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THIS LITTER: PEDIGREE     MORE PHOTOS:   ~   Newborn   ~   6 Weeks Old
This boy may be available - NEW Photos HERE: Monk      
Quantitative Evaluation (MEASUREMENTS)

NEWS FLASH!!! On June 22, 2007, a FULL SISTER of this litter finished her Championship!
New Champion Hosanna's Bold Lioness is only 15 months old!
Click HERE to see her     Her Litter Page
    This litter's Sire: Ch Hosanna's Garnet and Dam: Hosanna Perfect Peace ~ Whelped January 5, 2007
The black masked reds will get much lighter, except their faces.  The long side coat will be some shade of gold, like Samson .
This one should grow up to look something like her full sister, GALE  (pics of Gale)
PICTURE LOADING - female Afghan Hound puppy 8 weeks old Cream Brindle Color
Because this one had black guard hairs, she is not a 'true cream', so she should have nice black nose pigment.
PHOTO LOADING near white cream female afgan puppy 8 weeks old

8 Week
These are full siblings of , and have the same pedigree.    This litter has THE BEST temperaments we've ever had, and possibly the best temperaments I've ever MET.

Click on the photos to see ENLARGEMENTS.
They will open in new windows.
The black and tan brindle boy is colored just like his mother, Bliss - he looks a lot like her as well, there is a link to her baby pics from her page.
The black masked red boy IS a brindle - fairly lightly marked.  I think he may look a lot like Ruby or her brother, Major.
This puppy now lives in Georgia - CLICK HERE for NEW PHOTOS OF HIM
This cream boy also has/had (they fade and dissapear) black guard hairs at birth, so he is not a 'true cream', and will have lovely black nose pigment.
Even if you've called before, if interested in these PLEASE
call (270)432-7272 CST.  Thanks, I can listen and talk much faster than read and type.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.  I've been having trouble with my camera, so it was especially challenging, and I'm sorry so many are blurry, or cut off.

All PHOTOS and CONTENT on this webpage are COPYRIGHT Lynda R. Farley - AAAWWW 2007
Personal use is OK, and those who OWN the individual puppy have permission to use their puppy's photos.
    If interested in one of these, please CALL (270)432-7272.  Even if we've talked before.
    I can talk & listen a LOT faster than I can type & read) <G>. 
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    PS, if you haven't gotten response from me that you should have, please CALL.
    I've been away a lot again, and sometimes emails (or phone notes) get lost, or I forget who I've called back and who I haven't.
    There are a couple of folks who had deposits in, and waited for another litter.
    I need to hear from you NOW if you want one of these.
      As of 12/29/07 1 puppy might be available - NEW Photos HERE: Monk      

    If you sent a deposit,
    and have NOT talked to me to be sure it's here, please CALL.
    We are taking reservation deposits now.
    Cat - Hosanna's Bold Lioness is a full sibling of this litter, same sire & dam.

    Here are some new photos of her: Cat - Near 1 Year Old
    I haven't had time to update her page yet, but she now has 9 Championship points,
    having won Best of Winners at two shows at Indianapolis, & two points at Louisville on 3/15/07. in Indianapolis on 2/8 & 2/9.
    Her 'wild child' sister, Gale, won another point on 2/11 at Indy.
    Their pictures are here: .  Yes, these are the full siblings of the New Year puppies.
    If you might be interested in the puppy, please CALL
    (270)432-7272 CST. I'm a night owl - late is fine, but please not too early.
  Lynda Farley ~ Edmonton, KY ~ Hosanna Afghan Hounds
  An American who Loves Freedom
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THIS LITTER: PEDIGREE     MORE PHOTOS:   ~   Newborn   ~   6 Weeks Old   ~   Quantitative Evaluation (MEASUREMENTS)
hosanna1 Portal  ~  Hosanna Hounds HOME  ~  About Us  ~  Puppy Talk ~  Hosanna Hounds History
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