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  and Down FIRST YEARS ~ Hosanna Afghan Hounds Cumulative History ~ 1995-2008 Created 4/8/2005 
As of 8/08, we have produced 10 Champions!  From 1995-2008, we have produced a grand total of 15 litters, an average of 1.07 litters/year.  
NEW WeBLOG Current Litter Our kennel name, 'Hosanna', is Registered with AKC for Afghan Hounds, as of September 1, 2005.   A Champion has
The dog's call names are in bold type.  If the call name isn't part of the registered name, it is in quotes. at least
 Hosanna Hounds Home MAJORS AKC Conformation Dog Show Championship POINTS Earned 15 Points & 2 Majors  
DOGS SEX # Points 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15       TOTAL
 1st Litter 3/28/1995
       "Alf" Alfadeus Abdul Kamahl X "Cassie" Scharlau Sandcastle II                   Majors Points BOBs
Enchante Jonah Sings Hosanna M    
Jonah was the 'pick' of this litter.  He went with the person who we obtained his mother from (a 20 yr. 'show' breeder).  She promised to show him, and to return him to us if she did not.  Instead, she sold him to a pet home.  It took me 2 years to find him.  He's still happy with his family (it was not their fault), and they live in Germany now.  Jonah was never shown, but he sired our first Champion, Mex. CH Hosanna Amazing Justice : ) He lived 14 years.
  Samson Sings Hosanna M   13
  Samson and his sister, Delilah, were our very first ever show dogs.  Though I've studied genetics for about 35 years, I had to start learning showing (AND grooming) from scratch at forty-something.  Samson retired in 2003 due to a broken canine tooth, but he still loves to show.  He showed at the 2004 AHCA National Specialty Show in Veteran's Parade and Junior Handling.  He went to Rainbow Bridge 10/19/09
    ALL Samson's points were won from Bred By Exhibitor Class   13  
 Delilah Sings Hosanna
  6 Just when Delilah's show career was getting hot, she contracted Lyme disease, which ended her career, and eventually her life : (.     Delilah won our (Hosanna's) very first ever Best of Breed, and also enjoyed herding! (Awesome WORKING photos on her page.)     All except 1 point Breeder/Owner handled   6 1
 "Davey" David Sings Hosanna CGC M     Davey went to just one or two shows with me as a youngster, and he seemed to love them, but he had a much more important career in his future.  He became a wonderful Certified Therapy and Licensed Service Dog.  He lives with LOTS of children, and works with autistic children also. He's still known as 'Davey the Wonderdog'.                   19  
  2nd Litter 1997        Samson Sings Hosanna X "Hannah" Seer's Night Witch                      Majors Points BOBs
 Hosanna Song of Moses M   9 We lost our lovely Moses to an anesthetic reaction (when he had a pimple removed).  He had 9 Champion points.  He was bred one time, and sired our FIRST American Champion, CH Hosanna Price Above Rubies.     We are sure he would have finished his Championship, but for his untimely death.     9 2 (1-2pt)
Hosanna Song of Mercy JC F   2
     MOVIE of Mercy Because we made the BIG mistake of allowing a Junior Handler to co-own Mercy, we lost her to fraud.  Her story is A Plea for Mercy - link is to the right.  An update on that here:  The person who acquired her in this underhanded way then spayed her and put her in a pet home.  I still do not know where she is. A Plea for Mercy - Lawsuit Abuse   2  
 "Michael" Hosanna's Micah at Seer M
  Micah was the 'fee puppy'.  He went to Seer's Kennel (where his mother came from), who got 1st pick from the entire litter.  As a youngster, he beat all of his brothers and sisters, and won Group I at every match.  He had a wonderful ring attitude.  He was only shown at a 'real' show once or twice.  I personally evaluated him at about 4 years old.  He had complete dentition, tight scissors bite, and in every way an excellent dog, except for more coat patterning than some people like.   Eventually, he was neutered by his owner, went to New York, and was being trained as a drug detection dog.              
