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Red Man X Bliss Puppies whelped March 9, 2006
Newborn Puppies   ~   CUTE Puppies - 7.5 weeks old   ~   8 Weeks Evaluation Photos
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2 Week Old PUPPY Photos
'Ruby', CH Hosanna Price Above Rubies JC X 'Justice', Mex. CH Hosanna Amazing Justice
There are 4 girls, and 3 boys, in a variety of colors, almost all (maybe ALL?) with brindle <G>.
Lifesong Litter PHOTOS: 9 Weeks Evaluation  ~  4 Weeks  ~  9 Week EVALUATION  ~  Newborn + PARENTS   ~  PEDIGREE
Our "Memorial Puppies" are 3/4 Siblings of the Lifesong Litter. Photos of Memorial Puppies

I am still trying to get caught up, and a bit slow getting these posted, but here they are.
Their eyes are open a bit.  This has been a fat, lazy bunch so far, almost always sleeping contentedly.
They're starting to wake up a bit, we should be able to see a lot more in a couple more weeks.
Here are the GIRLS:
Lifesong Litter: Newborn + PARENTS Photos  ~  4 Weeks  ~  9 Week EVALUATION  ~  PEDIGREE
Our "Memorial Puppies" are 3/4 Siblings of the Lifesong Litter. Photos of Memorial Puppies
This is a REPEAT breeding.  Last time there were only 2 puppies, and NO boys. 
I still wanted a BOY from this breeding, so we tried again. 
CLICK HERE to see the previous litter from Justice X Ruby (pedigree of THIS litter is there)
Diva was BEST PUPPY at her first show in Mexico.  Dori is now Am. Ch pointed.
In honor of my father, James A. Noland, who passed away as this litter developed,
and my 19 year old son, Edwin, who was seriously injured (but IS recovering!),
this litter will be known as the 'Lifesong Litter'.

We will keep a boy and a girl.

Our new girl will be registered as Hosanna's Lifesong, and we'll call her Melody.
HEAR Lifesong

Our boy will be named 'Storm' - Hosanna Praise You in this Storm.
HEAR Praise You in this Storm

I've now heard from Justice-s co-owner. He would like a BOY this time,
This means only 1 boy is available from this litter. 3 girls will be available.
About Our Breeding Program ~ Puppy Talk ~ Hosanna Afghan Hounds HISTORY
~ Total of 3 puppies MAY be available from this litter as of July 15, 2006 ~

Our puppies have usually started house, leash, and crate training, and socialized and kid tested, at minimum.  We also take them all to show classes (for socialization) whether or not they will be a 'show dog'.  They are in condition so that any of them could be taken into the show ring.  These have also had all their shots.  They come with a written 3 year genetic health guarantee, and lifetime breeder support.

If you might be interested in these puppies, and we haven't spoken on the phone before, please give me a call first (270)432-7272 noon-midnight CST. If I receive a deposit from someone I don't know, I'll return it.  For best selection, please reserve early.  If a deposit is received, and a puppy is NOT available, the deposit will be returned immediately. 

Lynda Farley ~ Hosanna Afghan Hounds

If interested, PLEASE CALL - (270)432-7272 CST (I am a night owl)
to find out how to reserve one. We NEVER take more deposits than there are puppies.

Get Email Information about Afghan Hounds, and puppies/dogs available

If you expect to get emails from us, please WHITE LIST our addresses
in your spam filters, jlfarley@scrtc.com & hosanna1@scrtc.com

NOTE: If you have been on or signed up for this list before, and are NOT GETTING EMAILS,
I MAY HAVE DELETED YOUR ADDRESS. This is a MANUAL list, and bouncing emails are a pain.
WARNING: AOL addresses bounce FREQUENTLY. Most of the bounces (but not all) are AOL

If you are an AOL customer, and your emails to me have been bouncing,

If you think you've been removed from our list due to this reason, please
use this link: EMAIL - Check Puppy List       Thanks.

It's a good idea to BOOKMARK http://www.hosanna1.com/Hounds/CurrentLitter/ and
check that occasionally in case you miss emails.
That is always the address linked to the latest updates about our puppies.

Lynda Farley (Edmonton, Kentucky)

An American who Loves Freedom http://www.aalf.ws/

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Red Man X Bliss Puppies whelped March 9, 2006
Newborn Puppies   ~   CUTE Puppies - 7.5 weeks old   ~   8 Weeks Evaluation Photos
hosanna1.com Portal ~ Hosanna Hounds Home Page3A Home Business ~ An American who Loves Freedom 
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HAIR for Rescue - Send Us Your Afghan Hound Hair - Wear an Afghan Hound - Help Afghan Hound Rescue

Great Introduction to the breed. History, care, etc., inexpensive new book by Caroline Coile

This is a GREAT book! Just finished reading it myself. The
section about housetraining is exactly what we do here, and
how I recommend you continue with your new puppy.
The Puppy Aptitude Test we used with our puppies this time is in
the back of this book, along with interpretations.
(just keeping in mind that Afghan Hounds can be a
bit slower to mature than average breeds)

AKC's video about the Afghan Hound - explains the breed standard,
shows you correct and incorrect structure, and other information about our breed.

These Calendars are gorgeous!

Search Dogwise.com

Search for Afghan books and stuff on Ebay: Bid, Sell and Collect at eBay!

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