
'The neck is of good length, strong and arched, running in a CURVE to the shoulders which are LONG and sloping and well laid back.'  from the Afghan Hound Breed Standard

Hosanna Afghan Hounds

Lynda & John Farley

532 Farley Road

Edmonton, Kentucky, 42129

(270)432-7272      Email

Call or Email anytime - I love to talk about the dogs!


'The backline appearing practically level from the shoulders to the loin.  Strong and powerful loin and slightly arched, falling away toward the stern, with the hipbones very pronounced; well ribbed and tucked up in flanks.'

From The

Afghan Hound

Breed Standard

Kittys beware - She is a HUNTER!