"Aza" Hosanna Song of Hope F
  No attempt was made to show Aza.  So far as I know, this is the only one of our hounds who has been bred from, except the ones we've kept here, and Jonah.  She was bred against our advice, and in violation of our contract.  Unfortunately, we didn't at that time have the right language in our contract to be able to enforce it.  (we do NOW)  If this one is in your pedigree, there is information you should have.  Call Lynda, (270)432-7272 CST              
Hosanna Song of Glory F
1       Glory won our (Hosanna's) very first ever Championship point.  It was only her 2nd show, her first weekend out, and she was in 9-12 puppy class.  She   defeated major pointed adults, and was handled by a 15 yr. old Junior Handler!  She was subsequently placed on a show contract, and they sent her out with a   professional handler, who did not do her justice.  They gave up on showing her.  A couple years later, she escaped their house, and was killed by a car.  : ( Won 2nd show, from puppy class, handled by Jr.   1  
Hosanna Song of Angels F     Angel was a 'love gift' to my cousin.  I started her in the ring before she went away, hoping she would be shown later, but she never was.  She only went to a few shows with me, but she showed a LOT of promise, taking a 2 pt. Reserve Win at her very first show, at only 7 months old.  She was handled by me, and I'd only been to a few shows myself at that time.  I had offered to show Angel for my cousin, but she's been kept shaved down most of her life. Reserve Winner -2 pts- at her first show, 7mo old, br/own handled       12  
  3rd Litter 1998       enchante Jonah Sings Hosanna X "Hannah" Seer's Night Witch      
            Majors Points BOBs
  Mex. CH & Near AM CH Hosanna Amazing Justice
1 12 9/1/06 BOB Lexington KC; 3/06 BOB Paintsville, KY; 10/28/05 BOW at Griffin, GA KC, Judge Mr. M. Lanctot  9/5/05 BOB at Mid-KY KC, Judge Mr. David Gleaves. 5/29/05 WD Oak Ridge KC, Harriman, TN.  Judge was Dr. Greathouse.  Justice wins his first Am. CH MAJOR at Clarksville, TN, 4/30/05!  Judge was Patricia Trotter.  He's Showing in USA 2004-2006.   His co-owner, Mr. Agustin Granados Llujano, of Mexico City, finished his Mex. CH  title.    Our 1st Champion, earned Mex. CH title 2002 - resided in Mex. 1999-2003 1 12 2
 "Happy" Hosanna Amazing Peace F      Happy has been to a few shows, and won Bred By Exhibitor classes against very tough competition, but she does not enjoy showing (she will not put her tail up in the ring), so she hasn't won points.  We adore her anyway, and she's now famous as our 'Afangel'.                 12  
  4th Litter 1998        Samson Sings Hosanna X "Tasha" Tasha's Sand Dollar                       Majors Points BOBs
 "Song" Hosanna Song of Songs F      Song was the 'pick' of this litter.  We lost her due to fraud, and as far as I know, she was never shown.  See 'Promises' - Click Here    
 "Joshua" CH Hosanna Hell Trembles M 3 18 Joshua finished his CH in Albert Lea, MN, 7/07, with his third major, a 5 POINTER, when he only needed 2 pts to finish. Josh was Rose Farley's Jr. dog, she won 1st major with him when she was 15, at Indianapolis, under J. Council Parker.   2/9/07 WD at Indianapolis, 2 pts. Judge P.L. Brenner 12/14/05 1/21/07 BOB at Greenville, MS 1pt, Judge Dr. J. Donald Jones BOW 2/12/06 Indianapolis 4/22/05 Joshua wins his 2nd major at Terre Haute, IN, handled by Rose Farley!   3 18 1
 Hosanna Precious Gift F 1 11
She produced 3 Champions, so far. HELP! Lost by Professional Handler on 7/6/06 INFO on her webpage. WINS: 7/2 & 6/30/06 BOW in Ohio; 2/11/06 BOW Indianapolis12/14/05 BOS Mr. R. Lemke & 12/16/05  WB Mrs. Barbara D Alderman at Wheaton, IL.  4/22/05  Precious wins first points AND a 3 point MAJOR at Terre Haute, IN!  Since we'd planned to retire her, she's won 1st Major CH points at age of 6, with 4" of coat : )  
  When she was younger we could only afford to take her to a few shows.  Precious has 2 Champion kids now. 1 10     28  
  5th Litter 2000       Hosanna Song of Moses X "Tasha" Tasha's Sand Dollar              
      Majors Points BOBs
 "Ruby" CH Hosanna Price Above Rubies JC
2 17 Mex CH Justice PUPPIES 6/1/2006 Best of Breed, judge Mr. Ralph Lemke, at Wheaton, IL.  We are not showing her much, not enough budget : (  Changed our minds about Westminster KC.  We will not go to NY, due to prohibition there.  Ruby finished her Championship on April 21, 2005, in Terre Haute, IN.  She completed her JC (Junior Courser) title at Columbia, KY 11/18/05.  We won the American Bred Class at the AHCA National Specialty show, 2004 - she was AWESOME : ) She won our (Hosanna's) very first ever Major - 5 pts from Bred By Exhibitor Class   1-5pt and 1-3pt 17 2 (1-2pt)
  "Major" Hosanna Man of War M          Major was such a gorgeous boy, and we had so much fun with him.  He was lost to lymphosarcoma at just past two years old, before his show career really got started.              
