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Lynda Farley has been recognized as an AKC Breeder Of Merit
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Hosanna Song of Faith - from our 2nd litter - with our  daughter, Rose Farley

The only complimentary reference to dogs in the entire Bible, and the only reference to a dog by breed is Proverbs Ch 30:29-31 - in the King James Version:

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These hounds were once known as Oriental or Persian Greyhounds.


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Lynda & John Farley

532 Farley Road

Edmonton, Kentucky, 42129


Hosanna Afghan Hounds Junior Handling Team  Edwin, Rose, Richard, and Michael Farley - photo


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link to mpg movie of Hosanna Song of Mercy  AKC Afghan Hound 2 year old black female  in the show ring in Texas. she is now 'owned' by Dr. Susan  Donaldson of Mt. Vernon, IN due to lawsuit abuse and treachery



An Introduction to the Genetics of Coat Color in Afghan Hounds  CLICK HERE

photo of afghan hound puppy, Champion  Hosanna Price Above Rubies



1st 10 Yr.



LITTERS - Ringer X Spicy 12/31/21 | Ace X Crystal 12/20/21 | Ace X Angel 9/11/21 | Levi X Crystal 7/8/2020 | RajahXMelody 12/28/18 | Levi X Angel 9/20/18 | Cherub X Dagny 6/4/18 | Ringer X Lacy 3/3/18 | Laser X Tyra 12/13/17 | Romeo X Dagny 4/24/17 | Eli X Angel 3/4/17 | Levi X Lacy 2/10/16 | Eli X Dagny 3/8/15 | Levi X Melody 10/17/14 | Atlas X Breezy 4/3/14 | Reaper X Diva 11/16/13 | Flash X Lacy 11/3/13 | Romeo X Eve 8/21/11 | Atlas X Dee 6/11/11 | Emil X Eve 6/17/10 | Gale X Storm 5/14/09 | Ruby X Will 4/23/09 | Rainbow 1/6/08 | Memorial 5/30/07 | New Year 1/5/07 | Lifesong 6/06 | BlissXRed 3/06 | Christmas 12/04 | Memorial 5/04 | Perfect 2/04 | Precious 10/03 | Puppy Talk


Afghan Hound Club of America

National Specialty Show Best of Breed 1999

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Links to  Hosanna Afghan Hounds pages of beautiful photos of our AKC reg Afghan Hound show dogs

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We have owned Afghan Hounds for the past 30+ years, and bred our first litter in 1995.
So far (12/22), we have produced or finished 30 Champions - 1 Mexican CH, and 29 AKC Champions.
Two of the American Champions are also a Canadian CH, and we've produced several with Junior Courser titles,
We have also produced 4 AKC Grand Champions, and the current Youngest CH in the history of the breed, and he was OWNER handled! The 2020 Number 1 LGRA Racing & ASFA Coursing sight hound was bred here at Hosanna Afghan Hounds. ALL but 1 of those is descended from 2 sons from the single litter Our First Afghan Hound ever sired. We've also produced several therapy Afghan Hounds, and even a HERDING Afghan Hound. This is a MOST versatile breed! I have 6 children, and 21 grandchildren, the LAST thing we would ever have here is a nasty dog

I have studied genetics for over 50 years, and this breed for more than 30. I have always planned each breeding to produce puppies as close to the Afghan Hound Breed Standard (American version) as possible. My goals are about helping PRESERVE this ancient, and most beautiful breed. Hosanna Afghan Hounds is a kennel name registered to me by AKC. Lynda Farley

Sunny Shay said, "You don't breed only for what you want, but for what the standard wants"
We "are merely the custodians of an ancient breed, not the creators of a new one" Allan Reznik
This website has been online since 1997. There are photos and info here about every Afghan Hound I have ever owned or produced. There are pictures of ALL our litters. ENJOY!

The funds to maintain this website have always come from our family's budget.
We have provided links to the best deals on the www, and ONLY the HIGHEST
QUALITY items for your pets from the BEST companies. Almost no one ever
used them, OR the affiliate company's software just did not work, in any case,
we never got paid more than a few dollars in a year. It was too much work
keeping up with the companies who change their code so often, I had to
constantly update, so have given up getting any help with costs of
maintaining this domain for more than 20 years, all by myself. Since I am
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And they are ALL manual lists, I use NO autoresponders, and I NEVER share that
information, unless rarely if I ASK you for some reason. Also there is
NO e-commerce whatsoever on, so no need for 'secure server'. No one can
buy a puppy or anything from THIS domain, purpose of it is to encourage people to
fall in love with this breed (or perhaps MY dogs), also let folks know when and what
may be available. I do NOT track anyone, I am NOT google.
Thanks, Lynda Farley, sole webslave of

