Hosanna Child of Peace - AKC registered Afghan Hound puppy 4 months old  photographs

photo/picture of female black and silver afghan hound pictures for sale 2 years old,



Hosanna Perfect Peace - 'Bliss'

black with silver brindle points 23 months old

standing in the yard free stacked

Bliss was Reserve Winner's Bitch the last time she was shown, at Clarksville, Kennel Club, Clarksville, Tennessee AKC dog show.

Luis Sosa of Mississippi was the photographer, and her photo is not usable because of his ridiculous policies.

AKC dog show picture photo

of Afghan Hound Hosanna It's Your Will

Reserve Winner's Dog at Mid Kentucky Kennel Club, March 2, 2003

Hodgenville, Kentucky

Judge Mr. D. L. Gleaves

beautiful afghan hound photo loading

Bliss, Hosanna Perfect Peace, lying  down.  beautiful head study of her.

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Samson Sings Hosanna Afghan Hound dog show photo

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Samson Sings Hosanna X Hosanna Amazing Peace

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Samson Sings Hosanna

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               Enchante Jonah Sings Hosanna

Hosanna Amazing Peace

               Seer's Night Witch

1 black & silver male - 1 cream female, 1 black masked silver brindle female, 1 black & tan female, and 1 black and tan brindle female

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Samson Sings Hosanna - show photo of Afghan Hound dog AKC sire of puppies


photo of Samson Sings Hosanna gaiting at Afghan Hound Club of America National Specialty, Purina Farm Missouri, 2000 - AKC dog show


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Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.  Isaiah 16:3 KJV

Children Of Peace Photo Pages  8 Weeks Old  4 Weeks Old

This litter is the result of our very first line breeding at Hosanna Afghan Hounds. Bliss is a mother now:    1/5/07   ~  3/9/06   ~  2/26/04

We're very proud of them!

Bliss will be retiring soon (February, 2010) to N. Versailles, Pennsylvania, to be loved by Katie!

Bliss was Reserve Winner's Bitch last time she was shown, at Clarksville Kennel Club in Tennessee last spring (2003).  The same day her cousin Ruby was Winner's Bitch, and her 1/2 brother Joshua was Reserve Winner's Dog.  The judge was

Mrs. Lorraine Boutwell.

Unfortuantely, none of the photos from that show are usable because the photographer was Luis Sosa, so here are a couple I took of Bliss in my yard <g>.

Samson is from our first litter, and Happy is from our third - Pedigree

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Photograph picture of

Hosanna Spirit of Peace,

cream Afghan Hound bitch

who lives on Cyprus.

At her first couple of shows, she received an evaluation of 'very promising' from an Italian judge, and 'Excellent' and Best Junior of Breed from a judge from Isreal.

This is the only photo we've received of Spirit since she went to Cyprus.

When we hear, we hear good things.  Wish we had more news of her.

So many photos - so little time......

I've been so busy the past couple of years, I never did get any of these puppy's 'cute monkey whiskers pictures up.  Am still terribly pressed for time, just seems to get worse as my kids get older, but check back.  Some day I may have more time, and will get them up.

January 8, 2005, Zanna has gone to Boyceville, Wisconsin to be loved by the Bob Noah family. 

She's called 'Zanna', and she's 2 years old. These NEW photos were made Dec. 10, 2004.

  Zanna's very sweet, and full of energy and fun.



If you are one of those who wondered where all this brindle came from in this litter, it's OFFICIAL now. Red/Cream/White Afghan Hounds who are NOT brindle CAN carry Brindle, and pass it to their offspring.

If you don't believe me, CHECK THIS OUT ,and find

'Although Little (1957) suggested that ebr was another allele in this series that caused brindle, recent DNA studies prove that brindle is caused by another gene instead.'

What this means is that so called 'recessive 'ee' reds/creams & 'whites' CAN carry and pass on the gene for brindle, even if they themselves aren't brindle.  Cream and 'white's are simply dilutes of red.  Happy is an 'ee' type 'white' , and her mother was black with silver BRINDLE points.  The stripes on a couple of these pups came from their grandma.  I'm using quotes with 'white', as there really isn't true white in this breed.  'White' is a lighter shade of cream, or in this breed, sometimes a lighter shade of 'blue' (extremely diluted black) <g>.

If you didn't understand that, try starting with the simple 'Introductory' Color Genetics article I did a few years ago, keeping in mind that now I'll have to rewrite it (in my 'spare time' <g>).  Maybe it will help you anyway.  The link is


Will has babies! Will finished his Championship in July, 08. He won his final major under Judge Michelle Billings at San Antonio, TX! He was out of the ring again for awhile because he broke his tail : (. He was BOW at Lex. KC, 9/3/05. Judge Dr. Eric Liebes said he 'FLOATED' : ) Major broke by 1 : ( Hosanna Hounds History

'Silly Willie', or 'Wild Willie' (depending on his mood) is quite the character around here.  Still the 'snuggle bunny, in your lap every chance he gets, he's also into everything, and a real clown.  He loves to come up behind and poke you in the rear with his long nose. 

Willy was out of the ring for quite awhile because he timed his 'puppy coat blow' very poorly.  He hasn't been out much yet, but we finally have a picture.Click Here PHOTO

His gait is trememdous - balanced and powerful like his sire, and awesome reach and floating style like his mom and grandma.  Don't know how or when I'll get a moving photo, but will put it here when I do.