 "Kitty" Hosanna Milk and Honey JC F 1 4 1/14/06 Kitty went to Korea.  9/18/05 1st Leg of JC title - Billings, MT, 6/24/05 3 point MAJOR!      Kitty has always loved showing.  She won Hound Group I at her very first match (at just 3 months old), and won her very first show also.  Then she went to a co-owner, who didn't get her into the ring due to personal problems.  She came home to us pink-bald naked in summer 2004, and just a few months later (still nearly naked : ), won 3 Major Reserves.   Won the very first show she went to at 6 mo and 1 wk old 1 4     21  
See A Plea for Mercy - A Case of Lawsuit Abuse 2000 through 2004 We did very little showing from 2000 through spring 2004.  Our 'retirement income' budget has always restricted our access to the show rings.  Due to the person(s) who took our Hosanna Song of Mercy (see 1997 litter), and ALL those who helped them; and also with a little help from the person(s) who took our Hosanna Song of Songs (see 1998 litter), our family had almost NO resources to get our dogs into the show ring for several years.  We almost lost our farm because of these people.  Because we believe in the quality of our dogs, we have continued in spite of those who have tried to stop us, and the Blessings of the Lord have helped us to survive in spite of them all.  We've forgiven, but NOT forgotten.  
  6th Litter 2002        Samson Sings Hosanna X "Happy" Hosanna Amazing Peace    
      Majors Points BOBs
Champion Hosanna It's Your Will M
9 Will finished his Championship on July 11, 2008, at San Antonio, TX!  2/8/07 Winner's Dog 2 points Indianapolis, judge. Mr. G.J. Heitzman 2/11/06 BOS Indianapolis ju. Dr. Alvin Krause 12/4/05 BOW Belleville, IL; BOW at Lex. KC, 9/3/05, major broke by 1 Judge Dr. Eric Liebes  'Silly Willy' (AKA 'Wild Willy') is a sweet, loveable clown.  He finally stood still in the ring long enough to win his first point.       2 17  
 "Bliss" Hosanna Perfect Peace F     PUPPIES 3/9/06 PUPPIES 1/5/07  The lovely Bliss, like her mom, does not seem to enjoy showing.  So far, she's won a couple of Reserves without putting her tail up in the ring.  This is the Afghan Hound equivalent of 'with both hands tied behind my back'.  She's fairly young yet, so we're still hoping she'll some day change her mind.  If not, we love her anyway.              
 Hosanna Spirit of Peace F
3    Spirit went to the island of Cyprus when she was very very small.  She was shown at a few shows there with good results.  I don't hear much about her, but know she's now at Shot at Glory kennels.  
  7th Litter 2003         Int. CH Mahadi's Tuxedo X Hosanna Precious Gift (Major Pointed) The rest of the BEAUTIFUL pups from this litter are not being shown.         Majors Points BOBs
 "Red Man" CH Hosanna's Garnet M 2 15 Red has BABIES! 3/9/06 Red FINISHED CH BOS 12/15/05 BOW 12/14 at Wheaton, IL; 12/3/05 BOW Belleville, IL; BOW-3 Pt. Major 10/29/05 at Kennesaw KC, Marietta, GA, Judge Dr. James Sillers  Winner's Dog & 1st Leg of JC title 9/18/05 Chatanooga, TN; 1/20/05 WD Alexandria, LA; 9/25/04 BOB over CH from 9-12 class Indianapolis, IN; 6 pts with Major & 2 pt Best of Breed from 6-9 mo. puppy class    2 15 1-2pt+ 1 over CH
 "Dee" CH Hosanna's Diamond Girl JC F 3 15 11/18/05 finished JC. She won three 3pt majors from 12-18 class, handled by 17 year old Edwin Farley.  Judges for majors were J. Council Parker, Patricia Trotter, and Michelle Billings.   At only 19 months old, she finished her Championship at Harriman, TN, Oak Ridge KC, 5/28/05!  The judge was Mrs. Jane Roppolo.  Dee was handled to ALL of her wins by Lynda, Edwin, and Rose Farley. : )  Maybe she'll try coursing now - she LOVES to CHASE.