MORE Afghan Hound, dog, and breeder INFORMAION BELOW

The following link is very applicable to Afghan Hounds, or any other breed, and very informative and interesting. Some things vary from breed to breed - some breeds don't have much risk of some of the health problems, so not all breeders are using the same kinds of testing, but this gives a good idea. Also some breeds eat much more food than others, need much more space (so cost for fencing, crates, etc is more), and larger breeds must use the larger Frontline, and larger amounts of medicines for parasites, etc, which means it costs more - and of course some breeds have much higher costs for grooming equipment and products. Go to the following link and read, you will get the idea.

CLICK HERE - Puppy Prices - Why does that well bred Basenji puppy cost so much?

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awesome large photo of all ten of our AKC Hosanna Afghan Hound dogs at home, all in glorious coat, with 14 year old Rose Farley - Samson Sings Hosanna - 7 year old black masked red male afghan hound dog, Happy - Hosanna Amazing Peace - 4 year old white female afghan hound dog, Ruby - Hosanna Price Above Rubies - black masked red brindle 2 year old female afghan hound dog, Joshua - Hosanna Hell Trembles - black masked red 4 year old male afghan hound dog, Hosanna Precious Gift - 4 year old apricot female afghan hound, Hosanna Milk and Honey - cream 2 year old female afghan hound dog, Major - Hosanna Man of War - 2 year old black masked red brindle afghan hound male dog, Hosanna It's Your Will - 10 month old black and silver afghan hound male puppy, Bliss - Hosanna Perfect Peace - 10 month old black and tan brindle female afghan hound puppy, and Poet - Jamalai Khalil Khyam - 4 year old silver blue (oyster shell) brindle afghan hound male dog--- Mexican Champion Hosanna Amazing Justice - our very first Champion afghan hound dog - photograph picture of AKC Afghan Hound show dog white male co-owned by Agustin Granados of Mexico --- link to mpg movie of Hosanna Song of Mercy AKC Afghan Hound dog 2 year old black female in the show ring in Texas. we lost her to lawsuit abuse and treachery --- cute photo picture of Rose Farley at 9 years old with 6 week old black female afghan hound puppy, Hosanna Song of Faith --- photo picture of the four Farley children who still live at home, Edwin 16 years old, Rose 14 years old, Richard 11 years old and Michael 8 years old. --- beautiful photo picture of our farm in the Cumberland Mountains of Kentucky --- Afghan Hound baby puppy head study photo from litter Samson Sings Hosanna X Hosanna Amazing Peace - link to puppy photo pictures pages --- afghan hound dog photo picture Link button - Alf's page - Hosanna Afghan Hound's first Afghan Hound, Alfadeus Abdul Kamahl --- picture of afghan hound red female AKC show dog Delilah Sings Hosanna link to her page --- Hosanna Song of Moses - AKC afghan hound dog black and silver brindle 2 year old male photo picture link to his webpage --- Hosanna Amazing Peace - Happy - photo picture of 2 year old white AKC Afghan Hound female dog link to her webpage --- beautiful head study photo picture of 2 year old black masked red female afghan hound dog Hosanna's Scarlet Rose link to her webpages --- Hosanna Afghan Hounds - Heavenly hounds - title custom transparent gif graphic by AAAWWW afghans afgans AFGHANS world wide web design Links to Hosanna Afghan Hounds pages of beautiful photos of our AKC registered Afghan Hound SHOW dogs link button graphic custom design AAAWWW back, home, next photo of afghan hound gaiting custom graphic Link to home page of AAA World Wide Web Design Link to Afghanhounds 2000 e-mail List Gallery - photos of Afghan Hounds - graphic art design by Afghans Afghans Afghans World Wide Web Design navigation bar for links to Hosanna Afghan Hounds website pages custom gif by Lynda Farley AAA World Wide Web Design --- custom graphics design animated gif button linking 911 Meditations at hosanna1 ----


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Puppy Boot Camp
Having trouble with house training? Would you like to easily train an entire litter at once? Here's how we do it at Hosanna Afghan Hounds. Try our Puppy Boot Camp. My oldest daughter, Troy, trained a Labrador litter using our Puppy Boot Camp, and here's the email I got from her,
"Subject: Puppy Boot Camp Progress,
Hi mom, 12 pups, one crate, 3 days, 3 nights, no mess...success! Troy"

Our dog show van now has it's OWN DOMAIN!