Afghan Hound puppies and kids photo LOADING.....

6 weeks old puppies playing

AKC registered dogs Champion sired puppies

for sale

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'6 week old Afghan Hound

puppy running


cream female

More puppies, more toys

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Afghan Hounds

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lots of playing Afghan Hound puppies, lots of towys : )

More Play Time!

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Afghan Hound puppies playing

front photograph LOADING....

cream Afghan Hound puppy,

6 weeks old

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head study of 6 week old self masked silver brindle puppy

4 Afghan Hound puppies eating

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AKC registered puppies for sale, pets, show dogs, performance

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3 red afghan hound puppies eating - nice head studies

boys and Afghan Hound Puppies playing

CUTE as can be puppy

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2 Afghan Hound puppies

CUTE, playing

photo LOADING.....

red, cream, and brindle 6 week old Afghan Hound puppies playing

picture LOADING...........

Please Be Patient

they are VERY CUTE : )

cute Photo of puppies playing LOADING.....

Afghan Hound puppies 6 weeks old, akc registered

for sale


a boy and Afghan Hound puppies, puppeis/dogs  for sale registered AKC

a Boy and Afghan Hound puppies


Patience Please : )

CUTE pupy photos, AKC registered Afghan Hound puppies for sale, show dogs, performance, pets, companions

picture of 2 - 6 week old Afghan Hound puppies gaiting


AKC registered puppies

Afghan Hound puppies for sale - females only available

Afghan Hound puppies for sale


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Afghan Hound


(AKC Registered)


May 30, 2004

2 boys,

8 girls

Afghan Hound photo Hosanna Precious Gift - dam of this litter whelped October 12, 2003
Afghan Hound photograph picture Mahadi's Tuxedo domino dog AKC registered

Mex. CH Hosanna Amazing Justice             Hosanna Precious Gift   

enchante Jonah Sings Hosanna

       X   Seer's Night Witch

Samson Sings Hosanna (13 CH pts)

      X   Tasha's Sand Dollar

A Memorial Day to Remember, Hosanna 'Precious' Gift has given us lots of golden girls and boys, a few stripes (3 brindle females), and creams too : )  We are pleased to learn that Justice carries brindle, as his sister, Happy, does!  New research PROVES creams can carry brindle (I knew that : )


July 11, 2004

Aritcle: Are We Criminalizing Dog Breeders?

Hosanna Afghan Hounds History
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Hosanna Afghan Hounds


Lynda R. Farley & Rose l. Farley

532 Farley Road

Edmonton, KY, 42129



If you are interested in puppies, please call (270)432-7272 noon till midnight CST - custom gif graphic by AAAWWW


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Pedigree for JUSTICE

Pedigree for PRECIOUS

As of July 13, 2004, 6 are already reserved.  There are still 4 girls available.

I can't tell which will be available until I do the full evaluations at 8 weeks. Then, I'll pick a boy and girl to keep, also Justice's co-owner gets 2nd pick. 2 puppies have been reserved, a boy and 2 girls, who are very next in line. Then, others can choose in the order I received the deposits - and show potential/full registration puppy reservations will choose ahead of companion/limited registration reservations. 

MORE INFO About this Litter on NEWBORN PAGE

If you might be interested in these puppies, and we haven't spoken on the phone before, please give me a call first (270)432-7272 noon-midnight CST. If I receive a deposit from someone I don't know, I'll return it.  For best selection, please reserve early.

Lynda Farley ~ Hosanna Afghan Hounds

'And this day shall be unto you for a memorial....  Exodus 12:14 KJV


Summer Fun

Our youngest sons, Michael Farley, 9 years old, (on left) and Richard Farley, 13 years old, (on right) are in charge of socializing these babies.  Temperament is one of our top priorities at Hosanna Afghan Hounds. 

These kids (both 2 and 4 legged) are very busy!  Join them in a day of 'Puppy Kindergarten' : )


The small white 'feather' spot on top of a few of their heads is known as the 'Thumbprint of Moses'.  These will disappear when the pups are older.

Not too much can be seen of actual colors in some of these photos.  The puppies stayed mostly in the shade (it's been HOT here : ), the sun was very bright, and some of these photos have a lot of glare.  The brindle girl above (and the other brindles in the other photos), though lightly marked, have more markings than can be seen in this (these) photo(s).

The one at right is the cream (I think ?)

Richard (above) has always seemed to have a special rapport with our Afghan Hounds.  He learned to toddle hanging onto these puppy's great grandsire's side coat.  Of course, the piece of bologna helps, too : ). 

There are more photos of Richard, with Great Grandpa Alf - CLICK HERE to see them.

Richard's Junior Handling Page

See you next time!

Check back

in a couple of weeks for

8 Weeks Evaluation Photos

photos of each puppy, in

'Stacked' (show pose)

Head Studies,

and Fronts and Rears

To see how we might look in a few more months, check out our 1/2 sibling's MONKEY FACE photos : )