3 15     30  
 8th Litter 2004    
Mex. CH Hosanna Amazing Justice X "Bliss" Hosanna Perfect Peace                   Majors Points BOBs
 "Stormy"  Sarkyvaan Hosanna Perfect Storm  F   1  
On October 1, 2006, Stormy finished her International CACIB & Mexican Championships!  Agustin and I are VERY proud of her, but there was a paperwork 'oops', so she will have to do it again : (
Stormy's Mex show career is now underway.  9/23/05 Storm wins first Mex. CH point and Hound Grp II at her first Mex. show! 9/25/05 Reserve and Hound GROUP I. In the USA, before she went to Mexico, 4/22/05, she was Reserve Winner to a 3 point major, at 13 months old!  Stormy now resides in Mexico City, with Mr. Agustin Lujano, who co-owns her sire.               
 Hosanna Perfect Star JC F   7 1/14/06 Star went to Korea.  11/27/05 WB Montgomery, AL; JC 11/18/05; 10/29/05 WB Marietta, GA ; 10/2/05 BOW Murfreesboro, TN ; 9/5/05, Star was BOS at Mid-KY KC.  Judges Dr. J. Sillers,Mr. David Gleaves,Mr. LeCussan.   Star won her very first show, at 6 months old, handled by (then) 13 year old Richard Farley.  It was Richard's first time in the real show ring, too.  Star also won a Best of Breed from 9-12 puppy class.      7 1
  "Twinkle" Hosanna In A Twinkling F
    This was our 'pick' of this litter.  She won Hound Group I at her very first match, 3 days before she was 3 months old.  We co-owned Twinkle with Cheryl Snyder, a professional handler.  She hasn't started in the ring.  I've not  yet been able to get a better photo.  She is a light red color, but there was too much glare here to see her color.  Click her photo for an enlargement.  She was about 5 months old here.  On 9/25/05, she was returned to us by Cheryl, clipped.  With only one inch of hair, we still hope to get this gorgeous girl into the ring, but it will be awhile.        
Hosanna Forever Claire F     Claire is in the Philippines, at Claire Kennels, and we hope she'll be a show girl.  All I have so far is her baby photo.               7  
 9th Litter 2004       Mex. CH Hosanna Amazing Justice X Hosanna Precious Gift              
      Majors Points BOBs
  "Misty" CH Hosanna Supernatural Rainbow F 2 15 Rainbow Puppies! Misty finished her CH on 8/20/07!   9/4/05, Lexington KC, Misty won 1st points AND a 3 POINT MAJOR!  Judge was Mr. William Usherwood.  She was 15 mo. old.         2 15  
 "Zarky" Sarkyvaa Ingallin Hosanna F
  Zarky now resides in Mexico City, with Mr. Agustin Lujano, who owns her sire.  Sarkyvaa is the kennel name of her sire's owner.              
 "Candy" Hosanna Precious Memories F       Candy now resides in Taiwan with Mr. Chien-Hsiung Lo.  We hope she is going to be a show girl.  Click her photo for an enlargement.                        
 "Sarge" Hosanna The Unknown Soldier M      On Saturday, May 28, Sarge won the Hound Group at an AKC puppy match, at Harriman, TN!  Sarge now lives in Sunburst, MT, with the Leichliter family.  Visit the Memorial Puppies page for more photos of him.              
 "Ming" Hosanna Precious Emperor M     Ming is a gorgeous boy, who looked forward to a show career.  His owner was a professional handler, Cheryl Snyder.  But just a few weeks after he went to his new home, he suffered an accident that destroyed one of his eyes.  He will not be seen in the ring - but he's beautiful anyway, and a very sweet boy too.  On 9/25/05, he was returned to Hosanna, matted nearly solid.  We have clipped him, and he now lives in Columbia, KY (close by, so we can visit him, and we enjoy having him visit us whenever his owners travel : ).                 15  
 10th Litter 2004       Mex. CH Hosanna Amazing Justice X "Ruby" CH Hosanna Price Above Rubies                   Majors Points BOBs
  "Dori" Hosanna's Adoration F   1
In February, 2008, Dori went to live with Wendi, in Florida.  We just can't keep them all, no matter how much we want to, and we are keeping her sister, Melody, from a later litter.  Dori wins first point at Indianapolis WB 2/12/05! Best Puppy 12/14/05 Wheaton, IL.  She's showing VERY well, but tough for her competing against her more mature close relatives, so hasn't won a point yet.  These were the youngest Hosanna Afghan Hounds.  There were only 2 (VERY beautiful!) puppies in this litter.            1  
 "Diva" Sarkyvaa Hosanna's Devotion F
   At Diva's first Mex. show, 9/23/05, she was Best Puppy.  Her 1/2 sister, Stormy, beat her for the Ch point.  Diva now resides in Mexico City, with Mr. Agustin Lujano, who owns her sire.                   1  
  11th Litter 3/9/06       "Red Man" - CH Hosanna's Garnet X "Bliss" Hosanna Perfect Peace  
        Majors Points BOBs
"Cat" Am. & Can. CH Hosanna's Bold Lioness PIC F 2 15 Cat is owned by Brian and Laura Wood, in Montana.  She finished her Am. Ch at only about 15 months old, with majority of points won breeder owner handled, or handled by kids.  She won 2 points at Louisville, under breeder judge Lynn Schanzle, handled by a 15 year old Junilor who had never handled an Afghan before, &  defeating TOP professionals. An unusual color, Cat is a brindle domino.  My husband always said she looks like a possum.  : )     2 15  
 "Gale" CH Hosanna Sow the Wind PIC F 2 15 Gale is staying here at Hosanna Afghan Hounds.         2 15  
"Reaper" CH Hosanna Reap the Whirlwind PIC M 2 15 Reaper is staying here at Hosanna Afghan Hounds. Right now, he's out with our handler, Jana Klein, who is getting him ready to special!     2 15   17  
 12th Litter 6/1/2006       "Justice" Mex CH & Near Am. CH Hosanna Amazing Justice X "Ruby" CH Hosanna Price Above Rubies
                Majors Points BOBs
"Storm" Hosanna Praise You in the Storm M   4 Storm is staying here at Hosanna Afghan Hounds.  He already has a Champion from his first litter, "Flash", CH Hosanna White Lightning.  He won his VERY FIRST show, on the day he was 6 months old, with Pat Trotter judging.  He beat his dad, AND our (now) Ch Hosanna Hell Trembles.               4  
"Tex" - Sarkyvaa Hosanna Fruling Symponie M   1 Tex is Storm's 'twin' brother.  Even when they were almost a year old, I still had to look at their tails to be sure and tell them apart, even though I caught them when they popped out of their mother <G>.  They are both beautiful black masked red brindles.  Tex won his first AKC Ch point in Montgomery, AL, just before I shipped him to his owner, Mr. Agustin Granados, in Mexico City.  Agustin co-own's Tex's sire.   1  
 "Melody" CH Hosanna's Lifesong F 2 15 Melody finished her Championship on Dec. 5, 2010, at Belleville, IL.  Judge was Jane Forsyth.  Melody is staying here at Hosanna.  She's a cream, blue masked blue brindle.     2 15     1  
 13th Litter 1/5/2007       CH Hosanna's Garnet X Hosanna Amazing Peace                   Majors Points BOBs
  "Beau" Hosanna He is a New Creature F   8 We call him Beau because he's everyone's boy friend.  He loves EVERYONE, and loves to give hugs!  He's all singled out, needs majors to finish his Championship.  He's gone to WI.  He's a very elegand cream boy, with a wonderful 'stallion' attitude.           8  
 "Monk" Hosanna New Covenant F   2 Monk is a very sweet, and beautiful black and silver brindle boy, with TONS of coat.  We started him in the ring, and he has his first two points.  Since even with better resources than we used to have, we still can't afford to keep and show them all, he has gone to Augusta, Maine.  
  2     1  
14th Litter 5/30/2007     "Red Man" CH Hosanna's Garnet X "Happy" Hosanna Amazing Peace                 Majors Points BOBs
"Eve" CH Hosanna Everlasting Love F 2 15
Eve is an adorable cream domino brindle who is staying here with us.  She's out with Jana right now, and all 'singled out' from PUPPY classes.  She just needs majors to finish her Ch.
        2 15  
"Atlas" CH Hosanna Everlasting Strength M 2 9 Atlas, also a cream domino brindle, is also staying here.  He's also out with Jana in the show rings, and he's also singled out (at only 14 mos, and he didn't start till 1 year old!)         2 9  
 "Joy" Hosanna Everlasting Joy F     She went to Princeton, IN in Nov. 2009, and was lost and not yet found : (  Joy is even prettier than her sister, Eve, but she just doesn't want to be a show girl, and we won't force her.  She's a gorgeous very lightly marked red/cream brindle.                
 "Abe" Hosanna Everlasting Truth M     Abe is a gorgeous cream domino boy, with the black saddle.  He's loved by Jorge in El Paso, TX              
15th Litter 1/6/2008     "Red Man" CH Hosanna's Garnet X "Misty" CH Hosanna Supernatural Rainbow (PUPPIES ARE AVAILABLE!)         Majors Points BOBs
"Cloudy" Hosanna Rainbow in the Cloud F   9 Cloudy is a very light cream, and will stay here with us.  She will start her show career soon.           9  
 "Clint" Hosanna Pale Rainbow M   4 Clint is a near white cream brindle domino (markings are pale blue).  He's also going out with Jana for show training.  He's staying here.   There are still a couple more boys available from this litter.  They are GORGEOUS             4  
SUMMARY and GOALS   As of 10/09, we have produced 12 Champions - 1 Mex, and near AM Ch, and 9 Am (AKC) Champions.  One of those is also a Canadian CH, and several have earned JC (Junior Courser) titles.  Several of our dogs over the years have been certified therapy dogs, and a couple were also service dogs.  A couple of them did some HERDING, and one was even being trained for drug detection.  This is a VERY versatile breed.  As of 2007, our financial constraints have abated. God has blessed us.  My kids are growing up, getting married and starting their families, and aren't helping with the dogs so much, so we now have the help of a professional handler, Jana Klein.  We think she's doing a WONDERFUL job!   So far (1995-2008), we have produced a grand total of 15 litters over 14 years, an average of 1.07 litters/year. 12/07/2010 22 192 11
Past   We have always intended to finish Championships on some of our dogs, but we had to start learning handling and grooming from scratch.  We have had our share of bad luck, and also there have been a few people who made our challenges much greater.  Our dogs had almost never been in the ring with experienced professional Afghan Hound handlers.  As of April 25, 2005:  A grand total of 7 times in our entire history, an experienced Afghan Hound handler has handled our dogs.  Two of those that were not wins, I had won Bred By class, and the handler only did winner's class.  Of those 5 shows that a handler did solo, there were 3 wins, one a 2 pt. Best of Breed, and another a first point by our 6 month and 1 week old puppy at her very first show (over major pointed adults).  Other all breed professional handlers over all these years have won a total of 9 points with our dogs.  Our children, Edwin, Rose, and Richard, have won a total of 27 of our points, including a 2 point best of breed, and 6 majors.  Other people's children have won a couple of the points also, including our very first ever point, and a Best of Breed over an adult Champion from 9-12 puppy class.  A novice co-owner also had a 2 point win (over professionals) her very first time in the ring with one of our dogs.    
 My First Show Dog   From most of our litters, the majority have gone to pet homes, even though most (given competent handling and conditioning) could have finished Championships. On most of the litter's pages, there are links to evaluation photos of the entire litter, stacked, head studies, and more.  We have not yet had available to us experienced 'show homes' for our dogs.  We have done the best we can with them ourselves, and have been learning our skills as we go.  Because we are retired, and still have several children at home to support, our budget has always been quite limited.  Our debt has grown tremendously to finance all these activities.  All of the dogs we have ever put into the ring could have, and should have finished Championships.  We have continued, and will continue with our Hosanna Afghan Hounds, because we believe in their excellent quality.  We WILL finish some (we hope many) of their Championships.  We hope that some day more of those who want an excellent dog to show (experienced or not - if WE can do it...: ), will try one of ours.  For us, it's still about a better dog.    
Current Litters Apologies for some of these cell formats that just don't want to come out quite right.  This is a MS Excel file made into a webpage.  It seems to have some limitations, and I'm short of time.
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